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  1. Today's meditation ...

    breathe in ...

    breathe out ...

    Shrug and say **** it ...

    1. Bha
    2. braatman


      Or else, say “one, thank you maaam, may i have another...”

  2. Every situation in life is temporary. 

    So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully.

    And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.

    1. shygurl


      Amen to that!!


    2. AfterGeometry


      Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Gratitude during the good times 

  3. "In the end, only three things matter - 

    How much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


    1. naughtyboy4Herknee


      Every time i see one of your posts i take pause in thinking hard about the reason why you posted it and how it affects everyone as well as myself.

      I always am delighted in what i read from you 

    2. oklahomaspankee


      Thank you  Red 😁

  4. image.png

    1. Colonel Cokernel

      Colonel Cokernel

      I'm trying to have this mentality when things get tough

    2. AfterGeometry


      When bad things happen to you, do not ask the question “Why did it happen to me?” Ask the question, “Why did it happen for me?”  Then you are taking ownership of it, and you can view it as a stepping stone to further progress.  

  5. redzonedefense_F


    You 'bout made me cry. Thank you.
  6. 52813297_10156371379497872_978007256375230464_n.jpg

    1. Bha


      So much truth in this & you do this well.

  7. redzonedefense_F

    Male Spankee’s Underwear

    It's never matters to me. They don't stay on. 😉
  8. redzonedefense_F


    I am a forever-idealist, AG and I know this is temporary, but it is still quite real. I understand that far more often, people's responses are more so about what they may be dealing with than their reaction to you. These are hard-learned life lessons. I wish I couldn't discern the difference.
  9. redzonedefense_F


    Empty promises Token smiles Feigned interest Indifference for anything outside of their own sphere You search vacant eyes As the tether continue to fray
  10. Welcome! Did you once belong to SIN? I recall that screen name,
  11. redzonedefense_F

    An Event

    I don't know if I could manage but would be glad to if I could.
  12. Hi, Warmer. Welcome! I'm in Portland. Folks are relatively quiet but I would imagine, if you message individually, people will be responsive. Have fun!
  13. redzonedefense_F


    Agreed, AG. I would much rather be broken for the millionth time over than to stop being true to who I am.
  14. redzonedefense_F


    Vulnerability There is solace when you shut yourself off from wanting, believing, hoping. There is a content sameness in resignation. How strange it is to feel a sense of power in the shadow To believe that nothing, no one could ever hurt you again, that no one could ever make you feel And yet an icy panic grips you at the idea of that last little shard of light being lost forever. What a loaded term for those that had it, lost it, resent it, fear it.
  15. redzonedefense_F

    Any tips for goal setting?

    I guess it depends on what motivates each of us more.