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Status Updates posted by Wifey

  1. Still miss you! Xo

  2. Happy birthday in heaven HH. If you know, you know. 

    1. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Happy heavenly birthday HH! Oh how you are missed ?

  3. Dear Hardhanded, It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years. I think of you almost every day. Missing your hellooo.  Missing your corny songs. Missing being your sunshine and being cared for in the special way you did. Missing your hard hands and beautiful soul. I imagine that you sometimes visit. Thank you for the gifts you gave me and the things you taught me. Xoxo always 

    1. sweetpea


      Wifey it's been three years already.  I miss him greatly. He always had the best advice and listening ear.

      ((((Hugs Wifey)))

    2. badboyotk47


      It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since you lost him. My heart goes out to you. I know how much he meant to you!...Hugs my friend!!

    3. Wifey


      @sweetpeahe always enjoyed you. I know you made some of his last days better. Thank you @badboyotk47for your empathy. 

  4. Dear Hardhanded, It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years. I think of you almost every day. Missing your hellooo.  Missing your corny songs. Missing being your sunshine and being cared for in the special way you did. Missing your hard hands and beautiful soul. I imagine that you sometimes visit. Thank you for the gifts you gave me and the things you taught me. Xoxo always 

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    2. rubyredd


      I did not know of him, but my hugs to you.

    3. Wifey


      @Powpaulieit means so much to know that some remember him. He enjoyed charting with you, too. @shygurlhe was wonderful to chat with. He was genuinely interested in hearing what was going on and how you were. @Ill Tempered Brathow could he not enjoy you, especially with such a great screen name. He had a great head on his shoulders and I’m glad he helped you. Sometimes I ask myself what he would think about something I was going to do. Although I still drop the f bomb a lot more than he would like, lol. 
      @AfterGeometryyou are someone whose opinion means something. Thanks for your kind words. If you look through his comments on posts etc you will get a pretty good idea of the kind of person he was. 
      Thank you all for remembering him and taking the time to post. 

    4. Wifey


      @rubyreddsorry to leave you out. Thank you!

  5. As we approach midnight, I’m up way too late to be the first to wish Hardhanded a happy birthday with the angels. Miss you and think of you often. You were taken too soon xoxoxo

    1. Spankwhisperer


      Happy Birthday to your man in heaven..... I’m sure he feels your love from all the way up there. 

    2. sassylittle


      Hugs, wifey. I'm sure he would be happy knowing that you are thinking of him?

    3. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Big ((Hugssss)) wifey I completely and utterly sympathize you right now. I believe he is smiling down on you and that you will see him again one day ❤️! Happy birthday HH! Oh how I do miss our chats and you! I hope your having one hell of a celebration up there ?cheers 

  6. Happy Father’s Day to then daddies and to those who have been daddies to me. 

  7. Tomorrow marks two years since Hard Handed passed. Still miss him and think of him often. 

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    2. sweetpea


      I miss talking to him and his sound advice. Till this day I think about him often

    3. sassylittle


      I' m sorry, wifey. Hugggssss

    4. Wifey


      Thanks you guys. He loved chatting with you, too. He was such a loving and caring person. 

  8. Happy birthday in heaven 

    1. sweetpea


      Happy Birthday Hardhanded ! You are greatly missed.

  9. For those missing Kik, I just learned of a similar app, Trillian. 

    1. bustod


      Trillian is ok but no match to skype or gmail hangouts

  10. Letting go of toxicity isn’t as easy as it should be but it can lead to peace 

    1. Jaded


      took me far too long to realize this, and reach the point of letting go.  The peace is a great feeling.  It felt like freedom.    Hard part was getting there.  

  11. Don’t judge it you don’t want to be judged. 

    1. sweetpea


      So true wifey. One never knows what someone else is dealing with. (((Hugs)))

  12. Wonderful HH. I’m missing you On the anniversary of your death. I’m glad you aren’t suffering but wish you could have gotten better and still be here. 

    You were an amazing man. An incredible Mentor. A talented Spanker. and the best friend anyone could ever have. 

    When you first passed I thought of you every day. Especially when i went for a walk at night and saw my wishing star. The one I wished on for you. The one that didn’t come true. I miss hearing your helloooo. I kept one on my phone so I can listen to it once in a while. I miss being your sunshine. I miss hearing “now baby calm down” when I got upset. I appreciate the way you let me be me and jollied me out of crankiness. And I miss the way you took such good care of me. For someone who didn’t want to be a Daddy and for someone who thought that it was a silly name to use, you loved it and I yearn for it 

    I’m a better person because of you. You’ll be happy to note that to this day I never drive more than 10 mph over the limit. Although I still have a potty mouth at times. And no Ivory for me! 

