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  1. Wow this sounds pretty unsafe. One should always keep safety as a first priority when meeting people. Always meet in a public place first before getting spanked.
  2. Welcome to Spanking Needs! I am a fellow Ohioans. There are two Spanking groups here in Ohio. Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland. They have quarterly parties and munches. The next party is September 13. Also Youngstown has a Spanking group. These are great ways to meet fellow spankos. Both group have information on FetLife. You can also contact me sweetpea for information since I am a member of Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland leadership team.
  3. I have some sad news my Dad passed away yesterday 07/27/19. I would like to thank my kink friends & family for the support you have shown me in this past year especially@vikingnm and @BigGirlSpanker.

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    2. sweetpea


      I would like to thank everyone for the kind words of support during this difficult time. I truly appreciate my Spanko family and friends they are blessing in my life.

    3. crash20636


      Oh sweetheart.  I'm so sorry.


    4. michgal.k


      Sorry to hear. Take care of yourself.

  4. Happy Birthday Vikingnm! 🎂🎈🎉🎁 Love You 😘❤️

    1. vikingnm


      thank you. love you too 😊🤗💖

  5. Hi welcome to Spanking Needs. Actually North East Ohio has a spanking group called Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland. Information about Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland can be found on FetLife or you can message me. Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland has quarterly parties and munches.
  6. Welcome to the site. Please look up Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland. Also first Tuesday of the Month Kent / Stow has a Munch at local restaurant to meet fellow kinky friends this group is open to all kink great way to meet like minded people. Please message me for details Sweetpea
  7. Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for all that have served!

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Thank you 

  8. Vikingnm IllTempereredBrat Poison Littlenala mSpank detredwing braatman Ohiotrialblazzer Fairleebare Batter57 Tal MsMary Ari BigGirlSpanker BetterOffKinky Peanut SunnySideUp Hope NeverSayNever Say-Ouch PatrickC Friendlee Badboyotk47 01ebw8235
  9. You can try Say-Ouch he is from North East Ohio. He is on both here Spanking Needs and Fetlife. He makes awesome leather implements
  10. Happy Mother's Day!


    1. Christy


      Happy Mothers Day

    2. detredwings


      Happy Mother's day to you  sweetpea. 

  11. I am so sorry. I would have stopped the session. Safety always comes first! As the Spankee or bottom your safe word and negotiations must always be respected. I would suggest looking on FetLife to see if you have any local Spanking groups. Here in Cleveland we have a local Spanking group Burning River that has quarterly parties and munches. We use Fetlife to post all our events. Our Spanking group is nonsexual and a safe way to meet fellow spankos. Ginger also had a great point of asking if the person could give you references for you to background check. Become more active on here Spanking Needs talk to people great way to network and learn about people and topics. Also take your time and never rush into getting spanked it took me many years years to find my current Top. Also trust your gut instinct your gut never lies to you.
  12. A member on here on Spanking Needs ...... Say-Ouch makes Spanking Benches and Implements. You could try and message him. His Implements are amazing. I can attest to being on the receiving end.
  13.  Happy Nurse's Week to all my fellow Nurses! :)



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    2. sweetpea


       I am a Hospice Nurse :D


    3. dmirk


      Oh, I’m really screwed.  

      My wife does home care.  A lot of patients are in nursing homes but many are indeed at home. 

    4. ukspanko


      We have a hospice near us where I live in the Uk and every year we have artwork from families of loved ones who've passed away there on display in the library I work at - it's very moving. Thank you for doing such an amazing job. A very close friend of mine from the same pagan religion died of cancer a couple of years ago and the hospice she was in made her final days as peaceful and painless as possible.


  14. Welcome to Spanking Needs Cleveland Ohio has a spanking group that has quarterly parties and munches. Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland is safe non sexual way to meet fellow spankos. Please reach out if you have any questions.
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