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  1. Insomnia is hitting me hard today!

    1. AfterGeometry


      So what, it's a Saturday night. :P

    2. BendForSwitch


      I can think of one effective cure from it

  2. A Story Part 2

    “Oh whatever.” I rolled my eyes at Jamie’s comment about how he thought Perry was going to be the one murdered in the HBO show “Big Little Lies”. Jamie took my bicep and pulled me over to his side. In a second’s time, he managed to have my pajama pants and panties lowered and me bent over his knee, with his knee between my legs. I didn’t even have time to gasp or react. “Did you really think rolling your eyes at me was going to do you any good?” Jamie asked, rubbing my bottom with his cold hands. He smacked my bottom, hard causing me to jump. I whined, burying my face in the couch pillows. He smacked my bottom, alternating from cheek to cheek. He smacked hard enough to sting, but really he went slow and intentional with his placement. Center of my cheek, to upper thigh, working his way around my bottom. I squirmed, but Jamie paid no attention. The heat built inside of my cheeks as well as my insides…Jamie laughed softly as I squirmed more as my insides twinge and tingled. With his two fingers, he spread my cheeks open, running his fingers over me. “Warm and wet.” He observed quietly. He stood me up, helping me step out of my underwear and pajamas. He walked me over to the corner and placed my hands over my head. He tied up my shirt so that my bottom was clearly exposed to him, causing me to blush and whine. “Be still.” he warned. Minutes went by and I couldn’t help but squirm. Anger started to build inside of me, as the tingling sensation intensified. Finally, I felt Jamie behind me, his hand on my shoulder. He had two pillows on the ottoman prepared and without any direction, he bent me over the ottoman causing me to hold myself up with my hands. My feet dangled, but Jamie said nothing as he spread my legs apart. I bit my lip with anticipation, squeezing my eyes shut unsure of what he was doing. Instead, I felt something slide inside of me. I gasped, feeling lots of pressure inside my vagina and I turned as much as I could to see Jamie’s mischievous grin. He then stood me up back in the corner, with a stool under me, holding the dildo in place. I couldn’t move. I whined at Jamie, but instead he waved the dildo remote. I growled in the corner, jolting immediately when I felt an intense vibration inside. Jamie stood behind me whispering, “Maybe I can teach you to be still in the corner now, huh?” He kissed my neck gently, biting my shoulder. I turned to move, but felt the vibration pulse hit once more, sending shocks through me. I couldn’t help but get wet, and squirm although it was making it worse. “Jamie, please.” I cried out after minutes had passed. I had managed to be still for a minute. Jamie came over, removed the stool and proceeded to gently guide me over his lap. He tied my hands gently to the foot of his chair. He left the dildo inside of me, vibrating it at a slow pace. The pulse intensifying as I squirmed over his knee. Jamie twisted the dildo inside of me, causing me to squirm more and gasp as I could feel it touch my sweet spot. He pulled it in and out before finally removing it just enough so that the tip was still inside. The vibration tingled, sending little shocks through me. Jamie rubbed my bottom, running his fingers over me. I felt him shift and I closed my eyes. “You’re really hot and wet down there.” He said, removing the dildo completely. It was only a second before I felt him run an ice cube over me. “Nooooooo,” I whined, squirming. He patted my bottom, pushing an ice cube inside of me—burning and melting inside. Jamie rubbed my left cheek and brought down a hard smack. Right, right, right, right, right. He rubbed my bottom, the sting dulling. Left, left, left, left, left. Same thing. Right, left, right, left, right, left. I squirmed, stinging pain resonating in my cheeks. Left, right, left, left, left, left. I cried out as Jamie brought down hard smacks over my left cheek, where it met my thighs. He did the same to my right cheek. Right, left, right, right, right, right. He then worked over my bottom from the center my cheeks down to my upper thighs not leaving a blotch of whiteness on my bottom. I began to cry softly, squirming to get away from his hard hand but had no success. I then felt him rubbing some lotion on my bottom, immediately calming me. Jamie began to spank me softly as I felt the intense heat coming from the lotion. “OW!” “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I got you some new lotion baby. It has some kind of pepper oil in it. It's supposed to help bring out the sting." Jamie smirked, rubbing my bottom and continuing to spank my bottom. Finally, Jamie positioned me to just his left knee, so that I was straddling him. He rubbed his fingers between my thighs. He smacked my sit spots a few times gently as I groaned. He winked, running his fingers over my clit, leaving a burning mark as the lotion was still on his hands. He began to softly spank my bottom as I heard the tv turn on the "Big Little Lies" theme start to play in the background. "Now sweetheart, if I am right you are getting a bare bottom spanking all weekend." He smiled. I buried my head in his back, my bottom burning and insides vibrating at his touch. "Deal." I said confidently, knowing he was wrong. I wasn't prepared to have to be bare bottom all weekend. It was something Jamie and I started months ago. A bare bottom time meant I had to be bare bottom. At breakfast, dinner, during chores, all the time. If we did have company, I could wear a dress but that was it. I dreaded it, but Jamie could come up behind me and touch me...or put me over his knee for a quick spanking if I needed immediate attention. I bit my lip knowing that a weekend was the longest we've done it. However, I just knew I was right...
  3. A Story

