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  1. Welcome to spankingneeds Good luck in your adventures Mike
  2. Take your time to look around. Ask questions Safe environment here Mike
  3. MGW57


    Welcome , enjoy the site Mike
  4. MGW57


    Sometimes you have to explore. The one thing you need to remember is . Let someone know, someone you trust with your life, so when you start thinking Why What did I do that for You'll have the safety net of knowing someone has your back Alway be safe Mike
  5. Mike here in Michigan alway ready to lend a hand
  6. Take your time and look around, safety first
  7. Real spankings, real tears A real experience
  8. Welcome to spankingneeds And yes very spankable
  9. Welcome to spankingneeds. Do your research first before jumping on the first lap open. No question is a dumb question Be safe play safe Mike
  10. Welcome to spankingneeds Hope you find all your answers here Mike
  11. Welcome to spankingneeds Good luck in your search my friend. You could ad where your located or we have go to your profile page. Welcome Mike
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