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  1. You can always try paddles by Walt. He makes great stuff and can make whatever you want.
  2. I tried to message you unsuccessfully. Drop a line to talk. If your travels bring you to the NYC or Philly area let me know.
  3. I can't imagine withholding spankings being effective. I have had a couple experiences with hard-wired spankos where I had to keep the severity and length enough so that they no longer wanted to be spanked. That's kind of when things got through. They did not use a safe word - that is to say one existed but they knew they were being punished and never said it.
  4. Agree. Bath brush should likely be effective. I use it for serious spankings of others but it should address your angle issue.
  5. For 25 years? Your profile has you as 24. You must have been a naughty fetus… And, yes, it varies from person to person. I’ve had at least two ees who I spanked 2 or more times in a single session. They’d get red - really deep red - but by the second spanking came around they looked like they’d not been spanked at all. It’s not at all related to the severity of the spanking. I remember ages ago one young lady who’d redden at first swat. A perfect image of my hand instantly and completely red in minutes. I also have known ones who don’t redden at all. Loads more stories. Drop a pm if you want to hear. Not worth everyone’s time here. But indeed it varies person to person and doesn’t have much to do with severity.
  6. Christmas day was fine. Then things went bad in a hurry. My oldest daughter announced she'll be having my first grandchild. The next day my second daughter found out she got exposed to Covid and ended up with a breakthrough case which was worse than any flu I've ever seen and lasted a couple of weeks. Then the first daughter turned out to have a false pregnancy. Not only is that heartbreaking, but now weeks later her body hasn't fully realized that she's not pregnant and she's dealing with a lot of physical pain from procedures involved (no need to get into that but it's hideous). We're just getting through things now - the day after I hit 71.
  7. I tried to pm you but either your box is full or there's an issue. I'll be in the area once in mid-February and once very late February. I'd be happy to provide you the spanking you need.
  8. I don't really have much to add to the conversation. but to both Buttercup and LostPrincess I want you to know that your feelings are valid. You need to sort things out with your husband and he may or may not decide that an outside person can take care of discipline. I can't guarantee anything but again - your feelings are valid. Talk. Continuous conversation helps and if you're going to resolve things that's how it's done. You might find the conversations to dead end and if that's the case you have to decide what's best for you personally. There are members here who have had marriages fall apart over this so tread carefully. I'm in a proof that you can be married to a vanilla and still have a string marriage. It largely depends on the strength of the bond. I wish only the best for you, whatever that turns out to be. I'm always willing to chat through pm if you want but that's not at all necessary.
  9. Not that I was expecting anything... Things do run much more smoothly now so it was worth the wait.
  10. I’m sure many have a need that built up while we were out. Any ladies around the Jersey shore or within the are I’m very altruistic and will gladly help…
  11. If you don’t mind waiting until February I’ll be passing though a couple of times going back and forth to Florida from New Jersey. I’m an old guy (but don’t look or act it) so another fatherly spanking. No sexual interest at all. Too old anyway. Drop a line if interested. Perfectly fine if you find another candidate.
  12. If you still need that in February, I will be through twice that month and can give you the good discipline spanking you need. Drop a line if you’re in need then. Good luck either way.
  13. What I need is a good, solid wood hairbrush. They used to sell them in drug stores, but now they sell what looks like the same thing but the wood is hollowed out. I suppose this is fine for brushing hair but not for the primary use of a hairbrush. My original broke off its handle. Not in the line of duty though I'm sure that's what caused it...
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