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  1. Please remember Not every person marks from being spanked. Plus the more regularly you are spanked the less you will mark.
  2. 1. That I have the necessities. ( Health, Air, Food, water, shelter, employment) 2. My Family ( both my blood family (my dog too) and my spanko family) 3. My patients that I take care of on a daily basis they teach me many things.
  3. Love the new forum changes! Love how you are trying to make everyone feel included .
  4. Welcome to Spanking Needs
  5. Welcome to Spanking Needs
  6. I am also from North East Ohio. There are many of us spankos here in North East Ohio. Here in North East Ohio we have a local Spanking Group This is a great way to meet like minded fellow spankos. I have meet many wonderful friends this way and not only a Spanking partner but some really great friends. We have alternating parties and munches. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
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