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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am Bob and have been a spanker for 42 years

    11 of those years at a reform boarding school for girls

  2. Hey.

    How are you doing

  3. Hey emilyjenna, What you are asking is a Question many ask. There is a heightened awareness / sexual overtures spankings bring.. ( be it as the spanker or the S pankee) That said.... It is the way a spanking or Discipline session is given. For those spanked who desire and or think they desire discipline.. Will not per ay get what they need from the military mind set..for that's a completely different set of discipline standards t st most often do Not gain the s ankee the changes she desires and or feel she neeeds.. So if you (even though yo
  4. Hi emilyjenna, I Only just refund this site..lol.. Anyways.. Given your upbringing and how you dislike play spankings. Plus how you are a live in nanny It seems you desire Discipline/ Punishment spankings. Let's talk Bob
  5. Hello and Happy New Year april
  6. It's different depending on the person... Not Simply the type of impliment. But also there are many versions of a given impliment. Like cane typically is worst. However...Rattan or Bamboo .. 30 inchs long .. 1.3 meters long A half inch thick or 3/4 inch thick etc.. Cane though typically concentrates full force of stroke to a thin area..thus creating deep tissue impact.. A plastic paddle is a surface felt impact... But wood paddle deep tissue... Belt or twase is a surface to medium depth felt impact . Now though the birch rods may well be the worst.. The most stinging and building up
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