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  1. I live about an hour from Albany and I drive there for work pretty frequently.
  2. Welcome to Spanking Needs! Its always great to meet other New Yorkers on here.
  3. Hey Mia, welcome to SN. There are a few upstate spankos on here but we're pretty spread out.
  4. DDnNYC


    Welcome to the site!
  5. I’d rather give a series of shorter spankings to drive home the point, and overall the ee can likely handle more after a rest. Would you rather be spanked separately or as a group for a shared offense?
  6. I’m an experienced disciplinarian living in central New York State. I’m only a short drive from a number of colleges including but not limited to Utica, Cobleskill, Oneonta, Albany, and Syracuse. I have been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember and gave my first spanking in college. I’m currently looking for a platonic discipline relationship. We all have different spanking need so I would love to chat with you to see if I’m a good fit to help you through this semester.
  7. Welcome to spanking needs! There are spankos upstate (I'm a few hours from Buffalo) but we are fewer and more spread out than the downstate community.
  8. DDnNYC


    Welcome, Jessica. I live upstate too. Its nice to meet you.
  9. DDnNYC

    25 yr old F NY

    Welcome to spankingneeds!
  10. I'm a spanker living in a rural part of upstate New York. I am about equidistant between Albany, Syracuse, and Utica; Binghampton isn't that far away either. I'm looking to connect with other spankos for friendships and to meet a spankee. I moved from an area with a great spanking community and I haven't found that up here yet.
  11. My name is Joe, I'm a 29 year old spanker. I recently moved to upstate New York and I am hoping to make new friends and hopefully find some kind of community of other spankos in the area.
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