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  1. ya. I also like to think of them as "reminder" spankings - as in, you're being a good girl now, here's a quick reminder of what happens when you're not. - that kind of thing! have fun
  2. not exactly, think of it as a scale, with the discipline spanking being the most severe, a maintenance spanking a little less severe, and a good girl spanking a little easier than the maintenance spanking. the good girl spanking is given as a reward for good behavior, but with a few notable swats as a reminder to keep being a good girl. a maintenance spanking is more like a mini discipline spanking, a firm and definite reminder of why you want to behave!
  3. this thing that we do is anything but boring! fun spankings and discipline spankings are a good start. try also maintenance spankings and good girl spankings those are two of my favorites. have fun and play safely! Gator
  4. tired of this drought. where are you hiding, my new spankee friend?

    1. AfterGeometry


      I think it will be a summer of ample opportunity. ;). Stay positive 

  5. try "Seattle Spanking Scene" on fetlife, happy hunting!
  6. I find it curious that when I read about these kinds of encounters its always a F/m dynamic. If the roles were reversed everyone's head would explode - imagine a grown man threatening to spank his wife, how shocking!
  7. I've encountered this "stoicism" and found it kind of strange. I couldn't tell if the spanking was making a difference at all, and where's the fun in that?! I have invoked tears once or twice. That's never a goal of mine, but when I spank someone to tears I consider it a display of trust, and I honor that.
  8. wow, just realized I had the phrase "spanking relationship" misspelled in my fetlife profile. now I know why so many ladies were contacting me for "panking"

    1. rubyredd



    2. AfterGeometry


      At least you didn't spell it "relationshit" ...  

  9. what's this? new spanko group in the area holding its first meetup this month? hooray!

    1. AfterGeometry


      Does it extend down to Olympia?  

    2. Gator


      looks like it does, its a new group (created in January of this year), I just discovered it last night. seems like its based in Seattle with members from Portland and at least one of the group leaders is from Olympia. https://fetlife.com/groups/214771

  10. hey man, good for you for making this post. I think spankers are sometimes viewed as all powerful beings who never make mistakes, or have doubts, or second guess themselves. I have one or two regrets myself. You're in good company.
  11. thank you for clarifying!
  12. is it no longer a "rule" to ask first before sending someone a PM?
  13. dude there's plenty of spankos in and around Seattle, if you havent found any yet you're not trying. good luck!
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