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  1. dmirk


    Welcome. Were I closer, I’d see if anything clicked. But I’m in NJ and only get out your way maybe once a year. Good luck and if you want to talk drop a line.
  2. Hey, at least it sounds like progress!
  3. I've actually met 4 members here but don't have permission to mention who. Another one should happen Memorial Day. Also, of course, a couple "let's meets" that never happened and they fell off the face of the earth.
  4. Yes. Keep things going. Please.
  5. HAd to dig way back for that, but I remember that cover clearly. 1975.
  6. Oh, please do post more. I believe a good majority of us are with you.
  7. Listen to these folks. 22 is nothing. You want it, go for it!
  8. I'm sorry that happened to you. I'd say I could help, but you have no reason to trust me no matter how long we talked after an experience like that. One day you'll find where the trust can be built. My only selling point (and I'm not serious about trying to sell myself) is that I'm short and old. You could probably outpower me.
  9. Actually, I believe it is true. I'll be happy to test...
  10. Not a teacher, but a reference librarian. The guy your teachers said would help you out, and I did. You don't say where you are. If it's on the east coast drop a pm. If you just want to talk, that's fine, too, no matter where you are. 22 is nothing. My oldest daughter is restarting at 30. If you have an idea of what might catch your long-term interests - things you're passionate about - follow that! Worth the work involved.
  11. I think your guy considers that lack of security a plus.
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