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  1. While on the hunt for an elk, Artemis loses track of her quarry but finds something much more valuable. Her decision to take what doesn't truly belong to her leads to some unexpected consequences and more than one surprise.

    Hunting the Huntress by S. V. Kerres

    (My laptop is broken, so this is the last story until it's repaired. Hopefully, it's repaired in time for my planned Halloween story. Have a good day, everyone!)

  2. Harper Loxley is a budding expert in the fields art and history. While working toward her Doctorate, she's employed by a museum as an on site expert and a restorer and cleaner of museum pieces. To relieve stress and simply take a break from the tedious work here and there, she's formed a dalliance with the head security guard at the museum. It's all fun and games to begin with but a surprise or two are lurking just around the corner and Harper is about to find out that the museum is a far more exciting place to work than one would suspect.

    Company Ink by S. V. Kerres

  3. Starship Captain Attica Lynn had just wanted a drink after a long trip through space, delivering cargo, and having to spend most of her money on repairs for her ship. But after a brawl at the local watering hole, Attica finds herself square in the sights of the town's law woman, Scarlett Nix. And Scarlett has more than one surprise for the daring young Captain.

    Exoplanet Extortion by S. V. Kerres

    1. alyssandra


      As usual, your creativity blends superbly with your storytelling skills!

  4. alissa, is there any way to read the story NOT on Kindle?

    1. alissaK


      Unfortunately, no. My stories are in the Kindle Unlimited program, so I can't make them available in digital format anywhere else.

  5. Inga is one of the Wolf Clan's most promising warriors. Fearless and skilled, she's a terror on the battlefield. But after one particular raid that she was forbidden from carrying out, Inga finds out that no amount of gold or glory is worth pissing off Sigrid; Queen of the Wolf Clan.

    Queen of the Wolf Clan by S. V. Kerres

    1. alyssandra


      Another fine literary work alissa!

  6. Amelia Dunn is one of the top spies from the United States. Little does she know that a spy hunter with very specific tastes has set his sights on her and swipes something she needs to lure her into his trap. Worst of all, she has no choice but to spring that trap or admit defeat.

    Spycraft by S. V. Kerres

    Happy New Year.

    1. alyssandra


      Happy New Year!  Another work to add to your resume!

  7. It's the spooky month, so it's time for the annual spooky story.

    Blair Montgomery decided one last trick or treat night was in order. Despite being an adult, she wanted that fun little rush one more time. Little did she expect to run into the gorgeous, strict librarian from her former academy. What she expected less was the fact that said librarian, Miss Vaylor, was a witch and had a score to settle.

    Costume Catastrophe by S. V. Kerres

    1. alyssandra


      "Nothing was better than a good chocolate bar."  The right chocolate makes all the difference!

    2. alissaK


      Nobody can deny good chocolate.

  8. What happens when you get a flirty bartender, a bunch of nerds, and a few drinks mixed together? Trouble, obviously.

    Tempt & Tease by S. V. Kerres

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. alissaK


      Maybe I do. I still maintain I've never been justly spanked.

    3. alyssandra


      Another masterpiece to your repertiore!  

    4. alissaK


      Thank you, Alyssandra.

  9. Casey Reynolds owns a mechanic shop and her girlfriend, Allison, is a detective. They've been together for half a decade and they appear to be a near picture perfect couple. However, they're about to hit one hell of a speed bump.

    Street Heat by S. V. Kerres

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. alissaK


      *Confused look* Someone reviewed something?

    3. alyssandra


      For your book!  Your own words.

    4. alissaK


      Oh! *Laughs* Sorry. I work on so many projects at once that I forget things somewhat once they're published.

  10. Last month, I released "Space Station A8-D7" and logged the most pages read through the Kindle Unlimited program that I've ever had in a single month, in large part to that story. So to those of you that read it through the KU program (and those of you that bought it straight out, too), thank you!

    1. Anna2594


      Loved it! And I’m not into Sci-fi at all. You’re a great writer 

    2. alyssandra


      Congratulations alissaK!

    3. alissaK


      Thank you both!

  11. Master Sergeant Braelynn Daniels of the Black Maul Private Military Company is dispatched to investigate a distress beacon coming from an abandoned space station floating quite some distance outside the jurisdiction of any standard authority. She boards the station expecting to find some poor bastard that limped a damaged ship to the place or simply long dead bodies. She was, in no way, prepared for what she actually found.

    Space Station A8-D7 by S. V. Kerres

  12. Devyn Zarkos is a Lieutenant Commander on the E3N Scarlet Star; a starship in the Earth III Navy. A native of the third Earth, human born, and augmented with nano-tech, Devyn is gorgeous, in shape, and confident. She has to be since her post is that of Chief Security Officer of the ship. But there's a deep, dark secret she harbors and indulges only when she's sure she's alone.

    Julia Farren is the Captain of the Scarlet Star and has had her eyes on Devyn. She's attracted to the younger woman and while she and Devyn are friends, she desires more. She also knows Devyn's little secret.

    Hedonism in the Holochamber (Devyn Zarkos: Episode #01) by S. V. Kerres

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. alissaK


      Give it time, VR porn will be a smash hit.

    3. AfterGeometry


      I think VR Goggles are still like $800 bucks or something,  and I'm not a gamer, so they need to come down in price lol 

    4. alissaK


      I'm sure the price will come down at some point.

  13. SWAT Sergeant Harley Galveston thought catching a mob capo was going to be the highlight of her career. It turned out to be a messy situation.

    My first story of 2020 is also my 30th story overall. Yay for milestones.

    Don't Cross the Boss by S. V. Kerres

    1. AfterGeometry


      Cool !!  Keep them coming!! 

  14. Keep writing!

  15. Maybe acting up at the Christmas party wasn't the best idea Abigail ever had...

    Crimson Christmas (Tobias & Abigail: Part 2) by S. V. Kerres

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