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  1. sweetpea

    Game Time...Would you?

    Be Happy with what you can get. Leather or Wood?
  2. sweetpea


    Welcome to Spanking Needs. I have made many wonderful friends here and have learned valuable information here. My favorite forum are General Discussion and Safety. Safety is something I always put first in any relationship but even more importantly in Top / bottom relationship. Please take your time and get to know people and don't rush.
  3. sweetpea

    How to Get Out Of A Spanking!

    Why would you want to get out of a Spanking?
  4. sweetpea

    Connections in Pittsburgh?

    I am not sure about Pittsburgh Spanking scene but several people from the Pittsburgh area come to our Spanking parties here in Cleveland Ohio. It's a about two hour ride. We have monthly parties or munches. We are called Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland. Please feel free to to look us up either here, Fetlife or contact me.
  5. I feel like AfterGeometry we should go back to just one main room. This does many things one I causes people to be able to communicate with each other like said some chat is better than dead silence. Number two it brings a sense of community not isolation by saying you only can speak one way in main chat. I thought we are a community. As a Community we need to lift each other up and multiple chat rooms cause isolation. I can't remember when the main chat room at a meaningful Spanking conversation.
  6. sweetpea

    Update on Site [Change of Ownership]

    Thank you everyone for your hard work and (((Hugs)))
  7. So True


    1. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      I agree sweetpea ❤️

    2. Bha


      I like this!

  8. sweetpea

    Good girl spankings - how hard??

    One my Top has numerous paddles 28 so one fun spanking we played with all 28 I took 10 with each one over clothes bottom then 10 each on bare bottom starting light then increasing intensity. Another fun spanking we spanked to fun play list of music. He usually Let me pick the some of the Implements. He pushes my boundaries but in a playful fun way. Also we tried bondage in a fun spanking Almost any board or card game can be converted to spanking.
  9. Happy Birthday badboyotk47! I hope your day is wonderful! ????????????

  10. sweetpea

    Does this seem like a fair punishment?

    This is not for us to judge fair or not that is between you and your Top. But as for me I play very hard and this would be a normal session for me.
  11. sweetpea

    Good girl spankings - how hard??

    As hard as you both agree on. Plus maybe trying to push limits. Plus make it fun for example turn it in to a game.
  12. Happy Birthday ITB!  I hope you birthday is blessed and wonderful! ????????????

    1. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Thank you sweetpea

  13. Have a good day 


    1. sweetpea


      Thank you (((Hugs))) :)


  14. sweetpea


    @dmirk all spankings are not for discipline. Plus some people do not like marks. Personally arnica or lotion did not lessen the pain or discomfort from spanking.
  15. sweetpea

    Provoking a Spanking

    Yes most bottoms (spankees) do that especially in the beginning when we are new to the scene. We also do it to make sure our Top (Spanker) are paying attention to us. We also test the boundaries and our rules to see if our Tops follow through this makes us feel safe and builds trust. But if this is occurring frequently just to get spanked more often that is called bratting. Tops will put up with some occasional bratting but find it gets old if it is too much. Overtime we learn it is just best to ask when we would like or want a Spanking versus bratting to get one. The Spankings are a lot more fun when we can ask for one versus bratting to get one.