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  1. Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting I decided that my fantasy was really to personal to be able to share it with someone I barely knew. As badly as I've wanted this, the feelings just weren't right. I've carried these thoughts with me for the majority of this life. They have become both my most cherished and most troublesome thoughts through the years. I had always hoped to find a spanker who spanks for the sheer delight of doing so. I tried to convince myself that, after all these years, paying for it would be my only viable option. Psychologically, I require a deeper connection with the person that I will ultimately and willingly present myself to for discipline. Again, I apologize for not having a story to tell. One day perhaps.....
  2. Her and I have communicated a good deal these past few days. I'm confident that I'm making the right decision now. This forum has really been helpful this past week. And you really made me stop, think and go forward with a bit of insight. Katekk pm'd me yesterday and spoke highly of you. I'm thankful of this conversation with you.
  3. Four days away. I can't believe this I'd actually going to happen. After multiple conversations with her on the phone and spending hours in forums like this one, I feel really fortunate to have met her. I plan to describe the experience somewhere on this site.
  4. I hope you can figure out the auto corrected words. I need to proofread before i post.
  5. Scenario one wouldn't bother me much as I'm not the shy type. I've even considered adding if we could video this first session as a keepsake for myself. Her and I have discussed scenario two at great lengths. She has had a spankee hyperventilate and it scared her. Wet have established words for slowing down, increasing and stopping. However she says even if I don't use any safe word, odd she detects signs of my going into "subspace" she will stop the session regardless of what i want. Scenario three had cross my mind and concerned me enough that i brought it up on our first telephone conversation. I know I'll have an issue staying in position. I asked her what her remedy would be because i have a great about being restrained and some guy jumping out of the closet dressed as Batman, yelling "TO THE BARRAGE" and then stealing my butt cherry. There are plenty of things they could put me in harms way. I have already taken a few precautions to ensure my safety. When i was just out of high school, I went to an apartment with a stripper. She went into a room to change and four men came out and beat and robbed me. I will also be meeting someone who she has been spanking for years. One other thing that concerns me is the fact she is using implements used on someone else. Do you know of a way to reduce the risk of pathogens? The implements are all wooden.
  6. It would be nice to take all the recommended precautions before my meeting. However, due to the fact that I've waited over two decades, and the obscenely unbalanced ratio of men looking to be spanked to women who will spank them. I'm inclined to take a few risks on this one. Prior to this the only viable way to get what i seek seemed to sacrifice my house payment (or close to it). Being a man i don't feel as at risk as a woman spankee. I have thought that once i am naked and vulnerable something unfortunate could happen to me. I also an feeling that i must endure what she gives if i want this to repeat in the future.
  7. Thanks for the welcomes. I've waited too long for this to back out now.
  8. 43 year old male preparing to get my first adult punishment spanking on November 9th. So many feelings now that it's getting so close.
  9. After over a decade of looking and wanting, I've finally found someone to give me the spanking I've craved for do many years. My question is will the hair on my backside have an effect on my spanking? Should I remove it? And if so, how? Also didn't other advice to prepare me for this would be appreciated.
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