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  1. Hey.  Ltns.  How are you?


  2. hi

    i am Dr John from spankingtube.com

    how are you

  3. Hi Jen. 

    Hope everything is well.  New to the site and would love to chat when you have time. Take care. 



  4. Jen, so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom.  It's never an easy thing to deal with, but just remember that she's now in a place where she'll always be at peace and never suffer pain again.  We're all here for you...

  5. Dear Jen......my deepest and most heart felt condolences to you on the passing of you Mom. Of all the people in the world, I think our Moms mean the most to us. They give us life, they feed us, they repair us when we are injured, they listens to our tales of woe and most of all, they are here in everything we do.

    No matter what we do in this life....they are here for us. Let us all remember our moms and rejoice in the fact....we are a piece of her. Thank you to all the moms....RIP   and God Bless You.

    Lady Veronica Graunwolf      :wub:

  6. My mom died at 12:00pm Monday.  Beside myself with grief and sadness

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    2. annie83


      Condolences on your loss, Jen xx

    3. redzonedefense_F


      So sorry for the loss of your mother.  May the love of those around you and memories shared bring you some peace.


    4. gingerlee


      So sorry for your loss. Big hugs. I wish I had something clever to say to erase the pain but it doesn't exist. Please know that you have many friends who care about you thinking and praying for you and your family. 

  7. So very sorry for your mom and you also, i will keep you both in my prays,god bless you  jen.love detredwings 

  8. Just wanted to let my friends know that I found out Mon that my mom has bone cancer and is not expected to live more than a month.  So sad. 

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    2. phspanker


      So sorry. 


    3. redzonedefense_F


      I'm sorry your family is dealing with such a heavy burden.

      May you, your mom and your family be comforted by the support and warmth of those around you.


    4. FinallyFree


      ((((Jen)))) So sorry for your loss.  Hang in there sweetie. 

  9. Very new to the site not spanking.  I am a switch probably more of a bottom than a top. I am hurt here to share thought and comments with others,  I have enjoyed the comments I have read so far.



  10. Say hello to me I'm worried about you my friend

  11. Oklahoma Disciplinarian here. I am searching for clients for my growing business. I am a strong believer in discipline. I have been spanking for over 20 years. Please visit my website if you are interested. Thanks! Jen https://live.vcita.com/site/missjen
  12. I miss my sweet Dad. 

    1. FinallyFree


      My condolences Jen.  Big bear hugs sweetie.

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