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  1. Male Chastity and Spanking

    I have the HolyTrainer V3 ordered and hope to have a keyholder who thinks like you do!
  2. Seeking regular, strict Discipline.  Can Travel for the right scenario.  

  3. Spanking in China

    Thank you, hope to meet some enthusiasts there.
  4. Spanking in China

    I’ll be in Shanghai for a week soon. Id love to meet ANY spankos there.
  5. Hi. Simply introducing myself as George Lust, an established switch who resides in California.

    Alas, I cannot be of any help to you; however, do hope and pray that you find what you are looking for.

    George Lust

    1. cpneeded


      Thank you George  and good to meet you too!

    2. George Lust

      George Lust

      You are most welcome. Hope and pray all is going well for you in 2018; blessings.

  6. Seeking a very serious, experienced real life Disciplinarian

  7. Seek judicial levels of cp

    1. bustod


      Judicial levels exist where? Not even in the judicial system.

  8. Caning fans?

    Ive been caned with junior and senior canes. The counts have been between 12 on the low end and 72 on the high end (so far). Ive received on tight boxer briefs and bare. Im very interested in having my limits expanded with larger canes as well as enduring more strokes. Ultimatly, id like/need to experience a judical scene, once the Disciplinarian thinks Im ready. Fortunately, I get to travel a good bit as this level of cp is hard to find outside of the UK/colonies as well as parts of Asia. If any strict Doms or Disciplinarians are seekng applicants for serious cane training, please PM me anytime. Im discrete, professional and ddf..respectfully.
  9. Need regular Disciplinarian to keep bad behavior in check.  The picture IS me during a previous Multi session strapping.

    1. cowboy


      Hi cpneeded, may I ask who would give you a strapping like that and allow you to wear that jock strap?

    2. cpneeded


      Was a Disciplinarian in Charlotte NC.  Appropriate?

  10. #puertoricostrong


    1. Jenna1220


      Hearts, thoughts and prayers for PR.  

  11. Seeking experienced Disciplinarian who uses cane and/or strap to tame bad behavior

  12. Hi from Singapore

    I had the pleasure of staying in the Orchard district in March of 2015; beautiful city!
  13. Assume the Position

    The best position are those rare occasions where a spanking bench or horse is available.
  14. Positions and Implements

    Restrained on a spanking horse or bench. cane or strap
  15. Seek discipline for bad habits