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  1. There was a young attractive French teacher who was a lot friendlier and more familiar towards us than a lot of other teachers. Sometimes she wouldn't feel like teaching and would allow the class to have a discussion on a topic of our choosing. One day the subject of corporal punishment came up and the naughtiest girl in our year was complaining about the fact that girls who got in big trouble at our school were gated for weeks on end, whereas the boys could get it all over and done quickly with a caning. The French teacher didn't agree with the pupil and I made a mental note that she was all
  2. Once upon a time in England, these words were heard frequently in Headmasters' studies, up and down the land: "No Sir please not the cane Sir. Anything but the cane Sir. I promise it won't happen again Sir. Please don't cane me Sir.........." For us schoolboys the cane was our nemesis. It is difficult to describe the sick feeling you experienced when the cane appeared and the Head uttered the dreaded words "I am going to cane you". Having bent over as instructed you awaited the first stroke with dread and then heard that terrifying swish of the cane behind you, feeling a sharp initia
  3. I think both immediate spankings and spankings by appointment have their place according to the context. In a mentor situation then regular appointments or appointments as needed seem essential. For a DD situation the naughty girl (or boy) should know that they can be hauled over the disciplinarian's knee for an impromptu bare bottom spanking at any time for minor infractions, but where serious discipline is required, then more formality, structure and ritual should be a part of the procedure. The appointment is announced in advance giving the naughty one plenty of time to stew on the u
  4. Old Fashioned Guy here who firmly believes that ladies simply never look as nice in trousers (a.k.a pants) as they do in skirts. To my mind this is largely down to the female anatomy because women are more curvy than men and skirts and dresses do a much better job of accentuating and flattering those curves. This is particularly so for ladies who may have bigger hips and bottoms which are generally not well suited to trousers, but I would also argue that even girls with slim shapely hips who may look good in trousers still look much, much nicer in a skirt. As such it is the difference between
  5. Hi All, Have just joined the site and wanted to introduce myself. I have been fascinated by spanking all my life, going back to my school days when they still had the slipper and the cane for naughty boys (but sadly not for bad girls!), I love pretty much any spanking scenario where an errant female is getting her comeuppance - home, school, office, judicial, you name it. My tastes range from a good old fashioned skirt up, knickers down, OTK bare bottom hand spanking, graduating through a sound tanning with the hairbrush or slipper, right up to a naughty girl bending over and grasping her ank
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