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  1. The only thing I have that seems to work is to lean in and submit anyway, even though it feels like anathema at the time. I almost always feel better immediately, but sometimes it takes a while. It's kind of like going back to the gym after a tough workout. Everything hurts and the last thing I want to do is use my already sore muscles and make them even more sore. But pushing through the soreness eventually leads to greater strength or fitness, and that in turn makes future workouts easier. It also makes going back with sore muscles easier the next time that happens. Go easy on your
  2. As a submissive, I will say my opinion (which is shared by I don't even know how many others on both sides of the slash - far too many to count) is that asking for what you need is in no way "topping from the bottom." A sub's/bottom's/spankee's job is to let their Dom/Top/spanker know of their need for a spanking so that the D/T/s can make the decision on whether or not a spanking will be given. Deciding for yourself is more TFTB than making a request for a spanking could ever be.
  3. I didn't keep a count for 2019, but having been fairly recently blessed with a wonderful partner, I am getting a couple sessions a week. Definitely looking forward to continuing this trend into 2020!!
  4. I have no real advice on how to convince her to try, but I want to offer my sympathies for what you are going through. My now ex-husband asked me flat out if I would consider therapy to rid myself of the urge after I had finally worked up the nerve to share my needs with him, so I know how much that hurts. I hope you are able to come to a resolution you both are comfortable with.
  5. That depends on whether you see this as a game, or if this is seriously something you want in your life. If you are taking on a submissive role, your job is to let him make the decisions on how to handle your mistakes. When you keep things to yourself, you will be lying by omission and undermining your dynamic.
  6. *I used to, not "unused to" 🤦
  7. Dominance and submission can be woven into almost any part of the fabric of daily life. I recently was reading about a woman who felt like her Dom always tying her shoe for her was a submissive act. His response was to ask which is more submissive, his tying her shoes or her giving up the right to tie her own. There are a million little ways to express it on either side of the slash, from subtle to blatant. It only takes some creativity and agreement from both parties to turn even the most mundane of activities into an act of service. There are some interesting resources on Tumblr (it's n
  8. My current partner has given me the gift of tears several times, and never has it been from the pain. Actually, the spankings after which I have cried were less painful than most of our impact play. What brought the tears were the gentle words he whispered to me as those particular sessions were winding down. It is wonderful hearing that I am not too much, that I am not a burden, that I am strong and brave and good, that he is proud of me for who I am. He asks me to give it all to him - all the stress, all the worry, all the hurt. I can't help but cry when I feel so cared for and valued.
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