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  1. We married young She is great and at first I was a lousy selfish husband ( never unfaithful) anyway she finally threatened tol tell my father of my conduct--He would have come over and paddled my bare butt in front of her---to spare that embarrassment---I asked her to paddle me and i got the paddle--just a skinny stick I found in the shed--I cam back with the stick and tlold her she could give it to me just like me dad did---bare and humbling and she sure did---and my bare butt and pride felt it----I have become a much better husband and did so pronto----Once in a while she has to remind me with the same stick and that ok-----she is a great wife----and once I get paddled things are great between us right away---No one, even our children ever know----since its just between the two of us--and we have a great trust level---it sure hurts but is not shaming for me or her
  2. Once in a while with in a great marriage---I need my bare butt paddled cause of my really bad behavior----Its on my bare butt I am bending over---(same position as football coach insisted) and I have itcoming and she makes it hurt---I make some sounds--and some"It hurts" I'm sorry" "I will never do it again"------ cause I am hating it-----but never any need to cry--never feel like crying----I guess I cry only when something very sad happens----not for a hurting butt----Any other guys cry when wife spanks/paddles your bare butt??? just curious thanks
  3. Once in a while iIot a paddling coming andI take it- without argument My wife paddles my bare butt and it hurts but we would never think of a paddling being any place else than my butt----Whileits usre hurts on my bare butt---a butt has enough flesh to make it tolerable and safe---Learn my lesson enough so Io need another for maybe a yr Then Ido something outrageous---- and my butt needs another damn bare ass apddling
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