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  1. Baseball boy myself. Mets fan. It’s somewhat of a curse. Red Sox in the league that plays pretend baseball. In the NFL, the Giants.
  2. It’s called being human. Let it go.
  3. Starting next Sunday I’m heading out to see a few ballparks that look great on TV and want to see in person. Going to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. Hoped for Detroit but my daughter’s birthday prohibits. If anyone has a couple hours, wants to hit a ballgame or happens to be a female spankee in great need, drop a line. If not, I’ll be having a good time anyway.
  4. If you could hold it together until January or February I’ll be down there visiting my nephew and his family on the way south. I’d be happy to mentor and discuss issues with you in the interim. It’s not a substance for the spankings you no doubt need, and were we to meet would assuredly happen, but it might help. Pm me if interested. If not, good luck. You’ll get there.
  5. I’ll likely be down there but not until winter. If you still need a good spanking by then just let me know. I’ll just assume you get your first before then. Drop me a pm if you’d like to discuss. Even if it’s just online mentoring. Since you know you have the issues it might help to talk. It’s not a substitute for the spanking I’m sure you need, but maybe it would help for a few months. Just a thought.
  6. We could fix that for next year. Say February. I know that doesn’t help now. Just trying to be of assistance.
  7. I had a few experiences like that. The only times I’ve Ben spanked as an adult it has been in a close relationship. Never otherwise. Within the relationship it was fine. I wouldn’t see myself in that position with pretty much anyone else.
  8. Welcome. I’m in NJ. Feel free to drop a pm.
  9. dmirk


    I am actually. My mistake.
  10. We continue to trade with truly awful regimes. China, Saudi Arabia. The bar for not trading is so low it’s amazing that anyone qualifies as a non-started. North Korea and Iran. More, but the same thing.
  11. That rings true and is pretty much the approach I take as a spanker. They're all hard. Good is for lesser infractions. Sound is for major bad behavior and such. You should still feel somewhat sore the day after a sound spanking.
  12. dmirk

    Need spanking - UK

    And hasn't visited in 12 years...
  13. Oh, the Elvis - Jenny spanking is classic! Great little dialogue the next morning... Thanks for Weeds.
  14. And Sally gets a spanking on Gidget. Not much of one but it’s there.
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