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  1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day 💚🍀

    1. AfterGeometry


      I have red hair but not a drop of Irish blood. Do I still have to celebrate St Patrick's Day?  And I hate green. :P

  2. Disgusting Contact

    Always report to admistrators privately. Then block them and move on. Internet is full of many creepy people just don't feed their creepiness. Displaying posts such as this is just attention seeking behavior.
  3. Whiteness a spanking

    A Spanking party would be a great way to meet like-minded people.
  4. Take them down!

    Nice picture
  5. Take them down!

    @12HolePaddle it depends on how the spankee and the Spanker have set up their limits / boundaries of who pulls down the pants / skirt and panties. With my Top he always pulls down my panties because it's what we have established and for me it is giving up or handing over Control to him. As for putting the spankee in correct mindset I think that would vary depending on relationship established, limits and boundaries set between the Spanker and spankee. For me it sets the tone when he takes charge especially in discipline.
  6. Feel the leather

    nice leather strap
  7. Annoyed?

    Actually the words " Young Lady" works well for me puts me in the correct headspace especially if my Spanking session is for discipline. Not all words work for all spankees that's why it is important to have good communication with the Spanker to let them know what works for you.
  8. Time spent on here

    It is possible to meet people from here and I have meet some wonderful like-minded friends from here. But it's mainly a chat forum to chat with like-minded people.
  9. I would never post my phone number here without having a conversation with the person via either email or private chat on here.
  10. Feeling guilty

    Talk about your feeling with your husband and tell him what you exactly need.
  11. What should my punishment be?

    Your disciplinarian should be the one deciding your punishment within your pre-established boundaries. If us bottoms were to choose the punishment how is it going to work? Probably not well because one would not be learning a lesson. Plus it's about giving control over to your disciplinarian to drive the point home with you. Plus one has to have the desire to change for Spanking to work to change behavior. 10 each with each of those implements ...... Is a warm up Spanking for me at best.
  12. New from Dayton Ohio

    Hi welcome to SN. I have made some wonderful like-minded friends here on Spanking Needs. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  13. Happy Valentine's Day! May everyone's day be blessed. 💞💕❤️

    1. Gator


      I'm blessed every day, thanks for the reminder. have a great one sweetpea!

  14. Bruising?

    I happen to like some bruising or marks but not every spankee or bottom does. A proper warm up can help prevent but not eliminate bruising. Many feel warm up spankings are not appropriate for discipline Spanking. But my Top's opinion is you warm up before you exercise so you should warm up before Spanking. This usually enables one to take a longer more intense session with minimal bruising. But every spankee body reacts differently. Also the more frequently you are spanked the less bruising or marks one will have. Also if bruising occurs and spankee doesn't like it then Arnica can help with healing process and can be found at most local drug stores.