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  1. I like to receive the deep sting of a strap as well as the rippling pain of an accurate caning.
  2. Check out this site for ideas; https://xdress.com/
  3. A rattan cane is my most feared yet sought after implement. Challenge is too find highly accurate caners.
  4. “Prefer” stingy Favorite implements would be thin paddle or strap. Also, big fan of whippy canes and open to some thud with heavier canes as well!
  5. I love being disciplined on a spanking bench. There are many varieties that appear through google searches. There is a common collapsable variety with adjustable elbow and knee rests that many different vendors produce. One of the nicest is from fetters uk and very expensive. Normally only seen in club venues or a very well equipped playspace. Good luck!
  6. Seeking an experienced Disciplinarian in the Washington DC area.

    1. DCDisciplinarian


      I'm a disciplinarian in DC. Still looking?


  7. cpneeded


    She certainly was spacing. Excellent caning scenes! I have never seen a double cane before. Looked incredible....
  8. All of them seem reasonable in the hands of an expert. Any expert caners please contact me!
  9. I have been spanked/caned in AKL before. I am in Hong Kong at the moment and need a good spanking!
  10. I’ve taken up to 12 strokes of a senior cane (which is a moderate sized rattan cane). My experiences have been with experienced caners in the UK and NZ. It is an acquired taste and is an exquisite, deep pain. Having said that, I’m still looking for experienced and accurate canings (limit expansion) but so hard to find in the US.
  11. Seeking regular,Strict Discipline and enforced chastity.  Travel possible.  Open to Strict Males, Females and couples.

  12. I have the HolyTrainer V3 ordered and hope to have a keyholder who thinks like you do!
  13. Seeking regular, strict Discipline.  Can Travel for the right scenario.  

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