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  1. What I need is a good, solid wood hairbrush. They used to sell them in drug stores, but now they sell what looks like the same thing but the wood is hollowed out. I suppose this is fine for brushing hair but not for the primary use of a hairbrush. My original broke off its handle. Not in the line of duty though I'm sure that's what caused it...
  2. Paddles by Walt makes paddles in the shape of the old ball and string ones with choices of wood. Very effective.
  3. I don’t completely agree with the original post but I understand it. I believe that a non-erotic spanking - completely no sexual content - isn’t cheating. It can be hard to disassociate but it can be done. I’ve done such spankings. I don’t know if everyone can do it. If you think it’s cheating you shouldn’t do it. However, do know that others have different beliefs.
  4. I hadn’t spanked anyone but white women when I started here but now have spanked two black women, an Asian, and a Hispanic. I think that’s largely because I’ve lived in largely white places. That’s changing without me moving and that’s a good thing.
  5. Yes. I’ve already got loads of diversity just in my family.
  6. Thanks to this site my diversity has improved. Still no LGBT but added Black, Hispanic, and Asian.
  7. As an er, it’s that moment when the panties have been taken down. The reality that the spanking is really going to happen - that that perfectly unspanked bottom is about to be completely reddened and for the next day or two she’ll be avoiding sitting and will not need to rely on memory to know she’s had a good spanking. That last couple of seconds of anticipation is magical. If the first spank or two leave a nice handprint on the bottom all the better.
  8. Oh, I’m not denying that creeps and genuinely evil guys aren’t out there. And sites like this can attract them. All the more reason to get to get pretty familiar with each other before meeting and have that first meeting in a public place. The wolves are out there. I’m mostly saying I’m not one of them and for the most part if you read someone’s last dozen posts you’ll have a pretty good picture of who they are. Stay careful.
  9. We’ll, I’d think most guys aren’t bringing knives, duct tape, or whatever. I certainly don’t and have zero desire to do anything like that. Yeah, in spanking I only deal with women. I don’t have a philosophical or moral issue with other guys, it just doesn’t work in my head. I’m not at all interested is sex with the ee. I keep sex as exclusively with my wife.
  10. Let us know how it went. I hope for your sake it’s effective.
  11. Expert, huh? I’m sure in the day you’d be blaming the Spanish flu on Spain. It originated in Kansas. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? The Southeast. We knew of something like this coming and the ability to stop it before it started. Two presidents had people in Wuhan in the very lab. Experts with sufficient funding. The disgraced former president decided it was a waste of resources. We have a clear picture of how North America became what it did. He paid for it by losing reelection. And, yes, calling it the China flu is racist as can be and Asians in this country are being beaten by people who blame individuals who have nothing to do with it. Such people tend not to be able to tell the difference between Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or any other Asians. We have no need for racists here.
  12. There’s a lot of variation in what people feel ok with. I don’t find anything wrong with that. It wouldn’t work for me in either role, but that’s just how I’m wired. Go with what works and don’t worry about it. It’s not a moral issue.
  13. I agree with the original post. Discipline (same root as the word disciple) is aimed forward. It might feel like punishment but it has a forward looking element. Punishment is simply you screwed up and you’re getting a severe spanking for it. Period. I’m meeting an ee for a punishment spanking Sunday. Then we’ll start looking forward but the punishment is absolutely necessary.
  14. Hey, Jenna! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. Drop me a line. I think your mailbox is full. I’ll be in your neighborhood later in the week or next.
  15. I think you're probably correct. She projected her issues onto you.
  16. The fault is with him - not you. Maybe nothing is 100% either way in such a relationship, but changing direction like that is beyond unkind. It’s cruel and possibly sadistic. You rightly feel taken advantage of. A bit of advice that you can take or leave - as soon as you’re getting a bad vibration or feeling, trust that feeling. OTOH if you feel like something is heading in a direction that feels right, check yourself. Look deeply and be as sure as you can. You’re going to make mistakes. We all do. It’s part of the job description of being a human being. I have a couple of people in here that think I’m a lousy person. I have no idea why. That said, I’ve met about 10 folks here in rl and they think I’m great. Personally I figure I’m in between (much closer to the nice old guy but a flawed human being, as are we all. Forgive yourself. Forgive and forget him - not for his sake but for your own. No need to carry that weight.
  17. That’s essentially it. You consent to being in a situation where you can’t withdraw the consent. I found in a couple of cases that were absolutely either serious discipline or punishment that they did not want safe words because they didn’t trust themselves to not use them prematurely. They didn’t feel they wanted the spanking as much as needed it.
  18. Yes. That’s the ee version of what I experienced as an er.
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