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  1. I have the issue from the other, er, end. My wife is the one getting the spankings. For the most part they are play, but since I finally fully came out, some are discipline. She doesn't get it but accepts me as I am and says to go ahead and discipline someone else. She gets maybe four discipline spankings in an average year and just hand spanking, but you can do a lot with just the hand. Mostly, she's way better behaved than I am. Such a quandary....
  2. That's interesting. I'm white as is my wife (a vanilla who understands how I am). My next door neighbors for decades are Black, and my daughter is engaged to a wonderful Black man. That said, spanking a Black woman is maybe a bucket list item. I've had mostly white ees, but also Latina and Asian. Only got into politics once and it did not affect the relationship.
  3. Yep. I remember that and was insanely excited by it. Back then there half the TV shows were westerns and there were a lot of young ladies getting spankings. I still remember there was a picture in the paper of the famous John Wayne spanking Maureen O'Hara just before McClintock! came out. I was transfixed. I was 10 or 11 before I actually started spanking a few of the neighborhood girls, but can trace back the interest further back. That first one lived next door and I spanked her a lot. Clearly she shared the spanko gene.
  4. I’m down at the Jersey shore. Far more into giving spankings than receiving them. Best position? You over my knee.
  5. I could name names but won’t. We all know who the “pros” are.
  6. All that said, we do have people on here who spank for money and make no secret of it. This bothers me. Anybody can hand up their shingle and say "I'm a professional disciplinarian." It's not like there's certification for that. I also know that people on this site who knowingly approach and pay for these services. Pretending this doesn't happen is silly. "we do not allow money exchanges on SN. If anyone is asking for money on the site it should be reported." Consider this a report.
  7. Spankedblonde - I’m in NJ and old enough to be your grandfather. I’m good on your requirements. If you’re around and ok with the age difference drop me a line. If not, no problem. Good luck.
  8. I think a lot comes down to some people are criers and some aren’t. In my experience the criers are in the minority. I don’t think harshness or length of the spanking really has much to do with it. More of it is probably mindset prior to the spanking. I don’t think scolding even seriously affects it. Maybe more feeling like you seriously deserve the spanking enters into it. The one woman I know who cries her eyes out hates spankings. She just found out some years ago that it controls her attitude. That’s a strange thing. She’s told me not to stop
  9. I’ve met about half a dozen - actually I think 8 is the number. Covid has slowed the process.
  10. Wish I could help. I’m in NJ. If I’m in Missouri again I’ll drop a line. If you are ever out to the east coast drop a line. I see your post is coming up on a year. I hope you were able to find what you need.
  11. I I don’t see who you’re responding to. I’m in Jersey - down at the shore.
  12. Just in time for Christmas. Second verse of Jingle Bells. "A day or two ago,I thought I'd take a ride,And soon Miss Fanny BrightWas seated by my side;" Makes one guess at how her fanny got so bright...
  13. Doesn't matter to me, nor do I think it should for anyone. I haven't spanked a black woman. I had one lined up to meet but got ghosted. Asian and Hispanic, yes. Black - not yet.
  14. I’ll spank any but lean a bit to small to medium. The only real issue is the she needs/wants a spanking.
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