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  1. The one thing you can always trust that no one can manipulate is your gut. Trust it.
  2. For me, it was 'trial and error' looking for a spankee. As a spanker, I'd check personal sites, chatrooms, personal ads, etc. and decide if what a spankee said appealed to me then we'd meet in public to get a "personal feel" of that woman. If we both were able to relax and, pretty much, be ourselves, we moved on to a meet. You are looking to satisfy your spanking curiosities. Educate yourself as a 'newbie' and take baby steps. Get to know some spankos here ...ones that come across as real, genuine and give you a feeling of trust. Treat the search must like deciding who you would want to date i
  3. Letting her know early in the day she is to report to my office at the end of the day for a spanking. Having her think about it all day long while at her desk knowing in a few hours she will be bent over mine
  4. RedBottoms


    welcome gigi
  5. Twice I've spanked someone in my vehicle. First was a girlfriend when she got bratty. I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road, somewhat secluded and got her in the back and over my lap and warmed the seat of her shorts and panties. The second time, as a spanko friend in the parking lot of a mall off to the side where there weren't as many cars. She was to have worn specific panties and, instead, she decided to wear a thong. Into the back seat we went, up went her skirt and her bottom was turned a nice shade of red and then we went 'panty shopping' were her butt was red and stinging.
  6. As a spanker, I totally agree with you. I want to see panties (not thongs) when I raise a girl's skirt or dress or she is taking down her pants or jeans. I prefer spanking nylon panties as opposed to cotton. Either way, I want to soundly warm her pantied seat and decide when to peel her panties down.
  7. I don't mind travelling 50- 100 miles to administer a spanking but there really has to be a great connection. Much prefer local to Philadelphia / South Jersey area.
  8. In South Jersey. Drop me a message if interested.
  9. No and no. What goes on between me and my spankee is private. One rule we bot have always agreed on that there is no evidence of what went on. Even in amonogamous relationship, I would think neither one of us would want any evidence of what we did.
  10. There are purposes and needs of bottoms that put themselves in the care of tops. Reasons vary. As a top, it is my responsibility to attend to those purposes and needs (whatever they may be). Whether it's play or real issues being addressed, I get the satisfaction of of knowing that my bottom's needs have been satisfied. There are many dynamics to the top-bottom relationship and vary from person to person and as long as both agree that we are a match, we are both going to attain satisfaction in our dynamic, thus, we both get what we need out of it.
  11. For me, having administered both erotic and punishment / disciplinary spankings, whether sex is involved is a consensual decision (sometimes not until during the session) based on the 'terms and conditions' set up prior to meeting. I think the spankee has more control of whether sex is involved or not. We are meeting to satisfy her needs (at least in my cases) more so than mine, and I adjust my approach and administering of the spanking to best suit her physical and emotional needs. Those needs are going to be different with each and every spankee. While I certainly enjoy sex after a spanking
  12. Welcome jen! Always good to see a relatively local spanko here. Enjoy!
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