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  1. I read the entire post. You need a spanking.😉 I think it’s interesting you attack shame and then invoke it. Shame is what kept me from realising my spanking needs for many, many years. Now, I have pretty well got the best of shame. It’s true that cloaking spanking in the realm of sexuality made it easier for me to accept it. But not all fetishes come from rape culture—including rape fantasies. And, in fact, I do not class my spanking interests as a fetish at all, since for me it is not sexual. Nor was I spanked as a child— though my interest certainly started that young. No. T
  2. Yes! I particularly remember reading sections of books over and over again if a character was spanked.
  3. No. Not at all. I’m quarantined WITH my ER, @ViewFromTheTop , and I’m super stressed to boot, so there’s been some spanking up in this house. Today, she insisted on an over the couch session I’ve had coming. Trying to wheedle out of it did nothing for me, because she has all the time in the world right now. I’ve never been spanked like this before! Not super excited that our Bampaddle arrived before Amazon stopped shipping non-essentials. Bam indeed! I’ll be sore for awhile. And probably real sweet and obliging.
  4. I laughed so much! Thanks for sharing. I told my wife/Er about this and she scowled and said “No way. Your bottom is supposed to get hurt, not my hand!” She rarely gives more than a few hand swats before switching to an implement. I would NEVER get away with jeans.
  5. I have PTSD. I am a Spankee and could easily be triggered during a spanking. So far that has never happened. I agree that consent is key here. But also, communication is critical. Many people in spanking relationships do away with safe words (consensual non-consent) for discipline spankings, but because of my PTSD, that could never work for me. My wife—whom I completely trust!—and I have a safe word to use in case of trauma flashbacks or any triggers. I know I can at any time withdraw consent. That knowledge has managed to help me keep the triggers contained. Good luck!
  6. Homophobic and disrespectful comments need to be reported. It is NOT okay that this happened to you. Unfortunately, I have had some very chauvinistic, sexist, and disrespectful comments made to me in chat as well. I guess we all chat at our own risk. But, I, for one, have enjoyed your comments and hope you will not let hateful posters keep you from posting your questions and insight.
  7. I think this is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  8. My wife once asked me if she needs to spank me until I cry. I think it would take a lot more than pain to make me cry during a spanking. I don’t get spanked because I’m a ”naughty girl” (although plenty of you who know me know that I can be bratty enough in playful situations). I don’t need a spanking because I’m carrying around hefty guilt or bad behavior. In fact, I’m exceptionally ”well-behaved” (if that’s even a thing), hard-working, and independent. I need to be spanked BECAUSE I’m so freakishly good and smart and controlling. I get spanked because I sometimes need to relinquish
  9. My wife sent me this: 🖐🙇‍♀️🍑 as a warning. Text seems to work well for us, too. But I think it’s getting myself into the mind space that’s hard for me. Just plain admitting to myself that I need a spanking is hard. Because I don’t want to!
  10. 👇🏼 👆🏼 Mind-reading expectations ARE ridiculous. I have not been trying to get her to do this through some sort of telepathic osmosis. I’ve been trying to get myself to not need it. That’s a very different—albeit still bratty—situation. Which she took care of tonight with a big-@$$ paddle.
  11. Right? Brats be bratty. I was a good girl, though, and told her the truth. She’s the real deal—no judgement from my honey.
  12. Thank you so much for these words! My wife loves me so much, and she would of course never judge me for needing a hug or a kiss. Real talk: this is my issue—judging myself for my needs. Thank you for helping me see truth.
  13. How do you feel about asking for a spanking? I’m an adult who has needs, and I have a loving spouse who is willing to help fulfill my needs. But asking for this is so hard for me! I’m not expecting my honey to read my mind; I’m very opposed to that ridiculous expectation. But I am a spankee, while my love is not necessarily a spanker. I feel a little... dirty... asking for something like this. But I spent the past few days (or longer—whatever!) trying to convince myself this is not a need, only to come back to the reality that—for me—this is a need. She even asked me if I needed a spanking and
  14. “Hey!” Leah’s head popped up at the sternness of the call. With her thumb carefully pausing the Stories stream on her phone, she looked up into the eyes of the man across the room. He stood in the corridor to the kitchen, gaze fixed on her, and one brow slightly raised. An uneasy sensation started in Leah’s navel—a fluttering of discomfort and concern for his displeasure. “Did you hear me?” Felix asked, and this time his tone was not so sharp, although the sternness was still there; his eyes blazed with it. “Er… No. I’m sorry, babe. What did you say?” His eyes widened sligh
  15. Part two! Part two! Part two!!!
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