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  1. Angelty

    How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

    Angel and my first to letter of my first name Ty
  2. Angelty

    are we all called Mikey?

    I second or... third that
  3. Angelty

    Spanking mentor

    Good luck in your search and be safe
  4. Angelty


    Some times I get that in the past but not now
  5. Angelty

    Can we change our names?

    You can contact a Staff member, I think they should able to change it
  6. Angelty

    Chat Room is Down

    Poor hope. Just blame it on her
  7. Angelty

    Chat Room is Down

    Still down for me
  8. Angelty

    Hello, looking for disciplinarian sw. Mo

    Like Cho Says Will apply also to Online mentor
  9. Angelty

    Viewable IP Addresses

    On the backend of this site, Website Admins and Moderators (if Leading Admin would allow it) can see everyone's IP addresses. Admins have easy option of doing lookup on Certain IP Address and to see if multiple accounts is registered to the same IP or with some add on/plugins see the location of the Source of IP address . Only fault with option is VPN
  10. Angelty

    Cut-off text in chat

    I hope next chat software will fix it
  11. Angelty

    Chat Room Software Fund

    The base price is 125 from what I am look at there website. What you want to add on
  12. Angelty

    Harshly spanked, wonder if I should see doc?

    I would press charges
  13. Angelty

    Spanking Poll

    Okay I revoted
  14. Angelty

    Spanking Poll

    Tell us how it goes