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  1. I wasn’t spanked when I was younger and became very bratty and undisciplined I am looking for a mentor on here only. I chose not to use Skype Pictures or phone so please DO NOT ask looking for someone who is serious about guiding me with a lecture and disciplinary only self spanking on the bottom only yes I have a lot of parameters if you are not interested in them please do not reply thank you
  2. Hi all just to introduce myself I self spank for discipline only on here only .i spank for behavior modification and am always looking for different people to tan my tush if needed in a parental role if you are not able to help me with this please do not message me thanks

    1. Bowlergeno


      I'm sure I could help you by providing the spankings or just advice.

  3. did you get the spanking you needed?


    1. mbadforu



             Are you looking to be spanked in a parental role in here or in real time ?

            Are you near the State of New Jersey by the  Shore points ?

            Best with Warm Wishes to you. Have a nice day. M :)

    2. tushneedsatanning
    3. mbadforu


      ok.   Let me know if you wish to receive emails.

              We can discuss further if interested. 

                  Enjoy the day. Michael

  4. Hi I am having some discipline problems and am looking for serious mentor help in the chat room I need someone to seriously guide my behavior.I only want to work in the chat room only no Skype phone or pictures so please don't ask. If you are seriously interested in helping me change my behavior get in touch with me don't reply if you don't meet criteria I just get confused.
  5. I am having difficulty doing my chores looking for someone on here to help direct my discipline so I can work on doing my chores and have a better attitude.i self spank and am looking for only that so please don't ask about meeting in real life.i also do not do skype pictures or videos those are my boundaries so please don't ask
  6. Lately my behavior has not been good I need a stern disciplinarian/mentor to set up discipline in chat to work on a behavior contract non sexual only
  7. Need a good spanking on my tush tonight

    1. spanks1


      Would love to spank you

    2. SpankingCoder


      If ur close to seattle id be happy to oblige

  8. Hi I have been acting like a spoiled little girl with an awful cursing problem and I need soap in my mouth or Tabasco and a good lecture and spanking. I'm in desperate need of noxsexual discipline in chat room only No Exceptions
  9. Need another online spanking can't behave

  10. Hi I'm from Michigan tell me more about you canton is far from me but not too far
  11. I am a self spanker who needs someone in authority not afraid to discipline me sternly. My room is a mess and I am very disrespectful to authority. I am immature for a 40 year old honestly and need to be firmly guided into a self spanking. My cursing and rudeness have gotten out of control. I wasn't disciplined before and am turning into a brat
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