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  1. In Minnesota Looking for a place to receive a real disciplinarian given a spanking,somewhere pants and underwear will be on the ground .
  2. I take my pants and underwear off, walk them to the corner. It's embarrassing then hands on your head.
  3. Tomorrow at 2 , it's a disciplinarian spanking, I'm nervous..
  4. I've been spanked too tears twice, just recently when my girl, pulled the car over and grabbed the bathbrush, took me to a picnic table, and I got a completely nude otk bathbrush, it was intense , every spanking is different, punishment, real discipline, and down the line, when you bring tears that's a good spanking, Toss up
  5. I get it I've been spanked by a older man, it was so much about the discipline, it's humbling when your getting a hairbrush spanking over another man's knees, sobbing pretty embarrassing crying being led to the corner...but I definitely would do it agaim..
  6. I get cornertime before and after, my pants and underwear are off right when I get in the corner, it's embarrassing, especially if that door bell rings don't move..
  7. I think being spanked by a male for discipline is the way it should be you remember not to repeat the same behavior being led to a corner in tears by a fully clothed man
  8. I always had the fantasy of being spanked to tears by a male disciplinarian hairbrushing infront of my wife..
  9. During any spanking embarrassment is a big thing, like witnesses, after my girlfriend's sister watched me get a spanking and cornertime it's very embarrassing and useful
  10. This is great your right, I'm straight guy looking for a older man to administer a real discipline hairbrush spanking otk, for real discipline, it's something I can't find, I just believe that if I need to be given a punishment spanking it's far more embarrassing being bare bottom spanked to tears by a man...
  11. Now stop and read boy, ..."mother of my children " repeat "mother of my children" didnt the word come up once after that
  12. Me and my baby momma are jj_reb09 on spankingtube 40 videos, so no for me it wasnt over the top
  13. I wanna find a male /male spanked who is willing to give that good old fashioned spankings, embarrassing being over another fully dressed man's knees in the middle over your living being hairbrush spanked too tears...as your girlfriend watches..now that's a real spanking..any males interested in Minnesota?
  14. When my spanker pins my arm between my back "stop kicking 3 times firmly" if no response a leg locked bathbrush to finish it
  15. It had to be at 10 one day my mom sent me too my room (she was a single mom and didnt spank) when I closed the doors thinking it was sound proof yelled "screw you" quickly she opened the door "you stay here tell your told" half hour later my door came up "justin standup your getting a spanking!!" I stood, she grabbed me and walked me to the end of the bed "justin your getting a spanking for talking to me like that, this will be what happens from now on you misbehave your pants and underwear are coming down..your grounded the weekend..is that clear!!?" I was already crying "yyyeeessss" then she put me over her knees and spanked me to bawling..I stood in the living room corner for 45mins. I never did that again..
  16. Then I cant leave out the time me and my friend were skipping school and his dad came home we were dead to rights he called my step dad and we stood in the corner tell he showed up then were both hairbrush spanked hysterical....
  17. Is there any Minnesota people, male or female any age or color want to give a real disciplinary spanking to a male, fyi it would be my first male spanking for punishment, traditional otk bare hand, hairbrush..lmk PM me
  18. I got spanked for calling the mother of my children a bitch, so my current girlfriend said excuse me! Then she got a chair and pulled my pants down and disciplined me they both were in the living were she made me say sorry to both off them then too the corner...when I got home the soap and bathbrush came out
  19. I had a spanker over to spank me and my girlfriend and , watching my girlfriend being hairbrush spanked while I'm hands on the head waiting, I would do it again
  20. I think it's coming home and finding a older man disciplinarian is sitting on a chair and my girlfriend is sitting on the couch "my girl: justin I'm sick and tired of your attitude, rudeness.....so I've decided it's time you go over some man s knees, and see if you change your attitude, d: justin come right here now!,after walking over he explains he's going to spank me , then I'm told to take pants and underwear off and walk them to the corner, were he orders my nose and head in the corner hands on my head, nervous, embarrassed, scared he calls me over I put my self over his knees and he hand spanks me to tears then puts me the corner, on display 35 years old almost sobbing from a hand spanking..as the time goes by I here him ask my girlfriend is there a more private room I can use the hairbrush it's going to get emotional he grabs my arm and walks me into my bedroom were at the end of the bed there's a real wood hairbrush, I starting to beg as he heldld my arm in place I knew I wasnt going anywhere and he administers a very hard very long hairbrushing I would be kicking begging and bawling...as I stood in the corner spanked sniffling I would realize not to repeat my mistake behavior
  21. I have been spanked many times in a car, my mom brought me to the car many times, now my girlfriend keeps a hairbrush in the car once she spanked me to tears in the cub parking lot, it definitely adds
  22. I just cried the first time a week ago when my girlfriend, it was me my roommate and her home when she walked in the living room and said "justin come on, I wanna talk to you outside, now:, she said loud your getting a spanking, go to the garage now! I had the garage open waiting she stormed in and closed the door,the light turned on she scolded me then said, take your pants off and underwear, get in the front seat face down..I did quickly she started the spanking quickly switching to a wooden hairbrush and it was going on and it just happened I busted into tears she continued tell I was bawling it was embarrassing because she said it so someone could here I knew I was wrong and I need to change it, or be spanked again..I've been wanting to spanked father/son style otk by a male I think that would bring tears
  23. All the jj-reb09 on spanking tube..37 videos
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