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  1. Where New Jersey (shore but ok within an hour or two) Looking for female spankees; possibly a switch but not often my preference Old guy but don’t look or act that. Usually taken as being 50.
  2. Depends on the dog. Many will just ignore it but figure that out beforehand. We had a dog who didn’t react at all. Nowadays we have a bunch of cats. That’s easy. If there’s nothing in it for them they completely ignore it…
  3. Well, if you happen to need a spanking that won't develop into a relationship other than spanking, I'm around. I'm in New Jersey but my daughter is in Richmond. Just a thought.
  4. I’ve had that same issue. I’ve had a couple of ees who don’t want safe words because they think they’ll use them way too soon. Both tell me not to stop if they ask me to during the spanking. That’s not ideal but these two are ones I’ve spanked several times and one finds their limits easily enough.
  5. I’m in the panties down to the knees group. Pants to the ankles is best but to the knees is fine. Occasionally a nude spanking needs to take place. That’s rare in the disciplinary spankings but it does happen. I’ve more or less retired from the over clothing for discipline spankings.
  6. Well, she’s been complaining about the functioning of this free site with little concern that the people who own it maintain it on their free time, so maybe so.
  7. It works for some and boy others. And for some it works for a while but they relapse. I’m dealing with one now and she’s due for a good spanking on Wednesday. I’ll let you know if I see results.
  8. I always start and end with my hand. It's more direct. Depending on how serious the spanking is I have paddles, hairbrush, and a belt if needed.
  9. Too bad doubletrouble was a troll. Posed as 26 yo ladies who needed spankings. That’s one on the bucket list that won’t happen.
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