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  1. I think a large part of this for many people is getting to relive a childhood trauma in a safe place with a safe person. Sort of like taking back the control that was taken from you. If it feels wrong or scary, stop. If not it may help.
  2. https://www.woodrage.com/store/p71/14HL_Hickory_Lollipop_spanking_paddle.html that company has a ton of options and will make custom paddles to your specs. Or you can get your craftiness on and go get a band saw and a planar at lowes or home depot and make your own. not at all hard to do.
  3. I follow a mixture of Catholic and Germanic Paganism under the general belief that God is beyond human comprehension and therefore all religions are deeply flawed by human perception. So I’ve decided to use this free will the Lord has given me and have chosen the catholic faith and 9 noble virtues of germanic paganism as good and honorable ways to live.
  4. Often from the tops perspective it’s a mixture of a positive feeling from being in control and some other primal sexual energy. For some it seems to be more one of those than another. If someone tells you there isn’t anything sexual about it to them I would approach that with caution. Not that it isn’t possible but more likely they’re trying to lie to you to put you at ease. Better that you find someone honest about what they’re getting out of it on their end.
  5. Erotic only in my house with the air of a discipline spanking for roleplay purposes.
  6. The majority of the spankings in my house are given with this purpose in mind. She uses a vibrator toy throughout the entire spanking. She was once a vanilla girl, now she can put spanking models to shame with the severity of the spankings she can take, as long as she has her toy .
  7. Thats pretty funny. I’ve never understood vanillas that won’t give a spanking... I mean whats the worst that can happen to them, hurt their hand?
  8. We have an established Clash of Clans group for people into all BDSM/spanking lifestyles and are looking for around 5 new members currently. Its a very friendly and accepting group. We use the app Kik to chat and for war coordinations. if you are interested, search for our clan as describe below. In your join request please state your age (21+ only), and your bdsm/spanking interests or role so that we know you're not a vanilla alien . The clan name is just clash of clans (they took away our name BDSM because someone complained. search for #PYCLJVVC in the clan search tab. That should take you straight to us. Happy Spankings!! Eric
  9. I agree, we spankos need a flag to fly. Nothing too obvious to non spankos.
  10. I get extremely turned on by anything I think I can turn into a spanking implement. and I'm quite creative that way so the list of things is large. I think that's a normal thing for most of us here.
  11. It's available on xhamster spanking scene starts around 40 minutes
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