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  1. hello, I am also into pyjamas punishments



    gestreepte pyjama.jpg

  2. if its possible to set a group up I would be more than delighted to welcome visitors
  3. just bumping this up a bit to give it one last chance to see if there is interest
  4. If anyone is interested in the possibility of forming a spanking group in Scotland please post here please state whether you are into M/M M/F F/M or F/F Other parts of the uk have spanking groups so why not here Thanks
  5. ok some people think some of the stories related here are nonsense and some believe them in 1985 when I was 19 I was spanked in the workplace for messing up------for me it was a better option than explaining to dad why I no longer had my uni holiday job I will not got into detail about what exactly happened as I have no desire to upset or give ammunition to the doubters
  6. I agree this would not work for everyone but delighted to hear it worked for your brother
  7. yfronts


    thankyou for the welcomes
  8. yfronts


    Hello to all I recently saw the site so decided to sign up I am 48 years old and I am from Scotland----not sure if there are many uk people here but I am happy to read experiences from people anywhere and hopefully share my experiences my upbringing was fairly strict both at home and school and I was no stranger to spankings as an adult I mainly administer spankings but I still feel there are times when I need to make that journey over the knee Thankyou
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