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  1. dmirk

    Midwest travel

    Any miscreant young ladies I’m traveling checking out ballparks but am not limited to that. In Solon (Cleveland) tonight then heading to the Detroit area tomorrow, in Milwaukee for the Brewers game with a guy who lives out there. He saved my life with his stem cells so the 16th is nuts. Then heading up the side of Lake Michigan to the UP and down along Huron. Might hit as south as St. Louis. Not really expecting response but pm me if I’m wrong.
  2. Hey, Jenna! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. Drop me a line. I think your mailbox is full. I’ll be in your neighborhood later in the week or next.
  3. I think you're probably correct. She projected her issues onto you.
  4. dmirk

    Failed Dynamic

    The fault is with him - not you. Maybe nothing is 100% either way in such a relationship, but changing direction like that is beyond unkind. It’s cruel and possibly sadistic. You rightly feel taken advantage of. A bit of advice that you can take or leave - as soon as you’re getting a bad vibration or feeling, trust that feeling. OTOH if you feel like something is heading in a direction that feels right, check yourself. Look deeply and be as sure as you can. You’re going to make mistakes. We all do. It’s part of the job description of being
  5. That’s essentially it. You consent to being in a situation where you can’t withdraw the consent. I found in a couple of cases that were absolutely either serious discipline or punishment that they did not want safe words because they didn’t trust themselves to not use them prematurely. They didn’t feel they wanted the spanking as much as needed it.
  6. Yes. That’s the ee version of what I experienced as an er.
  7. "I believe in the adage " a real spanking doesn't start until you wish it would stop." Exactly. I have a couple of potential ees coming up on a trip to the Midwest. One is a hard-wired spanko but in for her first punishment spanking. Getting her to wish it would stop is going to be a challenge but I believe I'm up to it. The other has a specific condition and would count on me to pick up on it and end the spanking. Since she described it well, I think I'm up to that. Any females in PA, OH, out to WI and as far south as St. Louis, I'll be in the area. I don't know if either of
  8. Decades ago I had a relationship with this young woman who I'd give pretty serious spankings to. It kind of fits this thread in that during her spankings I had to arousal at all. It wasn't that kind of relationship. She had a very nice bottom and were she different maybe there would have been something more than the spanking relationship but there wasn't. Later that night, I'd feel aroused thinking about it afterward. It was a touch strange.
  9. I agree on that one. Almost always a punishment spanking doesn't have a safe word and my experience is that when one is submitting to a punishment spanking they generally don't want a safe word. They know they are being punished. Now I'm one who sees a difference between a punishment spanking and a discipline one. It's a fine enough line, but it comes down to that thing where the word discipline comes from the same root as the word disciple. Discipline in to maintain a set of rules, values, behaviors. A discipline spanking can be quite harsh at times, but it's ultimate aim is to make t
  10. Nah. Just need a lightweight shed.
  11. I'll check on the towing capacity on my car...
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