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  1. Spankers having “absolute authority” is fantasy. Try to live in reality people. You’re not a God. The only spankings spankees should get are the ones they know they deserve and agree to.

  2. Don’t think there are as many spankos as we’d like to believe out there. Not a huge market. Also, most app stores don’t allow for explicit apps anymore. The big reason why we don’t have an app for fetlife in the apple store.
  3. A very sorry little girl after a very emotional punishment. “Can you not spank so far down on my thighs pretty please?” Request denied.
  4. Not really sure why it's not showing up. Sorry about that😅 Could you give me advice on how i can post it correctly?
  5. Hey y'all. So I was talking to my spankee the other night, and she decided to get tipsy and start bratting me immensely. Seriously y'all. She didn't give me a break for hours lol. I thought it might be a good idea to assign her an essay (800 words, but due to bratting it got upped to 1,000) so she could show how contrite she was before I spanked her this weekend. She instead still took that chance to be very bratty through out the entirety of the essay. She also barely answered (only talked about it for about two sentences) one of the things I told her to talk about, "why it's good for naughty
  6. It's not a great time with covid since they're not happening, but I would recommend trying out some spanking parties when things finally get better. You'll find more female spankers than you'd expect and can make lasting friendships with them. It's just too hard to wait for a female spanker on this site, especially one that's in your specific area.
  7. I feel like everyone was spanked growing up on this site except for me lol.

    1. Rand E

      Rand E

      My wife and I were not spanked as children, but we are hard-core spankos.  You're not alone.

  8. Like the title says, I’ve recently moved to Dallas. Loving the spanking scene here but I’m always down to chat and meet with new people. I’m a 24 year old spanker that has about 5 years of solid experience. I’m also willing to drive or visit father places if someone talks to me long enough. Don’t be shy, send me a message and we can take it slow
  9. A picture of me and one of my spankees.
  10. Hey SN. I go by Ponchy and I’m a 22 year old spanker from Austin, TX who has been disciplining girls for a few years now. While I may be on the younger side of the spectrum, I’ve spanked woman as young as 18 and well into their 30s, and wouldn’t mind spanking older (I believe you’re never too old to be put in your place). I have a VERY strong personal sense of justice, and that often plays into my disciplinary spankings to make for some extremely effective scolding. My hand also isn’t to be trifled with as it packs a wallop. However, although I’m strict I also understand the rules of consent a
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