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    I don't have time to post a lot right now but I like the new blog feature and someone has to go first so here I am!
    I'm a happily married spanker in my late 40s, seeking someone I can spank on a regular basis for stress relief, fun, and friendship.
    I live in Bellingham Washington (about 2 hours North of Seattle, with traffic), and prefer someone within a reasonable driving distance.
    I'm fortunate enough to have had a few different spankees across my knee over the last few years, and while I have had multiple sessions with some, none have "stuck" the way I would like, and my dance card is currently wide open.
    If you feel like you and I might make for a good spanko match, please message me.  Likewise, if you are on the site and perhaps know of someone in the area, you can send them my way if you don't mind.
    You can learn plenty about me here on Spanking Needs, I'm pretty active here.
    I've also got an account set up on FetLife, user number is 979638, so feel free to connect with me there if that's easier for you.
    Thanks for reading, and may you soon find what you Seek, and get exactly what you Deserve!
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