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  1. It sounds like a textbook perfect first experience. Please don’t give responsibility for your actions to another. A Mentor doesn’t keep you in line, that is a choice you make. A Mentor can help by encouraging you and disciplining when you fall short, the decisions you make are on you. I’m glad it went so well.
  2. Stress isn’t a competition. Your experience was stressful to you and that’s that. it sounds like you handled it well. Shame on her for being so nasty.
  3. This isn’t the really the kind of site where we hold people accountable or serve to help people be humiliated. You Might be luckier to find that on Fet.
  4. It helps to be on webcam and for you to follow instructions to the letter. While you won’t be over her knee you can be bent over the bed. Hairbrush, wooden spoon, bathbrush, paddles work well. Belt and switch aren’t as effective because you can’t get a good angle to them. I’ve never used a cane but I think it would be effective too.
  5. No safe word? No. Just . No.
  6. I had the good fortune of a special relationship as well. While I still miss him, I know that there are new experiences ahead that will be different but no less special.
  7. I may be alone in this, but I don’t see t as a Dom/sub issue. I see it as a relationship and compatibility issue. It’s not about being disrespectful or tipping you. If she needs something you aren’t comfortable with and it is something she truly needs to be happy then it doesn’t matter how right you are for each other in every other way. I’m sorry to be so blunt but maybe it’s not a great match.
  8. Don’t judge it you don’t want to be judged. 

    1. sweetpea


      So true wifey. One never knows what someone else is dealing with. (((Hugs)))

  9. Based on what you are saying I don’t know if a safe word would have been protection. I’m sorry your trust was betrayed.
  10. I have used webcam. But on the flip side it’s hard to see even on cam. During one of my experiences, the Spanker wanted me to be Strike harder than I felt I could tolerate. I didn’t want to be disrespectful but it was too much for me. That’s when it has worked for me.
  11. There will be those who question you because it was a self spanking. I’m not one of them. I understand too well how this can happen. You want it to be as close to RL as possible and you follow the directions. There are those who would ask why you need a safeword since it is set spanking. Again, it’s because you can’t just stop IRL so you don’t want to when self spanking. I’m glad you learned to have a safeword but I’m sorry you learned the hard way.
  12. Wonderful HH. I’m missing you On the anniversary of your death. I’m glad you aren’t suffering but wish you could have gotten better and still be here. 

    You were an amazing man. An incredible Mentor. A talented Spanker. and the best friend anyone could ever have. 

    When you first passed I thought of you every day. Especially when i went for a walk at night and saw my wishing star. The one I wished on for you. The one that didn’t come true. I miss hearing your helloooo. I kept one on my phone so I can listen to it once in a while. I miss being your sunshine. I miss hearing “now baby calm down” when I got upset. I appreciate the way you let me be me and jollied me out of crankiness. And I miss the way you took such good care of me. For someone who didn’t want to be a Daddy and for someone who thought that it was a silly name to use, you loved it and I yearn for it 

    I’m a better person because of you. You’ll be happy to note that to this day I never drive more than 10 mph over the limit. Although I still have a potty mouth at times. And no Ivory for me! 

    I know you’d be happy about someone new with wonderful hands. I still can’t finish the last few episodes of stranger things, I’m too scared without you. And don’t get me started on loud thunderstorms. 

    The rough times continue and I wish I could have your support. 

    I know that you are in heaven because of your beautiful soul. But please don’t tease an angel that even angels need spankings... I wouldn’t want you to get thrown out of heaven.

    1. sweetpea


      (((Hugs))) He was a very special person / friend. I can't believe it's been a year.

    2. shygurl


      This is a beautiful memorial to him. He was a great man. I still miss our chats.

    3. Alcina
  13. Please be careful and follow some safety rules.
  14. As an EE. I’m not sure it matters though if it is something that you want or need.
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