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  1. Welcome to the site. Hope you find what you need. All the Best. Hank
  2. Nice job, Know any women in South FLA that like to spank men? I love to spank and be spanked
  3. Wish I could find one of those parties in Florida. Sounds like fun. Smart not to give out your info
  4. Would love to give you a butt massage. Stay warm in NY
  5. Your bf is a lucky man. Would love to be spanked by a lady!
  6. Know any Female Mentors in Florida that like to spank?
  7. Welcome to the site! Wish you were in Florida! I love Spanking!
  8. Know any women that like to spank a man in Florida? I like to spank and be spanked
  9. Welcome, Like the way you think
  10. Wish I could find a women that likes spanking and we could spank each other. Been talking with one lady who is married and told her to see if her hubby likes spanking. She seems nice
  11. Would love to find a couple that spanks also. I live in Florida. I miss spankings
  12. Hope you find what you need. Welcome to the site
  13. Welcome to the site! Hope you find what you need!
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