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  1. kimster

    Do you find spanking to be romantic?

    I accept of myself that I can't really have a meaningful relationship without spanking. I have tried. It's not fair to me or the guy. So yes, spankings are a big part of romance.
  2. kimster

    Punishment spanking

    Punishment spankings are the foundation. They define the relationship as Disciplinarian and little-girl. Without that all the warnings and rules would be less real. But with punishment spankings the whole array of erotics is made possible.
  3. A best spanking starts emotionally. That is my spanker explaining how I disobeyed and/or disappointed. It's not that I don't appreciate the range of loving and playful spankings. But at core they are reminders of the real thing. Then I am told what I must recite as my lesson. Then I am told how many times I will be reciting my lesson as the spanking progresses through its phases. Then my spanker lays out the implements of what is ahead for me to study. Then my spanker sits to have me apologize for my behavior and compose myself. Only when my submission is full can we begin the physical experience.
  4. kimster


    I am a little girl (factually correct as measured by size) who has a little curl (actually I do my hair a little differently now) and when I am good I am very very good. (matter of opinion, but I do think I am capable of being good w/o being taken across a firm lap for maybe 4 days) but when I'm bad, that's more interesting
  5. kimster

    Spanking and Orgasm control

    Personally, I'm really for orgasms. Very.
  6. kimster

    Age play spanking?

    It's regression for me. Not every spanking, but sometimes when the discipline is real and not too totally heavy, this child taken across the knee comes out. She pleads and promises most sincerely to be good. My spanker helps with the powerful que words that bring the little out of me. "Well young lady, I can see you will be needing a pillow to sit for sometime after we are through"...Boom, I'm 7 about to get it. Always cleansing after, while I rub my cheeks.
  7. Words effect me deeply: "Young lady its time be had our special time" "If I had spanked you properly, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we?" "It won't do you much good unless it lingers properly, right?" "My hairbrush and your bottom are about to have a very meaningful exchange" "Tears are natures way of showing submission"