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  1. Welcome to the site. Lots of nice folks here. I have to ask, are you originally from Cleveland? I had a good friend from ano5her sit ho was jade and then jadey...
  2. Thank you so much, sweetpea.  I hope this Christmas has been a good one for you as well...

    1. sweetpea


      Merry Christmas @braatman. Miss chatting with you.

  3. Ray Parker Jr...”Bad Boy”
  4. Excellent reply, gravano. From your description of the encounters you’ve had, it sounds like these “pros” and other ER’s who are like minded really need that which they are so willing to give. Payback is a bitch...
  5. Hi mia, lots of nice people on this site. hope to chat with you soon...
  6. You actually spank someone outside during the winter in MI???
  7. If you’ve been spanked on a regular basis, how long does it take for the “seat of correction” to return to its normal state? Don’t expect the doctor to be understanding. I’m sure that the vast majority are vanilla. Also, expecting them to believe whatever bs excuse you have ain’t gonna fly. I highly doubt any of them just fell off the haywagon. Know yourself and act accordingly...
  8. ITB waves & smiles to the America’s favorites brat! ?

  9. There’s a WNY, Rochester and Southern ON spanking club in the “Clubs” section of this site. Go there and make yourself known. Good luck in your search...
  10. Have you considered getting a tawse with 2 tails? Perhaps getting a quirt might also suffice. I seem to remember back in the 1950’s there were belts that were quite narrow, although I don’t know where you get such an item. If the wife is into this, perhaps it would make for an interesting arts and crafts project to make one. If you do that, please let us know how it turns out...
  11. The idea Needsitbad brought up about the nda being a two-way street is a good one, however, it begs a question. Would the “pro” go along with something like this? I wonder how many merely have the mindset of “You’re a sub. You have no rights.”?
  12. As some here have pointed out, it depends on your definition of “public”. I would think that if you were spanked in the middle of a group of people (most, if not all vanilla), you would most likely have to explain to the cops why you or your partner shouldn’t be charged with assault. In the eyes of most people, what we hold dear is not “normal” behavior in a public setting...
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