    I know you’d be happy about someone new with wonderful hands. I still can’t finish the last few episodes of stranger things, I’m too scared without you. And don’t get me started on loud thunderstorms. 

    The rough times continue and I wish I could have your support. 

    I know that you are in heaven because of your beautiful soul. But please don’t tease an angel that even angels need spankings... I wouldn’t want you to get thrown out of heaven.

    1. sweetpea


      (((Hugs))) He was a very special person / friend. I can't believe it's been a year.

    2. shygurl


      This is a beautiful memorial to him. He was a great man. I still miss our chats.

    3. Alcina
  13. Happy third anniversary here on SN to me and thanks to the friend who reminded me!

  14. so Freaking cold 

  15. Way too many holiday cookies. Is it my fault I’m an excellent baker?

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    2. Jenna1220


      Not at all, sounds fun.  Bakers gonna bake.

    3. Hook


      Peanut butter flavor cookies left out for Santa... you might be surprised!

    4. Wifey


      @Hook peanut butter blossoms are one of my faves 

  16. Forgot about a meeting. Found an additional $10,000 expense doing a P&L for a work program, and the computer guy “fixed” my computer causing me to lose my documents and desktop. Yup, it is Monday. 

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    2. Somthingrandom


      Sounds like a "profit and loss"....boring accounting and business stuff.  Mine are due for the year soon.

    3. Wifey


      Yes, profit and loss. The amount we made was not worth the amount of effort or the opportunity cost. 

    4. Gator


      P&L's are not boring, they're the closest thing to a pay stub business owners ever get. ;) But if there's more L than P then maybe time to move on huh Wifey?

  17. When you believe you are special but really aren’t 

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    2. Wifey


      I was feeling sad. Thanks! 

    3. Alcina


      You are SPECIAL!!! ❤️

    4. AfterGeometry


      It's these Millenials Wifey, they were given Participation Awards just for showing up.  They don't believe in winners and losers.  Everyone is a special snowflake. You can blame them.  :D


  18. To all those impacted by Florence, be safe. Please check in so we know you are ok!

  19. If HH were here my foot wouldn’t hurt because he wound have reminded me to take it easy. Plantar fasciitis. Ouch 

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    2. Wifey


      Stretch. Massage the heck out of it. Never walk barefoot. Ice. Aleve.  Orthotics. I have prednisone left over from something else and might take it. 

      And as much as I love to walk I really can’t overdo it. 

    3. AssuredlyAbsent


      Have you tried one of those braces you sleep in? That's my wife's next step.  Not overdoing seems to help the most.

    4. Wifey


      The sleeping thing feels weird. It pulls your foot up and it’s not how you naturally sleep. I took the prednisone and it made a dInference a little. Stretch, massage, ice, insoles. Ugh

  20. Wondering what’s worse, remembering or having the memories fade.. 

    1. Powpaulie


      Have you watched the movie "Coco"?  I think having memories fade is the worst. But wait! It really all depends, though. If they were good memories, you'd like to treasure them forever....even if those same beautiful memories fill us with that awful pain of missing those we love....I sure would hate to let those memories fade!  If they're awful memories, then it's best we don't dwell on those and just let those fade away.  

      Hugs, Wifey! 

  21. Sunrise. Sunburn. Sunset. Repeat 

  22. I forgot what a good movie Dodge Ball is!

  23. When you reach for your phone to share good news but there’s no one on the other end...

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    2. The Instructor

      The Instructor

      why you think there is no one on the other side?
      always there is someone


    3. Poison's
    4. sweetpea


      Wifey....... He can always hear you even though he cannot answer back by phone.  (((Hugs)))

  24. No driving more than 10 miles over the speed limit. No taking anger out on wrong person. No cursing. Well, as Meatloaf said, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 

    1. AssuredlyAbsent


      Wifey can't drive, 55. 

    2. Wifey


      Well, I am a Jersey girl! 

  25. Flag flew at half mast for Hardhanded!  

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    2. Wifey


      Shygirl, unfortunately HH passed away. 

    3. Torc87


      Oh no!!! He was so sweet. A wonderful person. Thank you for letting us know.


    4. sweetpea



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