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  1. You've gotten some great responses already. When those endorphins get going, a spankee can be pushed well beyond limits that fall into the general guidelines of Safe, Sane, and Consensual spanking practices. It's definitely good practice to end a session when there is broken skin or visible blood, regardless of how your spankee reacts. Good for you for asking!
  2. making you complete your self spanking, then giving you a proper spanking to show you how its done. sounds fun
  3. CF Publications is like the original purveyor of spanking porn. They've been around for a long, longggggggggggggg time.
  4. hello and welcome, there are a few active spankos in your area as well as a new group the Pacific Spanking Association. the next munch (meetup in a vanilla space) is scheduled for this weekend in Tacoma, Washington, hope you can make it! (their website is psaparties.com)
  5. next PSA meetup has been announced for Sunday, October 3rd, in Tacoma, Washington. Be there or be pale! (or be a spanko who lives up near the Canadian border and won't be driving down that far)

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    2. AfterGeometry


      Oh my dear goodness that's even closer to my current stomping grounds.  

    3. Gator


      @Correctmeplz46 saving my gas money for a trip South later that week ;)@AfterGeometry time to get off your couch and meet some real life spankos, go for it man!

    4. Correctmeplz46


      That sounds like a good reason. Hope you have a good trip South later that week. 

  6. if you prefer, substitute the word "session" for "scene" and you'll be fine
  7. you've got a bright future in spanko vids. just sayin.
  8. skip amazon and go straight to caneiac, for what you spend on "prevertables" you can get high quality gear designed to get the job done. it might not show up instantly but I found their shipping time to be reasonable
  9. those pesky details, dang it!
  10. this one has the best community. I've also found FetLife.com to be helpful in connecting with locals who have similar interests. the rest of whats out there is not worth the bother. happy hunting!
  11. whatever happened to alt.sex.spanking anyways?
  12. withholding spankings, for sure. writing lines. corner time. additional chores. enforced bedtime. removal of phone privileges. restricted diet. I have tons of additional ideas but that should get you started, have fun!
  13. I think the three levels of intensity described by @TammyG make a lot of sense. the section on RESULTS is interesting - as a spanker, I can definitely judge the color of the cheeks and how hot they are to the touch. I can't control nor predict what will trigger tears. everything will depend on the reaction of the spankee, and there's no such thing as a cookie-cutter spanking, for sure.
  14. I like the ideas, you've definitely given this a lot of thought. Anything less than a "Moderate" spanking, by your definition, doesn't count as a spanking at all, by my definition. Any given session might also proceed to the "Major" level, depending on the needs of the spankee. Good stuff, thanks for sharing. Gator
  15. spend time getting to know people on online forums such as this one. get involved in your local community by attending munches. find and attend local or national play parties or events. be sure to meet any potential spanking partners in a neutral public space and learn all you can about Safety protocols. have fun! Gator
  16. about 60 spankos anticipated for tomorrow's munch in Seattle! it's been a long time since I've been at a gathering with that many spankos, I'm sure it will be a little overwhelming but I'm looking forward to it. hope to see some of you there :)

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    2. Correctmeplz46


      A certain gator wasn’t easy to spot at all. 

    3. Correctmeplz46


      It was nice meeting and chatting with you yesterday. 

    4. Gator


      agreed, hope we can arrange for a more impactful meeting soon ;)

  17. feel free to have your wife message me directly if you want her to chat with an experienced spanker. I think having the right spanking kit, or collection of tools, is essential. she will need tools that are easy for her to manage and that lead to the results that you need. the rest is practice. have fun! Gator
  18. spanko munch in Seattle, July 10th. be there or be pale! :D

    1. AfterGeometry


      Place , time, etc please Gator or do I have to do my own research lol ?

    2. Gator


      "If you are interested in attending, please click the RSVP button (on FetLife) and/or sign up for our mailing list at psaparties.com"

  19. yes, its called "sweat"
  20. ya. I also like to think of them as "reminder" spankings - as in, you're being a good girl now, here's a quick reminder of what happens when you're not. - that kind of thing! have fun
  21. not exactly, think of it as a scale, with the discipline spanking being the most severe, a maintenance spanking a little less severe, and a good girl spanking a little easier than the maintenance spanking. the good girl spanking is given as a reward for good behavior, but with a few notable swats as a reminder to keep being a good girl. a maintenance spanking is more like a mini discipline spanking, a firm and definite reminder of why you want to behave!
  22. this thing that we do is anything but boring! fun spankings and discipline spankings are a good start. try also maintenance spankings and good girl spankings those are two of my favorites. have fun and play safely! Gator
  23. tired of this drought. where are you hiding, my new spankee friend?

    1. AfterGeometry


      I think it will be a summer of ample opportunity. ;). Stay positive 

  24. try "Seattle Spanking Scene" on fetlife, happy hunting!
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