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  1. NJ seems to have MM guys and if that’s what floats your boat, great. It’s not wrong; just doesn’t appeal to me.
  2. New Jersey is like that as well. Tons of people but light on spankos - at least the ones who have found their way here. My daughter is moving away and I’d be down to visit pretty frequently. You can probably guess where she’s moving - Virginia. Richmond to be specific.
  3. Well, here we go again. Male top for female bottom. Older dude. Jersey shore - within 90 minutes of NYC and Philly.
  4. It’s unreasonable to expect that one spanking will permanently cure behavior. I’ve had a very few one and dones for the ee’s preference more often than not I don’t find out until later that was the case. I wouldn’t take back those experiences. Some people like that kind of thing, or felt we didn’t click (though none said that). Were in your ers position I’d be regularly spanking as needed. Essentially because you know that for you that’s necessary.
  5. I’ve had my issues with ghosting. Any of that sort of thing is annoying.
  6. Born spanko at the Jersey shore here.
  7. Different folks have different feelings on this. I’m somewhat of a good swat or two to get attention and then less so and building up. That said I respect the preference of the ee even as they know that a punishment spanking is necessarily intense.
  8. By all means, put that information up front. I’m married, very happily, to a vanilla who understands that this is a deep part of me and I couldn’t change that any more than I could change my eye color. I have her informed consent after living years trying to fit in. She’s ok if I spank her for fun but knows going beyond that is part of who I am. I have not spanked even one woman who didn’t know that. I’ve certainly been told “if I weren’t married”…. And that’s fine. One size does not fit all. Be honest and let the chips fall where they may.
  9. As an er I think that's exactly the right mindset for an ee about to get a punishment spanking. By no means are all like that. I did last year gave a young lady just a little older than you a punishment spanking and that seemed to be her exact mindset. I think the difference is not so much being a spanko as realizing that based on your behavior that a spanking is warranted. With ones that are spankos my experience is that the genuine, "real" as it were spanking begins at the moment the spanko would like the spanking to stop. This only works if the ee can either control her use of a safe word or declines to have one. The only time I don't use a safe word is at the request if the ee. Even then I pay attention and haven't had a bad incident yet.
  10. I don't think that's terribly hypocritical. I think that's pretty much natural. I'd probably feel that way myself but it wouldn't be in the cards anyway.
  11. Back in college one of my favorite things was spanking my girlfriend, taking down her pantyhose. She had a magnificent bottom and always gave me reason to spank her, be it play or discipline.
  12. Aren't we all.... Well, not in the same place but still... Good luck.
  13. Spanking the girl next door when I was maybe 11. Might have been younger.
  14. Actually, no. Some do but most don’t.
  15. I’ve seen the clip. At one point it becomes a witnessed spanking. On My Little Margie, a 50s sitcom Gale Storm gets spanked in front of her boyfriend.
  16. Yes. Great introduction. I don’t qualify but if you just hit a spanking desert and really need one to get you through…
  17. Hi from the Jersey shore. I dropped a pm.
  18. Her roommate was on the phone at the moment and says something to whoever was on the line, "He's spanking her now." Very casual about it. My roommate, who claimed to be asexual, showed by his reaction that it wasn't the case.
  19. No. Same girl. In front of her roommate and another time in front of my roommate. Still quite fine.
  20. Not a roommate. but I did spank my college girlfriend in front of her roommate and in front of mine. Had I known the relationship was going to collapse (long story) I'd have spanked her bare bottom, which is how I normally spanked her.
  21. In which case the proper move the way I see it is to remove the entire thread. Since the site is privately owned, the owner has the right to make the rules. This, and ones like it, are why I have greatly reduced my activity. Things like this make the site less friendly and that's a shame.
  22. I've done the same. Not so much recently as my car is smaller these days. I used to have a turnout to a little used street where I'd frequently spank a woman using the rear bumper of the car as my seat.
  23. I really only had one ee - years ago - who would clench. I'd probably me amused or genuinely like that now, but at the time I just said it would make things worse and raised the intensity. She went back to unclenched pretty quickly. She was one of two that I distinctly remember who would fight like a wildcat to avoid going over my knee (even as it was very much consensual), but as soon as they were there and under control gave no resistance to her bottom being bared or the serious spanking. Didn't even kick or squirm.
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