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  1. I tried with directing a spanking through Skype and wasn’t happy with the results. Not saying it can’t work but it will never be as effective as the real thing.
  2. Welcome. If I were in or near Ohio I'd be happy to see to your need, which is very real. Unfirtunately I'm in New Jersey a bit north of Atlantic City.
  3. New Jersey guy here. I sent you a message. Would gladly deal with both of you.
  4. dmirk


    New Jersey here. Drop a line.
  5. Might help if you had a location.
  6. I'm a bit of both. Used to be primarily fun. Now it's more discipline, stress relief, and mentoring. I'll still gladly spank any female who just wants a spanking for recreation.
  7. I'd be in a quandary is such a situation. I'm absolutely right handed, though I could carry through with a left handed spanking, but I'm also left-eyed, with only peripheral vision in my left eye. I suppose more of a major inconvenience than a disaster.
  8. Cursing can be fine if you can control where you use it. Its use in certain employment environments could be deadly to moving ahead or keeping a job at all. It's all about self-control. If that doesn't work, control can be imposed or taught through mentoring that could indeed use soap and spanking.
  9. When I was in my 20s I knew at least three girls who got spanked at 19.
  10. I’m more of the cute butt crowd but have come to appreciate a nice fat ass. Like Batman, as long as the waist to knees is bare.
  11. OTK unless I’m using the belt. In that case, I’ll have the ee bent over until the belting is over then back over the knee.
  12. Spanking two or three young ladies in one session. Seeing how during the first one the second young lady knows she’s next.
  13. Where: New Jersey shore. Looking for: female spankee I'm an old guy with years of spanking experience. Absolutely non-sexual but a bare bottom spanker.
  14. Vermont Country Store used to market what looked like the perfect spanking hairbrush but they no longer carry it. Probably someone asked for one without the bristles...
  15. A shame. I tend to be near there but only in February. Years ago I was going to move to Fernandina Beach which would have been ideal but the relationship didn't quite work out (we're still in touch and both landed happily). Oh, well.
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