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  1. dmirk

    Older men

    You're no fun. I'm well into my 60s...
  2. dmirk

    Older men

    No. That were mine, and it was correctly pointed out that there have been such topics and it gets coverage in topics that aren’t specifically about that experience.
  3. dmirk

    what do tops get out of it?

    That difference between sexy and sexual is a good distinction. I say sensual sometimes but not sexual. For Emma, I say find someone you feel comfortable with. Age isn't an issue. Trust is. Drop anyone a pm and you'll start a conversation. Some will be "I don't want this" right away, some will get you talking, which clarifies your thinking, and I'd bet at one point you'll find someone who you really trust. Be careful and you'll be ok.
  4. dmirk

    Older men

    Creepiness can be found in any age bracket or gender. That what do tops get out of it I find amusing. Why no topic of what bottoms get out of it.
  5. dmirk


    For most folks, if you find something interesting and drop them a pm, you'' be in a conversation. It's a good group.
  6. dmirk

    Older men

    Hard to beat that combination. Glad to hear it.
  7. dmirk

    New in NC

    Good for you! It takes courage to build up to confess that. Sounds like it was very successful. Pm me anytime.
  8. dmirk

    Older men

    Yes. 90% or better are great people. There’s a number of jerks, perverts and underage kids that show up. Fortunately, the mods are good st catching them.
  9. dmirk

    Older men

    50? Young pup. Your post is great. Not only are older guys not perverts, but with all that goes with aging, tend to be less likely to demand any sexual element. If you’re looking for a spanking pure and simple, old guys are the best (says this old guy).
  10. dmirk

    Noise Control

    When it's at home, the kids still at home go to sleep before we do. As I only give my wife 3 or 4 discipline spankings in a typical year, this is no big deal. In a hotel, I bring my phone and Bluetooth speaker and put the music up loud enough to distract.
  11. dmirk

    Find local Spankers

    NJ here. Spanker covering NYC through Philly area. Open to traveling further travel for the right miscreant young lady.
  12. dmirk

    Maryland spanker

    Have already given a naughty 33-year-old in Alexandria a good spanking this year, so it's not far for me.
  13. dmirk

    Maryland spanker

    I'm in NJ, but an easy trip. Pm if interested.
  14. dmirk

    Favorite Implement

    Agreed. More often than one might think, some ees are totally repented with nothing more than a hand firmly applied. When that's not the case, time to bring out the bag of tricks.
  15. dmirk

    what do tops get out of it?

    Power exchange is a good way to look at it. I’ve seen control freaks give that up for as long as it takes to get over my knee with bottom bared. At that point, they’ve given up control for the duration of the spanking. The only power or control they now have is safe words. If they choose not to use them then giving up control is pretty much absolute.