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  1. A real country oldie, “Childhood Boogie” by Lynn Billingsly...
  2. I found the group, but before clicking search, etc, I had to click on the “Activity” tab. This is a good thing you’ve done, Hope...
  3. Hannah, I’m so sorry for your loss. I went through a similar experience years ago... A guy I knew through work was always cheerful, a hard worker and was liked by one and all. It was quite a shock to learn that one evening, he excused himself from the dinner table, went into the garage and shot himself. It all seemed so pointless. His funeral was the most gut wrenching experience I’d ever had. Needless to say, his wife was an emotional train wreck. He also left two little boys behind. When I left the funeral home, I was torn between feeling so sorry for his family and being quite angry at him for doing this... A few days later, I found out more details. Apparently he was suffering from depression and was on medication. It turns out that one of the unfortunate side effects of this medication was suicidal thoughts and actions... Hannah, you talked about your brother suffering from depression. Is it possible that he was on medication and was going through the same thing that my friend went through? Also, you talked about your grandmother and wondered why she knew what he went through but said nothing. Is it possible that she may have dementia or maybe even Alzheimer’s? Again, my sincerest condolences for your loss. The shock and grief you are experiencing must be overwhelming. Rest assured that there are people here who will offer aid, comfort and support if you desire. Take care Hannah. Add me to the list of people who you can talk to...
  4. I’m sure more than one guy out there has had experience spanking his monkey... 😂
  5. I’ve seen him on spankingtube as One Winged Angel...
  6. I like the hand, and also leather implements like the belt and strap. One thing that does interest me, although I’ve never experienced it, is the slipper... Interesting. Hopefully you don’t use one that you would wear around the house. To me, that would be very unhygienic. Just saying...
  7. Oh, THAT kind of shot. I thought maybe you meant Tito’s vodka or something similar...
  8. Welcome to the site. Lots of nice folks here. I have to ask, are you originally from Cleveland? I had a good friend from ano5her sit ho was jade and then jadey...
  9. Thank you so much, sweetpea.  I hope this Christmas has been a good one for you as well...

    1. sweetpea


      Merry Christmas @braatman. Miss chatting with you.

  10. Ray Parker Jr...”Bad Boy”
  11. Excellent reply, gravano. From your description of the encounters you’ve had, it sounds like these “pros” and other ER’s who are like minded really need that which they are so willing to give. Payback is a bitch...
  12. Hi mia, lots of nice people on this site. hope to chat with you soon...
  13. You actually spank someone outside during the winter in MI???
  14. If you’ve been spanked on a regular basis, how long does it take for the “seat of correction” to return to its normal state? Don’t expect the doctor to be understanding. I’m sure that the vast majority are vanilla. Also, expecting them to believe whatever bs excuse you have ain’t gonna fly. I highly doubt any of them just fell off the haywagon. Know yourself and act accordingly...
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