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  1. come up and see me in Bellingham whenever you've worked up the courage happy new year!
  2. yep. after wasting time and money buying pervertables on amazon, I finally decided to try caneiac. affordable prices and good quality stuff that gives quite the sting. I think its probably a good entry level shop for those of us into casual play. don't have enough experience with their products (yet) to be able to vouch for their longer term durability.
  3. Wise Man Says: Don't Feed the Trolls
  4. oh for heaven's sake. look dude, I have no idea who you are or who has twisted your proverbial knickers. you asked - what did I do wrong, so I can fix it? the site owner herself and the forum moderator have both responded quickly, saying it doesn't appear that you have done anything wrong, and that if you'll provide the necessary information they can help you. that should be enough for you, if it's not I have to write you off as an agitator. I mean no disrespect, but this isn't my first rodeo either, nor is it the first rodeo for many of us. there's no such thing
  5. thank you to @Child of Light for establishing clear boundaries for our Adult Spanko Community. I appreciate you :)

  6. good question. I have a light/medium weight flogger in my arsenal, but I found myself using it less and less in spanking sessions, especially with new partners. It could be due to my not knowing the proper techniques, but darn if I can figure out how to get all strands of that flogger to land on the proper target. Which means some of those strands tend to wander in ways which aren't exactly conducive to non-sexual spanking sessions. your mileage varies I'm sure Gator
  7. Most definitely not. Maybe in retrospect-daydream-fantasy world. But not during an actual session. Got to Pay Attention!
  8. lucky you, you're in one of the national hot spots for spankos! find the Bottom's Up group, they meet regularly in Dallas (although they're almost exclusively Male Top and female bottom). there's also the Texas All State Spanking party held in your area every summer best of luck!
  9. I give up. Let the bonfire begin!

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    2. SJE


      Lol Ag we are using them for the bonfire lol

    3. Gator


      @AfterGeometry we're moving to a smaller place but still in Bham. Want to swing through in the next couple of weeks I'll set some tools aside for you. :D

    4. AfterGeometry


      Yo Gator, I got a buddy who lives in B-Ham , he might be able to pick them up for me

  10. so yeah fetlife is kind of like Facebook for kinksters and if you join you will be exposed to all kinds of things that you would probably rather not know about, that's certainly been my experience. there are quite a few spankos on the site, and many more who don't understand spankos and refer to spanking sessions as impact play. it's worth flying your flag there - find LOCAL groups and attend MUNCHES and EVENTS - I have met spanking partners this way. TLDR: join FetLife for the local Events calendar and try to filter out the rest
  11. I haven't been but I know quite a few folks who have and they always have a good time. In regards to advice: spend the time between now and the event learning, networking, and getting to know people. That of course doesn't guarantee play either, but it might help you find a few friendly faces (you thought I was going to say butts!) in the crowd.
  12. hi Katie, without knowing how you go about delivering your self spankings, I will guess that you are not using enough of a warm up. Rather than worry about the timing of the swats, think about your spanking kind of like making a layer cake. The bottom layer (the warm up) should be enough hand spanks to warm up both your spanking arm and your butt - ideally your cheeks should be warm and pink. The middle layer should consist of a series of swats from medium intensity implements such as small paddles, hair brush, ruler, belt, etc. Then for the top layer of your spanking cake is when you would us
  13. @AfterGeometry here's your chance buddy, good luck!
  14. what happened to all the Western Washington spankos? *tap tap* this mic still on?

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    2. AfterGeometry


      I say we move to Texas or Michigan ... they seem pretty well stocked, according to the scuttlebutt here.   Lol. 

    3. Gator


      that is the spanko trap, as soon as we set foot in either of those states the ee's will hide. I hear Ohio is nice this time of year.

    4. George Lust

      George Lust

      FYI: I do not have a clue. Have you checked out the FetLife.com website? I find many on this website.

  15. hi Foxy. Of course her maintenance spanking should be bare and OTK. Tell her she is getting a spanking on X day of the month, every month, regardless of how she behaves. Then on the day give her whatever degree of spanking you want! Gator
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