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  1. I heard, but don't know for sure, that while water, especially hot will increase the pain, using Ponds Cold Cream or soaking a washcloth in milk and applying that can help IF you want to decrease the pain!
  2. I prefer the cheeks, but if I need to have a spanking that will act as a reminder for more than a day, I hate but effective spanking is just the bottom of the cheeks and top of the thighs. Don't tell anyone! 😉
  3. Results of poll: other Aka...nonexistent! Haven't found anyone yet 😶
  4. Yes, different names for different things, and I understand more that it's the names used in an individual relationship that matters. Thanks!
  5. I met a spanker once for coffee, my first time talking to someone who did that (I'm a bottom). I was getting kinda thrilled to hear him talk, but he said, as we were finishing the coffee, I think you need to be spanked NOW. I thought ok. He said it would have to be outside, but it would be private. Now, this was in late November and it was COLD! We both got in our cars, and he drove to a local cemetery, one that was huge and had a lot of old graves. It's well-known, so there people about, but very few. We drove for quite some time, and he pulled over where there was a bench. I got out of my car, he had me walk over to the bench, pull my jeans down to my knees and then...I waited for what seemed to be a long time. Well, the first smack of his hand on my freezing ass about made me howl. I danced around, and said, ok, I get it. He said 9 more. It wasn't too bad, well it was, but because it was the first time. When I got in my car to leave, 2 caretakers at the cemetery stepped out from behind a garden and started laughing. Sooo...I've been spanked in an old cemetery in the winter. That was enough adventure for me!
  6. Jaded, do you see your spanko partner as a sub, as in D/s, or is it more of a ER/ee or Top/bottom? I'm curious because there are a lot of different verbiage. I think of the word "sub" as more than a spanko. Please note, I'm asking and not judging!
  7. I need to check this out! I've heard of it but not looked into the details. Thanks
  8. This is fun! OK. Here is a few off the cuff: 1. My first trip on my own as an adult was to a juggling convention in San Jose. I was in my twenties, only knew how to juggle three balls, and somehow had the gumption to fly across the US to a convention with very skilled jugglers! I was very, very shy then. Have no idea how I did it. HOWEVER, I did learn to "eat" fire, juggle machetes (carefully), rings, pins, and torches. I tried to ride a 10' high unicycle. Once I got upright, someone gave me a push, yelled PEDAL, and all I remember is doing a face plant against the gym wall across the way and sliding down...the TSA was different then. I flew home with 3 machetes and 3 torches in my suitcase... this was in 1985 so... 2. I racewalked a marathon when I turned 40, was able to maintain an 11 minute mile (was never athletic) 3, Hiked 15 days on the Appalachian Trail in Girl Scouts (would have been 14 days, but Honest to God, our leader got us lost!) 4. I enjoy doing many forms of art. My current is doing papercutting designs by hand. I found the best tool to use is a scalpel. I've had 2 ER runs, but the wounds have been easy to stitch. If you want to know where you can buy scalpels, of course it's... AMAZON! 5. I like doing photography. I have an eye for the absurd. I'll post a couple if there is an a interest. Nothing offensive 6. I like to read and write. 7. I am Buddhist 8. I am a trained clinical social worker (not working at this time) and in therapy with a therapist who is accepting of my spanking needs.
  9. As far as the sadist/ER/disciplinarian issue, it became a problem for me when the person who I consented to spank me as a disciplinarian ended up beating me to the point of needing medical attention, and tossing the comment out the door as he left, You knew I was a sadist, why are you whining? In this case, he was more than a sadist, he was a sexual psychopath who says whatever a person wanted to hear to do what he wanted to do. I learned the hard way. I recovered, and ended up educating our local ER about handling assault in cases like mine and kink/fetishes. I was experienced secondary trauma in the Emergency Department, but that's another story... My current ER and I had a discussion about needs and responses, but without going into details or labels, I am fine. I'm glad we talked about it. Some folks might label themselves as sadists, and others not, but both might have the same urges or responses. Labels don't mean much. You can put a label from a can of peaches on a can of prunes but it doesn't change what's inside... ?
  10. I found this site after I finally got the courage to move out of my comfort zone of just fantasizing about being spanked and getting spanked for the first time. It didn't work out with my first ER, because I didn't know what to expect or really anything except what I read in stories. However, I knew what I was experiencing didn't feel right. Hence, I tried to express my inexperience via my username. Funny, since it just came to me, and it wasn't hard to come up with! I got shamed, tho, in the chat room early on, because I was told that it should have written in all lowercase letters, and it was confusing (supposedly) to the members of the chatroom that night if I was an ee or an ER. Kept me off the site for months, tbh.
  11. Would make directed self-spankings more effective!
  12. For me, the word "naughty" sends shivers through me...not sure why that is such a trigger word
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for your quick response. I don't think he has any other spankees at this time. I think for the most part it is a matter of time. He is also in a relationship, and while she understands and accepts what he does, it's hard for him to just pick up and go. Both of us have older parents, and while I don't work, he does full-time. I think you are both right, that I should start by letting him know that I need to have more contact (!) with my spankER. I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks, np
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