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  1. Sounds like a reasonable percentage...
  2. Yeah. Accidentally did that one once. Never again.
  3. It’s a common reminder in here. I wouldn’t be overly concerned.
  4. Lots of good points here. I'd like to emphasize the first point made - about making sure the ee is sane. I had a woman corresponding with me about a needed spanking and it came out after a few exchanges that she is bipolar. Then, all of a sudden (or so it seemed), that started becoming very obvious. Going from how desperately she needed the worst spanking to saying almost the opposite. Fortunately she was far enough a way that it never got beyond that stage. Be very careful on that account.
  5. Old dude in NJ here. In the city reasonably often. Not looking to be mentored but here if you’re interested.
  6. ER in NJ here. Drop a line if you want. Definitely in the area.
  7. Good luck. I know you’ve been thinking about things for a long time.
  8. You’re beating yourself up more than you need to. Within your post you acknowledge that somewhere in you the inner strength is there. Drop me a PM. You’re too far away for me to be giving you a good spanking but that doesn’t mean we can’t figure ways to improve your studies.
  9. But last I looked Star is out in California now.
  10. dmirk

    NYC spankos?

    Over in Jersey but always good for a meet.
  11. You have a good attitude. definitely on I'd like to meet list.
  12. I should be back in the area in a few months. Unlike this past year it’s just take or leave. Here if you need. I appreciate your realization that harsh spankings are a necessity for you.
  13. The only people I ever see from NJ are guys. It can’t be that Jersey girls are that well behaved. We know that. It’s where they’re hiding that’s the mystery.
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