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  1. i joined this site over 5 years ago now met some nice spankees along the way too thanks to everyone for the chats hopefully many more pms to come take care everyone!

  2. another lovely pic from you!
  3. happy new year to all my friends on here lets hope 2019 brings you everything you wish for  x





  4. merry christmas to all my friends on spanking needs and i wish you all a happy new year, thanks for all the chats enjoyed them all hopefully you will all get what you wish for and deserve! have a fun time all. phillip xx
  5. Hey phillip.....

    All you need is an English version of kiddo and then you will be one happy Daddy..... I find it easy to be so open with you because you are so open with me. You are one perverted Daddy lol

    1. Freerphillip uk

      Freerphillip uk

      you are a very very naughty little girl who brings the worse out of me thats for sure!




    2. sassylittle


      Ha ha.... You the adult remember? supposed to set a good example on kiddo!!!

  6. many thanks sbg for all the chats always be my little girl x
  7. hi guys 3 years ago i joined and chatted to some wonderful people on here and must say that ive enjoyed finding out about you all who take the time to have a chat with me. i have never meant to offend anyone but my direct way of asking someone a question will always put someone im chatting to on the defensive mode against me which i can understand and of course some things need to be kept private. im very open though, so im glad spankees especially that ive enjoyed chatting too. ive also enjoyed the mentoring that ive recently got into and seeing location is a big issue on this site sit
  8. I expect that you will make someone a dear spanker.

  9. its so frustrating the spankee you want to spank is in another country life is not fair sometimes lol


    1. Gator


      um yeah. but from what I've observed there's no shortage of spankos in the UK. maybe you aren't looking in the right places?

    2. George Lust

      George Lust

      Yes with my being in California, I am away from many of the people I follow on SN as many are in the Midwest or out on the East coast; oh well.

      George Lust

  10. hi everyone i wish all my friends on here a merry christmas and a happy new year thanks a lot for all the chat and banter. i hope christmas brings you all joy and good things . best wishes phillipx
  11. hi everyone ive been a member now for about a year and met some lovely people through the chat room and really enjoy my chats with spankees on here im 59 and have had many experiences in my life and i must say happy to share with anyone whos prepared to listen to me going on ive builded a bond with quite a few on here and its a pleasure to chat to you and im sure you know who im talking about. if anyone wants to chat feel free to pm me in the chat room. best wishes to everyone phillip
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