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  1. Take it from someone who had to resort to credit for medical bills... it’s no fun when you pay $400/month and it doesn’t chip away at the amount you owe because of the amount of interest on the debt.
  2. Played a game yesterday... planning a spanking Easter basket. It has licorice whips, chocolate covered wooden spoons. What would you add?
  3. You enjoy your wife being embarrassed? And you gave her a “good belting” because she angered you? Do you realise how this sounds? If you are smart, You will apologise to her for being a jerk, take her out to dinner, and show her that you love her. If my husband were pleased for me to embarrassed he’d find himself living elsewhere.
  4. Wifey

    IT'S BACK!!!!

    Although the spanking scene in the second season turned pretty brutal
  5. The bath brush is worse than a paddle. I suggest going easy at first to see how it is. I found it to be too much.
  6. I had a friend here who did. He said it helped
  7. No one can answer the question of if giving up spanking is right for you, only you can.
  8. Thanks for the update and feel better!
  9. Is chat working or am I the only one having trouble? I see people but not words.
  10. Let me know if you need a screen shot. When the conversation seems to freeze I reload the page. It used to work. Now when I do it the conversation is missing and I can’t participate
  11. Hi. When I reload chat the page comes up without any of the actual conversations. Let me know if you need a screen shot
  12. I can understand the concern since the minimum age for the site is 18 and the age for purchasing alcohol is 21. However no one is purchasing alcohol on the site. Alcohol is shown on tv and movies and billboards without regard to whether all seeing it are of legal drinking age. My .02
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