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  1. In Minnesota Looking for a place to receive a real disciplinarian given a spanking,somewhere pants and underwear will be on the ground .
  2. I take my pants and underwear off, walk them to the corner. It's embarrassing then hands on your head.
  3. Tomorrow at 2 , it's a disciplinarian spanking, I'm nervous..
  4. I've been spanked too tears twice, just recently when my girl, pulled the car over and grabbed the bathbrush, took me to a picnic table, and I got a completely nude otk bathbrush, it was intense , every spanking is different, punishment, real discipline, and down the line, when you bring tears that's a good spanking, Toss up
  5. I get it I've been spanked by a older man, it was so much about the discipline, it's humbling when your getting a hairbrush spanking over another man's knees, sobbing pretty embarrassing crying being led to the corner...but I definitely would do it agaim..
  6. I get cornertime before and after, my pants and underwear are off right when I get in the corner, it's embarrassing, especially if that door bell rings don't move..
  7. I think being spanked by a male for discipline is the way it should be you remember not to repeat the same behavior being led to a corner in tears by a fully clothed man
  8. I always had the fantasy of being spanked to tears by a male disciplinarian hairbrushing infront of my wife..
  9. During any spanking embarrassment is a big thing, like witnesses, after my girlfriend's sister watched me get a spanking and cornertime it's very embarrassing and useful
  10. This is great your right, I'm straight guy looking for a older man to administer a real discipline hairbrush spanking otk, for real discipline, it's something I can't find, I just believe that if I need to be given a punishment spanking it's far more embarrassing being bare bottom spanked to tears by a man...
  11. Now stop and read boy, ..."mother of my children " repeat "mother of my children" didnt the word come up once after that
  12. Me and my baby momma are jj_reb09 on spankingtube 40 videos, so no for me it wasnt over the top
  13. I wanna find a male /male spanked who is willing to give that good old fashioned spankings, embarrassing being over another fully dressed man's knees in the middle over your living being hairbrush spanked too tears...as your girlfriend watches..now that's a real spanking..any males interested in Minnesota?
  14. When my spanker pins my arm between my back "stop kicking 3 times firmly" if no response a leg locked bathbrush to finish it
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