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  1. I want notifications for when people I follow post a status update, but when I reply to that status update just saying hello or giving well wishes, I don't want to get endless notifications for everyone else's replies to that same status update. For example I posted something brief on a member's status update a few days ago and I'm still getting endless notifications due to playful banter between different individuals on that same status update.
  2. Oh my gosh... I haven't listened to PJ Harvey in quite some time... Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea was one of my absolute favorites...
  3. LOL Blarny you are so innovative...
  4. I have found a number of older males in my area to administer discipline on SpankThisHookUps, but that particular site just caters to m4m spanking...
  5. I also posted this same topic in the "Ask Staff" forum. Sorry I'm just not sure where is the ideal place to post this question... Anyways I'm a bit confused with the notification settings... I like to be notified when someone I follow post a status update. It's just when I reply with a hello or something brief, I don't want to get notified for everyone else's replies to the same status update... Sometimes the playful banter on a status update can go on for a while between different individuals and you end up getting 10 notifications in a 60 minute time span that has nothing to do with you... Any help with the notification settings regarding this would be appreciated...
  6. Self Spanking is tricky indeed... The only time I have ever done it is to warm my bottom up for a actual spanking administered by a disciplinarian...
  7. I've never heard of a IPunishment...I will have to check it out...
  8. Anybody have any good audiobook recommendations that I can listen to on my Kindle???
  9. Anything wood on a bare bottom definitely gets the point across without fail...
  10. How many sheep do I have to count to actually fall asleep? Sometimes I think about getting tucked into bed after a bare bottom spanking and that helps...


  11. Hey Rosy! Seen you in the chat briefly earlier. I messaged you just to say Hi. You are always the life of the party in the chat. Hope you are doing well! Ms. Mary posted about getting new spanking implements and it made me think of you...I brought up your name as a candidate for her to use them on LOL... Anyways always neat to see you in the chat Rosy! 

  12. I'm pretty good at keeping my bare bottom in position during a spanking, but I do cry like crazy... It's a good emotional reset...
  13. A spanking session for myself have been upwards of a hour. With discussion about why the spanking is happening, the spanking its self, and then me crying while getting hugs.
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