    I will! I'm actually working on a second installment with Jamie and Elizabeth
  4. A Story

    Thank you! I love to write
  5. A Story

    I could feel the room spinning, dizzy from the 10 shots of whiskey I had. School this week had been brutal—I definitely deserved happy hour. I giggled as I wrapped my hands around the neck of the guy near me. “Jamie! Take me home.” I slurred. I didn’t notice the confusion across the guy’s eyes as he held my hand to stabilize me. “Hey girl. I’m not Jamie. Are you okay?” He asked. I just mumbled and rested my head against his shoulder. “Hey man. No worries—I got her.” I heard a voice say behind me. My stomach dropped as I turned, eyes wide as I took in the sight of Jamie standing in front of me. “Hi sweetheart.” He smiled, but his eyes were furious and even drunk I knew how deep in shit I was. “Uh…you sure about that?” The guy asked, holding me a little tighter. Adam smiled and took out his phone showing him a picture of us at my graduation. “Okay man. Be careful.” Jamie took my arm and helped me to his car, gently setting a small trashcan in my lap. He said nothing as we drove to his apartment. He carried me in and laid me in bed, giving me iburprofen and water. “Stay awake,” he ordered. He left and came back with a sandwich. “Eat this.” He sat on the edge of the bed and I just glared at him. I pushed the sandwich away from me. Jamie laughed for a second before setting the sandwich back in my lap, the warning clear. “No.” I scowled. I pushed it away again. “Elizabeth. Eat your sandwich now.” Jamie’s voice cut through the air threateningly and I ignored him, staring at the corner wall, flinching at the paddle laying on his dresser. “Fine.” Before I knew it, Jamie flipped me gently over so I was laying on my stomach and he had undid my belt and yanked my jeans down past my thighs. He took his fingers and gently rubbed the pantyline before lowering them down mid thigh. He brought down hard slaps on my upper thighs and sit spots, alternating between a few on the left and the right. I tried kicking but my legs were tangled in the comforter and my jeans and he had a good hold on my lower back. I started to cry, knowing Jamie was giving me almost his whole strength as he rapidly spanked my bottom. He abruptly stopped and flipped me over, almost causing me to hurl. “Eat your sandwich.” He ordered, as if he hadn’t spanked me. I took the sandwich with angry tears. Moments passed in silence as he stared at me and I finished my sandwich. I started feeling better, guilt beginning to set in and the awareness that my jeans and underwear were still tangled around my knees. “Umm…Jamie?” “Yes?” “My underwear and jeans…can I fix them?” “Oh yes. Go ahead and remove them completely.” “Wait, what?” My eyes were clearly wide and in fear as I watched Jamie grab my bicep and stand me on the floor. He brought my jeans and panties down to my ankles and when I didn’t immediately step out of them, he slapped my thigh harshly. “Ow!” I stood out of them, immediately rubbing my thigh. I was thankful my shirt was long enough to cover my bottom mostly. Jamie took my hand and laid me over the couch arm rest, the arm straddling me between the legs. My legs dangled awkwardly, and I groaned as Jamie folded my shirt onto the middle of my back. I felt him touch my bottom, rubbing it in soft circles. “Do not move young lady.” I drifted off to sleep and finally woke to hearing him entering the room. I could feel the steam and knew he showered. “Well young lady, it’s 8 in the morning. You’ve been here for an hour. What do you have to say for yourself?” “Umm…I’m sorry?” Jamie chuckled, patting my bottom softly. “You will be anyway.” He stood me off the couch and sat in the pre-arranged armless straight back chair that stood in the center of the room. He patted his thigh, motioning for me to go to him. I hesitated, but immediately walked over. He bent me over his knees, my groin resting on top of his thigh. My bottom was high and elevated