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  1. 😫😂Y’all Wouldn’t Believe What The Hell Happened?!

    . . . .My Damn Puppy Almost Made Me Crash My Car Into Bits. Lol, If My Instincts Had Been Any Slower I Would’ve Been So Upset(I Did Hit Something Slightly Though). I Was So Freaking Mad And To Top It Off I Got Locked In The Trunk On Some Miscellaneous Shit. 

  2. Hi, ☺️How Are You? And What Is Hampton Roads??
  3. 😫Why Does It Sometimes Feel So Wrong To Be The Bigger Person?? Like Instead Of Me Being Nice I Just Slap You.🙄 Problem Solved.

  4. Oh My Gosh, I Had No Idea. I Mean I’d Heard About These Types Of Places In New York And Stuff Like That But Not In This Area. I Thank You For Your Response And Giving Me Some New Information☺️.
  5. Welcome to Spanking Needs! Hope you enjoy it here!


    1. JustJudyy


      Welcome Back*

      And Thank You☺️.

  6. Oh That’s By The College, Montgomery Community College. I Used To Go To School Over There.
  7. I Find That The Little Chat Room Could Be Wonderful If It Wasn’t So MotherFucking Glitchy. First Time Using The Shit And Either It’s Fucking Trash Or The Shitty Thing Hated Me.

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    2. MrBottoms


      I use it mostly for PM. Other than that? Chat is pretty much worthless & cheap......and considerably boring. 

    3. Ms.Mary


      Keep in mind that this is not a pay site. The owner pays for us to have a chat room. Is 8t perfect? No but I for one appreciate that 8ts here at all. Furthermore using such vulger, foul language is never a way to address an issue. There is also a thread to address such issues with the staff. 

    4. JustJudyy


      @sassylittle  @Ms.Mary  😳🤔I Am Aware Of These Things, Such As How The Site Works, It Being Free. . .Etc.

      I Also Like The Website Just A Much As The Next Person. It’s A Lovely Thing To Connect People With Similar Interests And While I Do Understand All Of These Things I Must Say That What I Posted Was My Opinion. 🙃

      It Was Not Directed At Anyone, Simply Out In The Open Venting My Own Frustrations. That Is All. 

  8. 🤣 I Don’t Know Why I Laughed So Hard At That But You’re Funny As Shit. I’m In PG County. What About You? Even Though DC Is But So Big.
  9. Thank You For Your Response ☺️. Are There Many People From Our Area On Here? Also I Would Like To Know What Is ‘-er’ And ‘-ee’ ??
  10. Lls, If This Is A Party Then I Am Extremely Dissatisfied And I Want A Refund, As Only Two Of You Replied. And Thank You☺️.
  11. Hello Community, I Am Simply In Search Of Friends Within The Metropolitan Area That Are In This Lifestyle. I Shall Tell You A Bit About Myself: I Am 23 Years Old. I Am A Black Spankee Female. I Reside In Maryland. I Adore Animals && Children. I Have Always Been Excited By Spankings And Domestic Discipline Ever Since Being A Child. To Me Spankings Are Better Reserved For Punishments And Things Of That Nature BUT Whatever YOUR Niche, You Are Welcome Here In This Little Thread Of Mine. Now What Abou
  12. JustJudyy


  13. It’s Been 5 Long Years Since I Was Last On Here And It Feels Good To Be Back.

    1. MichiganHeadmaster


      Welcome back!  I took a break for a while and came back about a year or so ago.

  14. It's Been A Little Bit Since I've Been Around. But It Feels Like A Small Release Since Signing In Again.

  15. Today Is A Great Day ^_^

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