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  1. Cursing can be fine if you can control where you use it. Its use in certain employment environments could be deadly to moving ahead or keeping a job at all. It's all about self-control. If that doesn't work, control can be imposed or taught through mentoring that could indeed use soap and spanking.
  2. When I was in my 20s I knew at least three girls who got spanked at 19.
  3. I’m more of the cute butt crowd but have come to appreciate a nice fat ass. Like Batman, as long as the waist to knees is bare.
  4. OTK unless I’m using the belt. In that case, I’ll have the ee bent over until the belting is over then back over the knee.
  5. Spanking two or three young ladies in one session. Seeing how during the first one the second young lady knows she’s next.
  6. Where: New Jersey shore. Looking for: female spankee I'm an old guy with years of spanking experience. Absolutely non-sexual but a bare bottom spanker.
  7. Vermont Country Store used to market what looked like the perfect spanking hairbrush but they no longer carry it. Probably someone asked for one without the bristles...
  8. A shame. I tend to be near there but only in February. Years ago I was going to move to Fernandina Beach which would have been ideal but the relationship didn't quite work out (we're still in touch and both landed happily). Oh, well.
  9. Blood thinner user here. Agreed with michgalk. I'd been on Coumadin for years do to a defective blood clotting gene (Leiden factor 5). That happened when I had TIAs and they found out what caused that. At the time (2002) Coumadin was treatment of choice. As the newer blood thinners came out I inquired about that and was sent to a specialist (mind you, the doctor who referred me to the specialist is a hematologist who does bone marrow transplants at Sloan Kettering where I'd had a transplant). That surprised me but she said I'd love this doctor and that she was extremely qualified in the field of coagulation. I was surprised they had someone who did nothing but coagulation treatment only to find out they had a whole department for it. Long story short, I indeed loved the coagulation doctor. Very personable and probably wrote more published work on it than I've written about anything in my life. She said Coumadin was the standard treatment at the time but that the clinical research showed it was unnecessary. She said she'd run two blood tests and if they came back as expected baby aspirin was all I needed. That was several years ago. All is well. Of course, as a top the only bruising I'd have had would be my hand, but still...
  10. Agreed. My wife is vanilla but understands that I’m not. It’s not like she never gets spanked but she prefers that I save the discipline and any real spanking for others. There is no sex with anyone else.
  11. I wouldn't let someone's political opinions into a spanking situation. In terms of my own political leanings, I'm a Democrat. I respect honest conservatives even as I disagree on the philosophy. The MAGA crowd is a different story. As a Democrat I really hope that the Republican Party can return to fiscal restraint and return to having their own good proposals as opposed to just putting sand in the gears, which is its current policy. McCain was a conservative I had utmost respect for. He might well have been elected president had the part not insisted on Palin for a running mate. I wouldn't have voted for him. A current example of a full-throated conservative who I respect is Liz Cheney (much to my own shock). The divide in the Republican Party is not just bad for the party, but for the nation. The country was at its height with the parties talking with each other and working together to work out acceptable compromises. Most interestingly, that period had what we would now consider high taxes on the wealthy and corporations - and they supported that! You can't do it without an amendment, but I'd much prefer a parliamentary system because it forces cooperation and has the self-correcting feature of no-confidence votes that force an election. That's happening right now in the UK.
  12. On the subject of reddening, I already mentioned that it varies from person to person and I suppose it can be different with the same person at different times though I can’t immediately think of one. Complexion sometimes plays a part but not always. I remember two women with very light complexions. One it took quite an effort to redden. The other on the first smack there was my handprint. Even if it wasn’t a hard one.
  13. The site used to have the spanking finder but, sadly, it's gone. To be fair, in the time it existed - which was a few years - I got one ee from it. That said, she's still in contact with me and considers me her disciplinarian.
  14. I was afraid of that... Where are you? A province would be more than enough info.
  15. Wulfram had wonderful stuff. I wonder whatever became of it.
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