for him. I blushed, putting my hands in my face. He wasted no time spanking. He brought down his hand hard on the center of my left cheek, then my right. Left, left, left, right, right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, right, left. I started to squirm and cry, his mercy not showing. He ignored my pleas and continued spanking harshly. He continued: right, right, right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left, left, left. I started kicking and he immediately attacked my upper thighs. left, right, left, right, right, left. He stopped, rubbing my bottom. I could feel the warmth between my legs, my bottom stinging something fierce. I twisted my legs, closing them as he continued spanking me. He placed his hands between my thighs as he spread my legs over his so I was straddling his left knee. “Are you really wet right now?” I could hear the anger in his voice, and I trembled, burying my face in my hands. I felt him run his fingers up and down my clit. “You are being punished, young lady and you’re taking pleasure in it?” “I’m sorry.” I whispered. Jamie said nothing as he spread my cheeks apart. “You are really wet.” I groaned, hating the feeling of being so vulnerable and unable to close my legs and hide. I felt him slap my inner thighs and the most sensitive parts of myself. I reached back, only to earn a harsh slap and for him to take my wrists hostage against the small of my back. I felt Jamie shift, something cool resting against my bottom. I turned and noticed the wicked hairbrush. “Jamie…” “I don’t want to hear it, young lady. You drank irresponsibly and could have been taken by someone at that bar had I not stepped in. We will be talking in depth more about this this week.” He brought the brush down, cracking it hard against my cheek. I immediately tried to kick, but he had my legs locked with his. He spanked me hard and thoroughly. I cried through the spanking, unable to move and squirming. He worked his way from the middle of my cheeks to the top of my thighs several times over. I couldn’t stop crying, not knowing it had ended. He was rubbing my bottom and my inner thighs softly, bringing back the warm sensation inside. I was still straddling his leg so unfortunately I had no control and was betraying myself. I slowly reached back to have him lock my wrists again at the small of my back. He manuevered his right knee in between my legs forcing me to spread mine even further, not helping the situation. I blushed profusely as he patted my bottom softly. He took some some of his fingers and spread my cheeks further—leaving me completely vulnerable and unable to hide anything. I was all open to his eyes and fingers. The pain started to build inside, the tension rising as I tried to not release but my body was in a position unable to fight. I couldn’t close my legs, clench, and my hands were tight against my back. He shifted his knees slightly, and I growled, earning a hard spank on my thighs. He carried me into the bedroom and laid me on my stomach, tying my hands gently to the headboard. He took a couple fresh pillows and put it underneath me, spreading my legs to straddle it—my bottom raised and still exposed. He took the hairbrush, rubbing my bottom with it in circles, the pain coming back—deep and low, tingling as I waited in anticipation. He ran his fingers through my thighs, gently and I started squirming, but then he laid in the bed and rolled over. He turned off the lights, leaving me—red bottomed, my insides screaming and my bare bottom in display with no ability to relieve myself. I whined, but instead he laid the hairbrush on the small of my back. “Go to sleep, young lady. You need to sleep before you get another dose of the hairbrush. If that hairbrush falls…you’re getting my belt. I need some shut eye since you kept me up all night with your drunk shenanigans.” He kissed my forehead, grinning before closing his eyes. I groaned…and decided I wasn’t ever going to drink.
  6. Plan A:

