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  1. Looking for a gay guy to have some fun 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sofiadiana


      He will find out 😉

    3. joe438


      I'm not gay but I'd want to find out...

    4. prospanking


      I'm always game for some fun :)

  2. good morning, are you still looking?

  3. Lookin for online mentor

    Hi! I live in Europe and i can't find a real spanker so I am searching for an online mentor in order to direct my self spankings or my punishment.
  4. Dallas spank Hard

    I'm not trying to apply as a model. I want to speak with the guy(through email or something) so if anyone knows how could I reach him please PM me.
  5. Dallas spank Hard

    Hi! Does anyone knows the guy (spanker) from the Dallas spank hard website?
  6. Girls-boarding-school site

    Hi! Is anyone registered in Girls-boarding-school.com site? I have a question about some videos there.
  7. Shaved or not for spanking

    This will sound strange but many spankers from uk believe that one must be hairy down there, othereise they have the feeling that they spank a little girl and they feel like paedophiles lol
  8. Question for spankers: do u prefer to spanj a woman with shaved pussy or a hairy one?
  9. Boy looking for online spanking

    Hi! Are you looking for a adult female? Or a girl eho has your age? Im 21 and i could guide you
  10. Has anyone been to those disciplinarios schools? I know that you can pay for only one day at Whipstock Grange but has anyone been to Muir? Can you stay there more than a day?
  11. European spanker

    I am looking for an european spanker. PM if you are interested
  12. Hi! I am a young female who is looking for a strict online mentor.
  13. Anyone from Europe here?

    Hey ! I am looking for a spanker from Europe (especially Romania) .I have been a really bad girl recently
  14. Spanking model

    i live in Romania
  15. Spanking model