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  1. Gator

    Being over heard

    turn up the radio you'll be fine. good luck!
  2. I'm amused by the posts I see that say something like: I'll be in your town tomorrow and I need a spanking! lol as if Dial-a-Spanking were a thing, I so wish! :D


    1. Powpaulie


      Yep.....or the posts that say "I'll be coming through 'so and so' city. Need a spanking?"  Same thing, I guess.   

      Ummm....No thank you! 😃

    2. Ineedspankedbadly


      Lol, 1-800-gator-4-u.  There’s even a number for it!

  3. Gator

    Lead By Example

    you are conflating spanking and mentoring - not all spankers are mentors - and that doesn't say anything at all about if they are a "good" or "bad" spanker either
  4. Gator

    Older men

    I've been operating under the assumption that female spankees *are* attracted to older spanker, and am looking forward to all those sessions I will have now that I'm in my 50s, that I missed out on in my 40s.... oh girls, where areeee youuuuuuu? Moderator Edit: Removing quote from another member. - Child Of Light
  5. Gator

    Spanking causing low grade fever?

    I have not heard of that, sounds like some kind of immune system response to me?
  6. Gator


    from my understanding subspace is brought on by the endorphin release and is similar to the Runner's High or other similar feelings brought on by endorphin release if it should be "allowed" or not is a curious question, as I'm not sure someone could stop the onset of entering subspace if she tried, likewise I'm not sure how a spanker or disciplinarian could intentionally trigger subspace I have had sessions where the spankee was so "high" afterwards she floated to her car and I was more than a little concerned about her ability to drive home (yes, she made it safely) - I'm pretty sure that was a subspace scenario
  7. Gator

    So, anyone play SecondLife?

    ok I'll hijack this thread for my own purposes - should any kinky type folk require "housing" or "land" in Second Life send me a PM, we have an Estate there that's been running for over 10 years and we'll let you do your own thing (as long as tier is paid of course)
  8. the chat room dynamics ebb and flow but I think we've been stuck in "lurker" mode for too long. can't count the number of times I've seen 12+ people in the chat room and no one saying a peep. it's ok, that's how things things go. I've made lots of great spanko friendships on this site both in and out of chat, and everyone has been supportive when I've needed support. if there was a say to have a "topic" for the chat room it might help things, but then again it might not, who knows.
  9. Gator

    Buying an old clothes brush for spanking

    ahahaha nice story!
  10. went to a local kinkster munch and learned that to a kinkster "spanking" just means hand to butt, no implements. huh?!

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    2. Gator


      yes, I know this. what I didn't realize until last night is the extent to which non-spanko kinskters are in the dark about This Thing That We Do! the local sex club (for lack of a better term) keeps running these "Impact" parties and for years I'm wondering what is the difference between Impact and Spanking? I think essentially they may skip the warm up and go straight to the paddles, whips, and floggers but other than that there's no difference?

    3. Wifey


      The key to your post is “a” kinkster. That’s the opinion of one! Not all feel that way. 

    4. AfterGeometry


      These "kinksters" don't sound like they have a clue.   More like "fraudsters."  Or  wannabe kinksters.

  11. Hi Onionee I commend you for reaching this agreement with your spouse, good for you! The next step (finding your spanker) can't be far behind. Have fun!
  12. I noticed the updated Chat Room rules. still not crazy about the "ask in room before PM" rule since no one pays attention to it anyway. but glad to see the bit about drugs/alcohol was removed. thanks admin folk!

    1. AfterGeometry


      I'll tell ya what Gator, you don't have to ask in order to PM me brother! ;)


    2. Gator


      yay! :D

    3. braatman


      If I remember correctly, this rule came about because 2 or 3 female members were upset that someone would pm them without permission.  Most of the other members (myself included) felt that if it was that big of a deal, either ignore them or block them.  But since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, admin felt obligated to list it as a rule.  As I said, if I don’t wish to respond to someone in pm, I won’t...

  13. Gator

    Introducing myself - better late then never

    welcome Penny I do hope you find what you seek. you may also want to post in our Regional Directory it's not the easiest part of the website to spot but there might be a Colorado spanker in there somewhere https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/forum/85-central/
  14. Gator

    Does (spankee) size matter? ;)

    Yes and no. As cowboy mentions above, if there is a mismatch in size between ER and ee it will definitely affect positioning. But that's not necessarily the same as saying size matters. Saying size matters sounds like the ER or the ee would screen their partners based on size, and while some might, I do not, and that's actually a separate question entirely.
  15. that's not as easy a task as you may think from your side of the paddle. it can take a bit of trial and error to get it just right so WHEN the time comes don't freak out if you end up with an unintended mark or two, it happens.