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  1. Hmm...wish you were in Indiana..
  2. indyjack


    Hmm nice ..it has been awhile since I’ve been on here...
  3. Still looking for that no nonsense old fashioned spanking from either m or f...can travel..
  4. What part of Indiana are you ?
  5. Hi...from west central Indiana...do you have any paddles?..hopefully keep in touch..jack..
  6. West Central..near Illinois
  7. I resemble that remark !! lol
  8. Just looking for an old fashioned spanking via paddle, hairbrush, bathbrush... corner time...line writing...possible chastity play...hope to hear from you...jack
  9. Wow mice...paddle still handy?
  10. Jeez never did find your latest email...have troubles navigating this site...no preferences on implement or position...naughty boys don't usually have a say so I guess..not into anything else but the discipline...not for sure what morning works best for you since I can't find latest email..
  11. Not much luck so pretty much interested !..just looking for the discipline and a sore red bottom ..what do you usually spank with ?..thx for replying ..jack..
  12. Close to crawfordsville
  13. Just looking for an old fashioned spanking via paddle , hairbrush , bathbrush ...m63 in west central Indiana..
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