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  1. Need is need. Desire is desire. Men should not be hampered by societal stereotypes or outdated norms. To each their own, M/f, F/m, F/f. M/m. As long as it works for the two of you, go for it! Personally, I have met some absolutely wonderful guys. It seems a damn shame that so many fellas have to go without because of fear of being judged or from lack of Tops willing to engage.
  2. Apologies. In response to your other question, it will depend on how it's made. I find mine is worse than a paddle or spoon (because it is made of thicker leather) as far as intensity in the moment but it is more sting than thud. So, the effects might not kast as long or be as deep as heavier implements.
  3. It stings and bites rather harshly so even flat on the bed can be effective. I would not recommend diaper. As you said, you need your hands free to hold something near your face and I'd imagine it may be hard to hold position. So, lying flat on a bed or bent over a sturdy piece of furniture to brace yourself would be my thought. There are some short wire ones on Etsy. I believe the shop name in BrutalPassion or something along that line. Smaller will give you more options. I like the heft of my longer one and it hurts like hell but it's not as maneuverable/practical.
  4. Take them with you to choose another bath brush, which they pay for. Knowing me, I'd ask them as it's chosen and they hand it to me, "What am I going to do with this once we get home? That's right. And why? And if you destroy this one, we come right back here for another and I'll add (x implement) to that spanking because apparently being spanked with the bath brush alone wasn't sufficient."
  5. I received a handmade one from a friend. It is hefty for a loop and long, so I have to be careful not to wrap the hip. Also, depending on how it's made and how it's used (as with most any implement), watch for skin breakage. Good luck!
  6. @StevenSampson, spankingart.com has a fairly comprehensive list of positions to suit most occasions. Also, in diaper position, thong underwear could be utilized to ensure nothing is unnecessarily struck.
  7. Canes and switches can be light. Anything made of delrin is very light. Also, consider a Loopy Johnny. Light with a harsh bite. Doing a position like diaper or anything that has you at a more acute angle/more stretched is going to be more intense. Good luck!
  8. Such thoughtful responsea! How heartening to see people so willing to be open. I agree with many who have posted and appreciate those who have shared their experiences. The emotional and mental states are as important, if not more so, than the physical. The body has the ability to heal itself in most cases, whereas the heart and mind are far more nuanced. Whether ee, er or switch, go slow. Ask as many questions as you can. Someone who is invested in you as a person will see beyond any misdeeds to get to the heart of the matter, meet you where you are and act accordingly. This life is h
  9. I've been away and I'm not sure what life holds, like most all of us I imagine.

    But, I hope everyone is well and safe.

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    2. Jaded


      Welcome back. Have missed your posts.  Hope all is well

    3. RIspanko


      RZD  very nice to see you back, Hope all is well with you also,  

    4. ronny38


      Welcome back! :) I have been away too and just had a quick look. Good to see you well and safe.

  10. Most everything I own is from Cane-iac. I find their quality to be high and their customer service excellent, should you have questions or a concern.
  11. It’s time to step away 

    (Apologies to Amethyst_Moon.  I was not intending to be redundant.)

    I wouldn’t feel right leaving without saying goodbye.  If you know me, you understand that life has been challenging.  But, that is likely not to change and not the reason I am stepping back.  I’ve lost something along the way and it’s disconcerting to feel as if I am no longer myself, not as I would like to be to be of use, anyway.

    Thank you to all of you who encouraged a welcoming community, shared your thoughts and experiences and lifted each other up.  Thank you to the friends I’ve known since my time on another site, wide-eyed and tentative.  Thank you to those that expressed appreciation for something I posted or thoughts I shared.  I hope it helped.  Thank you to those who took the time to speak not only about our shared interest but about life outside of it.  Thank you to those with whom I shared a special connection.  Whatever label we ascribed each other, thank you for your time and for your friendship.  If you broke my heart, thank you for the life lesson.

    Life is hard.  Please try to be there for each other.  Your act of kindness may be what makes the difference.

    One of my life goals was to leave this world a little better than you found it.  I tried, done what I know how to do, given what I have to give.  And it will either mean something or it won't ... but I tried.


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    2. goodboy_will


      I enjoyed our times together Red (Heather).  I wish you the best and I think that you have been and are a Great Lady.  Take care.

    3. Jaded


      Sorry to see you go.  Although we never chatted, I always enjoyed your forum responses and status updates the most. I’m sure we were going through different things, but your status updates always hit home for me.  They were just what I needed to see some days.  I respect your outlook on things.  I know you will be missed here.  Wishing you all the best for the future.  

    4. Detroit Pete

      Detroit Pete

      Long may you run Red.

  12. Welcome! Good for you for seeking out information. You thought ahead more than I did. I was not always a spankee, but that was how I started out. I had always had a fascination and felt that spankee was the right road for me, at the time, Since i was fresh off the turnip truck, I didn't know what I didn't know and had a few less-than-memorable/awkward first times. A few thoughts: - Most of us have an idealized notion of what that first time will be like or who it will be with. Do your best to have reasonable expectations. You'll both be interacting this way for the
  13. Good for you for taking a stand! Hopefully, this will not only put him on notice with you but lessen the likelihood that he will keep this up with others. Bravo!
  14. Screen spline, several lengths braided or looped or both. Cheap and effective.
  15. Pardon. Your -visiting- a professional.
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