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  1. ...Canadians have bums, too! What, you didn't think we did, did you? They're helpful. Spankings keep us warm through the long, lonely winters. That is, they do if you've been lucky enough to find a mentor. Which I haven't. Yet. I need to be spanked. Also, I can switch roles between spanker and spankee as needed, though at this point in my life, I'd rather be spanked. My disciplinarian's gender isn't important. Age also isn't important, though I'm preferably looking for someone older. This is a non-sexual need which I have. If you're looking for sex, then I suggest that you look elsewhere. That being said, I'm open to suggestions regarding spanking sessions/implements/scenarios, etc. I live in Ottawa. We don't have a huge spanking community here, from what I've seen. If you live in Ottawa or are just passing through, or if you know of any Ottawa-area spankers who are looking for a bum to redden, please let me know!
  2. "How did you know domestic discipline was something you wanted in your relationship?" I've known since I was a kid, long before I ever knew what sex was. From about age 10 onward, I dreamed of being 18+ so that I could actively seek out someone to fulfill these needs! It's frustrating to be a teenager who isn't capable of giving consent for this stuff. Now that I'm an adult, I hope to finally fulfill this lifelong need. How did your significant other react? I've asked several previous girlfriends to spank me. One of them wasn't really that into it. She asked me what I 'liked,' and obligingly spanked me/let me spank her, but she obviously wasn't into it, so we stopped. I briefly saw another woman who met up with me expressly for spanking, but she was more of a bondage fan. I can't tie a knot to save my life. That one didn't last long. Ironically...I was once in love with a woman who I'm positive was a spanking aficionado, but I was too shy to mention my needs to her, and the relationship didn't end up working out for other reasons. How has it impacted your relationship? It usually makes me feel like a weirdo. Also, I've never found what I'm looking for, spanking-wise, so I'd say it dissuades me from seeking out romantic relationships. What are the best things that have come from it? I have spanked/been spanked multiple times. Hey, at least that's something, right? Do you remember the first time you had to give/receive discipline? My first girlfriend asked me what I enjoyed, 'sexually.' I told her. She agreed to let me spank her, but didn't have a great pain threshold plus she expected sex afterwards. The first time I asked her to spank me, she got about three swats in before bursting out laughing.
  3. Hi there! I'm a 26 year old man living in Ottawa, Ontario. All my life, I've had a fascination with spanking. Much like many of you, I don't see spanking as anything 'sexual,' a.k.a a fetish or foreplay. This is what people who I seek out to fulfill this need don't understand. I need to be spanked. Spanking became passe by the time that my generation was raised. To those of you who were spanked during a previous period in your life and/or are being spanked routinely now...I'm very jealous of you! My parents regularly cited the 'good old days' when I was a kid. From what I gather, the 'good old days' were this halcyon time when bums were forever in danger of being bared, splayed over knees, and spanked black and blue! I'm looking for a platonic disciplinarian, but am open to spanking as well as being spanked. That all depends on what we can do for each other. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. If you're in my area (living here or just visiting!) I'd love to chat with you. There aren't any local spanking networks that I know of. If anyone here knows of any, I hope that we can connect.
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