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  1. Spankings in Connecticut

    Hello everyone! I'm a 58 year old man in Connecticut with many years of experience as a spanker. While I have tried a lot of different styles, roles, and implements over the years, I have found that I am most well-suited for giving paternal disciplinary or disciplinary-style spanking. Not every woman who wants this type of spanking necessarily thinks of her spanker as "daddy," but I believe it communicates something important about how I approach the task. You may have made up the bad behavior that you need to confess in order to get your bare bottom warmed, but it is also quite possible that you are carrying baggage of one sort or another for which a good spanking can be an antidote or can provide relief. It may be that you need stress relief (who doesn't?) and being put over a man's knee lets you release the tensions of everyday life. Perhaps you really are trying to correct a behavior problem and feel that if only you were held accountable you could succeed. Or perhaps you are simply seeking the thrill that comes from being scolded for being a naughty girl. What you most likely don't need or want is someone who wants to convince you to call him Master or clearly doesn't understand the importance of hard limits or is simply looking for sexual conquests. My goal is to create a no pressure conversation in which you can proceed at your own pace, find your own voice, and get that well-tanned red bottom that you have been craving. I am open to providing long-distance discipline (phone, skype, etc.), though I have to admit that there is nothing like the real thing. If any of this appeals to you, or if you are entirely new to this exploration and it raises questions or concerns, I hope you will feel free to get in touch.
  2. Want to fix your life

    I've known some folks who spank professionally to present themselves as "life coaches," and from what I have been told some are actually very good at it. But I suspect there is a reason they use that term and not "counselor" or "therapist."
  3. Online Disciplinarian - What are your thoughts?

    Hm. I know this may seem a controversial position, but I am of the mind that, having grown up with kinks that are not generally accepted in society, and that have made socializing and meeting people who share my needs challenging, I am going to take people wherever they are for whomever they claim to be. If a person's experience is that online play has not been meaningful for them, I would accept that at face value and suggest they probably don't want to do that. If their experience is that online is either what they must do because they have no alternative, or because they are new to this and it is a stepping stone, or because it works for them or because they prefer it, then I would accept that at face value too and urge them to continue. I think sometimes those of us whose central kink is spanking may be a little bit more - well, if not conservative, at least traditional. In the larger world of kink and in the larger world in general, people are challenging the idea that everything is a good/bad, right/wrong, male/female, Dom/sub binary. The same goes for where and how we meet and communicate. It's not an either/or proposition. Some people have bad experiences with people online who seem not to be who they say they are, or who are dodgy once you get to know them. That sucks. You know what else sucks? People who meet someone and turn out to be completely different from the way they presented themselves online. In short, the world is often a highly unsatisfying place to live, Do your best not to let it get you down, and determine that you are going to keep a positive attitude as you continue to look for what you really want. Because ultimately, that's the only thing that WILL get you what you want.
  4. AGE

    I think there are some cultural prejudices that often make older spankers want younger spankees and vice versa, but it shouldn't be that hard for people to get past. On the other hand, I know a lot of spankees correlate age with experience, and that's not altogether unreasonable. But for young(er) spankers that just means they need to convey the degree of self-control and care that comes from experience.
  5. Spanking Needs

    Agreed. But I have a question that came up recently to which I have no immediate answer. There are folks who may like (or may dread) the texture and "feel" of leather on their bottom but who would prefer their spanker use a non-animal (i.e., non-leather) product. Does anyone know of reputable shops that sell leather-like implements?
  6. I've sent you a private message that I hope adequately responds.
  7. Where are the spanking parties in New England? I would like to attend one of them.

    1. Switchspanker_CT


      look up NESS in Massachusetts or "the Society" in Hartford CT  (Society is BDSM oriented but friendly to spanking)   

      If you can get to NYC there are a couple spanking-oriented groups there:  SCONY (spanking club of ny), TES (the eulenspiegel society), "Paddles" night club, and SSNY (spanking society of new york)   I'm sure there are more as well as private parties you can get invited to if you meet people through these organizations. 

      Have FUN!!!

  8. I am looking for a gentleman to give me a disciplinary spankings on the bare. I live in CT. Can you help me with this. I need it. 

  9. Hi all, I'm in my mid-50's, Connecticut-based and with many years of experience giving spankings. Though I've explored extensively, my focus is on discipline-styled spankings - the kind that a daddy or caring adult authority figure would naturally provide to a girl who feels she is out of control and needs to be reined in. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or if you just want to explore your needs and discuss them. I am especially god at moving at an appropriate pace and giving newbies plenty of opportunity and help in finding their way.
  10. New England Spanking Parties?

    A number of years back there was a Boston-based organization (NESS) that would hold several spanking parties a year. Is NESS still around? Is anyone aware of any similar spanking-focused social groups or parties?