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  1. Having a hard time finding anyone in the area.. So let's just start with that! I need help pulling my grades up in college before they permanently suffer and think that this may be a great motivator.. I've never been punished in my life, always got away with everything. So this may be good for me,and my sometimes sassy mouth!
  2. I am interested. I tried to message you, I won't let me.
  3. I am interested. I tried to message you, I won't let me.
  4. Believe me I know! I'm trying to get it corrected but I need motivation
  5. I live in Canton, Ohio. I go to school in Akron. But anyway, I've never been dealt with even as a child. So I'm looking for someone to discipline me as a motivation to do well in school. I can't seem to focus lately.. I'm 21 years old, and I will go along with whatever measure that is thought to be needed to get me back on track.
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