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  1. Minneapolis, MN . Experienced caring disciplinarian looking for younger women who need a strict, but caring older gentleman to look after them.
  2. An experienced, middle-aged disciplinarian/spanker here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota looking for younger ladies who know what they need, deserve or desire and I am happy to deliver.
  3. HI Sapphire, welcome aboard from a fellow Minnesotan. A am a spanker, so please hit me up to chat when you get a chance. Love to meet you and learn all about your spanking fantasies and desires. I am located in the Twin Cities and here is a photo to break the ice. Take care and hoping to hear from you soon.
  4. I am a middle-aged professional gentleman who is interested in helping and counseling young ladies who need a little guidance or motivation from time to time. If you find yourself having problems with procrastination, losing weight, paying your bills on time, texting while driving, laziness, housecleaning, getting enough exercise, poor attitude, too much computer time, etc., I have some time-tested, old fashioned methods that should help you set and meet some goals and get your life back on the right track. You will find yourself over my knee and getting a red, stinging bottom until you have met your goals. I am strict, but fair in dealing with my clients. Let's chat and see if I may be of any help to you in getting where you want to go. Do not put this off any longer, young lady ! You know that you need this.
  5. Hey Ms. N, nice to meet you.  I am a middle-aged professional gentleman who has been disciplining younger women for quite some time now.  I live in Minneapolis and work in St. Paul.  I would love to chat with you and explore your spanking needs and desires together to see if we are a possible match.  Hit me up at Bratbreaker@gmail.com and let's talk.  Don't you dare keep me waiting for you, young lady, if yo know what's good for you !

  6. Hey everyone, an experienced middle aged gentleman who has been a spanker of naughty female tushes for many years. I cater to the specific needs and desires of my partners, ranging from playful encounters to strict disciplinary punishments. Have some regular partners, but always looking to meet new people, especially newbie looking for their first spanking experience. Hit me up to chat and let's go from there. Don't keep me waiting, if you know what's good for you !
  7. Hey Ms. Newbie, where are you from ?
  8. Hey Ms, Newbie, I live in Minneapolis and can possibly help you out. I am a middle-aged professional genltleman who is interested in being a mentor and/or disciplinarion for yonger woemn seeking such direction in thier lives. I have experience in spanking many different ladies of all ages for the past several years. I am a nice guy who just enjoyes spanking. I am very flexible and cater to whatver type of spanking my partner may desire or need from strict disciplinary session to playful encounters to see what it is all about. I enjoy roleplaying in father-dauther, uncle- niece or professor-student scenarios or addressing real life issues such as too much partying, poor grades, lack of self-discipline, dieting problems, lack of self control, etc. I'd love to chat with you to see what your specific spanking interests and needs may be to see if I can be of any possible service to you here. My E-mail is tjlinnihan@gmail.com. Pleasse contact me and let's see what happens. Hope to hear from you soon. Don't keep me waiting, young lady, if you know what's good for you !
  9. Hey Ms. OTK Wisher, nice to meet you. I am a middle-aged professional gentleman from Minneapolis who is interested and involved in spanking younger women who need, desire and/or seek such discipline in their lives for whatever reason. I am a nice guy, experienced and flexible in administering punishment, attempting to fulfill whatever need or desire my spankees crave. With you being a newbie, I would be very happy to meet with you so we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. Let's chat when you get a chance and see what happens. My e-mail is tjlinnihan@gmail.com. Take care and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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