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  1. Hi everyone! Noobie here from Michigan. Would love to chat and make friends. Hope to talk to some of your soon. - Red
  2. SE Michigan here. Near Ann Arbor area. Interested primarily in receiving but would be willing help someone and give. Open to either men or women.
  3. Hey there! I'm also new here and similarly have been into spanking since my early teens. My parents only spanked me, I think, twice as punishment; however, with my growing interest in spanking in my teen years, I regularly turned to self spanking as an opportunity to provide some correction or emotional release. Since then self-spanking has been a regular part of my personal therapy. I have always hoped to find a mentor or guide to aid me but have yet to be successful with that.
  4. Take your spanking implement and give yourself 22 swats to each cheek. I haven't done my chores today and have procrastinated all morning. implements include wood bath brush, irish tawse and long horse scraper.
  5. A nice long handled bath brush. 20 swats to each cheek.
  6. I have a horse scraper which I learned about a few years ago and bought from Amazon. It's long and easy to use as a self-spanking device.
  7. Hey there. From Michigan here.
  8. This has been a long time interest of mine -- an older aunt or teacher. I would love to be experience this.
  9. I'm interested in self-spanking partners. Message me to start discussions. Happy to give and receive.
  10. I have a leather tawse that I use. It's the perfect length for me to reach around and spank myself. Stings like heck. I also use a plastic loopy johnny I got from Caniac. I can't take many of these -- it's hardcore.
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