    -1 required check-in weekly

    -Daily report

    -10 minutes of corner time in the morning

    -monthly room inspection


    Plan B:

    -3 Check-ins a week

    -Daily Report

    -Weekly spanking

    -bi-weekly room inspection


    Plan C:

    -Daily Check-in

    -Daily Report

    -Corner Time (15 minutes) before bedtime

    -Enforced bedtime

    -once a week room inspection

    -maintainance spanking bi-weekly (bare bottom, at bedtime)


    Plan D:

    -Daily Check-in

    -Daily Report by 7p

    Corner time daily

    -2x/wk room inspection

    -Grade reports weekly

    -study hall in library (2 hours daily)

    -3 healthy meals daily

    -3 hours min of fitness per wk

    -bedtime spankings nightly (bare bottom)

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    2. wendigo4891


      That makes sense. A friend of mine was wanting plans for people in college so this seemed ideal for four different levels.

    3. wendigo4891


      I didn’t think of rewards or different stipulations because it’s always evolving on a person to person basis

    4. Drew1965


      Yes this is a good basic starting point for discussion. Individual needs should evolve, that's the purpose. Hpw would you modify it?

  7. My computer broke! I finally got a new one!

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      I'm pleased to hear that wendigo.

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      I would love to chat with you some time.  We are both spankee.   I love to compare notes with other spankee.

  8. I just realized it's almost my one year of being on here!

  9. Excited for my birthday soon :)

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      And a potential birthday spanking?

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      Go Aquarians!!!!!!!!!!

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      Happy Birth Day! What's your plans? Cake, dancing, presents I hope! 

  10. Going into it

    Thank you all, that was extremely insightful and helpful.
  11. My ideal spanking would be for him to pull me over his knee, and begin spanking over my pajama bottoms or shorts with his hand. Hard enough to cause me to squirm and wiggle but not enough to have me kicking. He would then scold me about what I did wrong and why I deserved this spanking. He'd then pull down my shorts and ask me to tell him why I needed a spanking and what I did wrong. To also make sure I was listening to him as well. He'd spank me with more force on my panties until I feel like I can't take it anymore, still with his hand alternating from cheek to cheek. He would stop, talk to me more about how I can do better and just as I get up, he would scold me about my punishment not being over and he'd pull my panties down and spank me bare. I would be kicking and crying as it's hard and my bottom is starting to pulsate the burning. He would have my hands pinned behind my back and his leg trapping mine because I'd try covering, a good solid hold so no matter how hard I squirmed or kicked, he'd still spank rhythmically without missing a beat or his mark. He knows how much I hate the fact that he can see my bare bottom and I have nothing protecting his spanks. When he hears my submission of cry, he lifts me up after he pulls my panties up and takes me to the corner. He'll pull my panties down again and I'll know not to leave the corner. He's not upset or angry, he's forgiven me and I know this. Then once I've calmed down and he sees there's no damage, he will walk over and pull my panties up. (This is to protect my modesty) He'll make his way to the chair and he will call me out of the corner. He'll ask me questions. What did I do to deserve this spanking? How could I avoid this? Etc. Then based on my answers or the severity of what I did, he'll put me over his knee once more for a spanking with the hairbrush (one per year of age) and/or he will sit me down at the table and make me write an essay or reflection on what I could have done better or differently, and how my actions had certain consequences.
  12. I am just looking for online friends.

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      Opps, wendigo. Darn auto correct!

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      I am just looking for some cheese, do you know where is it?

  13. Introduction

    Thank you!
  14. Going into it

    Okay, this seems like common sense but very helpful. Thank you.
  15. Going into it

    See...my fear is finding someone to spank me that I trust. I've never done this before and it frightens me to meet someone I don't know and put myself in the vulnerable position of being over their knee--especially knowing if they're stronger than me---what if they attack me or something?