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  1. Gee, I thought the changing blood types would have gotten more notice. I recorded an album in 1996 and then had severe health issues for a good 20 years (I managed to get the album done in the early stages of falling apart). It’s actually on most streaming services and YouTube. I’m most of the way to financially releasing album #2. The first one was on a shoestring but made a little profit. I expect the next one won’t sell the 1,000 units the first one did but I’m determined to do it. The 20 years health issues are a clue to the changing blood types.
  2. OK, here goes 1. I changed blood types. 2. I own about a dozen guitars, two mandolins, and two basses. 3. I’m a sporadic songwriter. 4. I have four daughters. No sons. 5. We currently have 7 cats. See #4 to explain that. Once I reduce that population I really want a dog again.
  3. I know I’m chiming in a couple of months after you posted this but I’m in complete agreement.
  4. Oh, I'm quite sure of that. Maybe a month!
  5. Yes. How many times do you need to keep asking?
  6. Being an old guy, age absolutely doesn’t make a difference. Within the last year I spanked as young as 18 and as old as 64. All depends on headspace. There’s nothing wrong with having an age limit but there are don’t. And that’s fine. Of course that limits my field but being off the east coast mostly rules out a big chunk of the country - not to mention the world. Choice Is nice. So is not worryingly about it.
  7. Spanking outdoors? Oh, yes on several occasions. Spanked outside? No, but then I’ve seldom gotten spanked.
  8. I try to adapt o what is needed. Do play, stress relief, discipline, punishment, mentoring, whatever. Depends on the needs of the ee.
  9. There are many good reasons for being in the field (retired now). I mean libraries are great places under almost any circumstances. I was usually a reference librarian. The guy you asked questions and hoped for an answer. You never know what’s coming next. From serious business to wanting to know Donald Duck’s middle name.
  10. B in English (education), MLIS because libraries worked better for me than classrooms.
  11. As a veteran of 50s - 60s Catholic schools (until I escaped...) I'm quite familiar with school spankings, though I never actually witnessed one (luck of the draw). One nun who was teaching 7th and 8th graders would take kids out in the hall for a spanking though it never happened in my particular class even though I had her for a year (she taught math so opportunity was missed. I was already for it. One day a guy was copying from the test of the girl next to him. He was a bit of a scoundrel but she was the brightest, prettiest, and pretty much a regular angel. Man I was ready, but she merely took both of their tests and gave them a zero. Dang. My youngest brother had a teacher in 3rd grade who spanked a neighborhood kid over her knee, bare bottom.
  12. Oh, if that's the case, I'll come by!... Unfortunately it wouldn't be until at least mid-January...
  13. Dang! Were it not for the expense of the event I'd be in Nashville right now. Instead I'm 850 miles (14 hours on the road) away. Good luck.
  14. You might find you need to go outside the marriage to get what you want. My wife is very much a vanilla (not interested in spanking). We were married well before the Internet and the discovery that being a spanko (another new word - that’s what we folk in here are) is pretty common. The percentage of people into spanking is about the same percentage as being left-handed or gay. (I have a daughter who is left-handed and gay - what we’re the odds?) Since I felt like a weirdo until I started finding out these things I just suppressed it. I did a bit of spanking on the side. Some people call that cheating. I didn’t. Finally after a major medical procedure when I was in a very vulnerable space I spilled the beans. So she’ll take the spanking now and then but knowing I’m in a site like this one, prefers that anything beyond a hand spanking - or even a heavy duty spanking - be someone else. Maybe not ideal but it more or less works and neither of us wants out of the marriage.
  15. Got it. Glad to help. Drop a line anytime.
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