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  1. I miss talking to you my friend :)

  2. I have meet several people from here. Either at a Burning River / MDSS party / munch or I have arranged to meet a few people in person at mutually agreed upon public place.
  3. Spankopodcast.com is out there friends of mine are the hosts.
  4. How about a different punishment than spanking. Like lines, essay,or grounding. Maybe they are liking the Spanking too much therefore mis behaving to get Spanking.
  5. Yes. I have been to many Spanking Munches with very positive experience. I am part of leadership team of Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland and we hold Munches. Our Munches have been a picnic at a local park, local restaurant or we even had one at Scene 75. Unfortunately they are on hold right now due to covid-19 and our state guidelines. Our Munches are a laid back great way to get to know fellow Spankos. I have meet many of Spanko friends at Munches. Looking forward to future when we can start having Munches and Parties
  6. My Top always have me a warm up Spanking even before punishment / discipline spanking usually shorter in duration. Never meant punishment was any less severe or changed the punishment Spanking. Almost always hand but he also used woodin spoon from time to time.
  7. Congratulations Drooaygah and Spanknutt! You will be awesome moderators
  8. A person never truly dies until he is remembered by nobody

  9. RIP legsman.  Your family both spanko and real will be in my thoughts and prayers.


    I got word yesterday that Legsman passed  suddenly away.

  10. Hey gf! It's been a long time. I hope you are doing well! 

    1. sweetpea


      ((((Hugs)))) I am doing well. How are you?

    2. Tal


      I'm doing well, thank you! I miss you! We have to figure out a way to get together sometime. 

  11. Please remember Not every person marks from being spanked. Plus the more regularly you are spanked the less you will mark.
  12. 1. That I have the necessities. ( Health, Air, Food, water, shelter, employment) 2. My Family ( both my blood family (my dog too) and my spanko family) 3. My patients that I take care of on a daily basis they teach me many things.
  13. Love the new forum changes! Love how you are trying to make everyone feel included .
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