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  1. Naked just drying off after a shower is a favorite role play. Surprised and walked to the bedroom spanking chair naked oh my 🐵
  2. Come to Ne New Jersey and I will SPANK U. :)


  3. Hi nawteeboy I was wondering if you switch, I'm a 40 something looking for discipline, and just discipline alone. I'd love to hear from you. 



  4. Connection means more than what a persons appearance happens to be. If I can see that mischievous twinkle in her eye right before she is going to be spanked, or getting ready to spank that's what matters most to me
  5. Hi Lori! Great to hear from ladies who've tried spanking and found out they enjoyed it
  6. Switch here who prefers to be the spankee, but I still delight in warming a nice ladies bottom when called upon!
  7. Welcome from fellow midwestern spankee
  8. Had one switch relationship that lasted about 10 years otherwise I have been primarily the spanker. @CHJ52417... I love to receive, but like you mentioned willing to give to get with like minded mature ladies :)
  9. A wet bottom spanking out of the shower is something I've craved but would probably dread real fast!
  10. Saw it and enjoyed it! Only bummer was "Black Widow" didn't have her red hair in this one..... Something about strong women with red hair you know ;o)
  11. Welcome CDDDani, a lovely introduction and good luck in your search!
  12. Yes, negotiate ahead of time spanking only if that is what you want and have fun! Have been over the knee of a couple strict Daddies in the past myself
  13. @secretman nice find! Was pleasantly surprised on how two non spankos approached the subject. Thanks! :o)
  14. Used to be a Sunday morning treat with a former partner...... switch laps, hand spank, fondle, repeat
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