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  1. you will. hang in there!
  2. my lap is still open, potential new partner didn't work out. and so it goes 😢

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    2. Accountability


      Hang in there, Gator. The right one for you is out there. It will happen. 

    3. Ineedspankedbadly


      Hugs, it’s hard when a potential partner falls through.  Hang in there!  

    4. Gator


      you guys are awesome, thank you for the support! :)@Accountability @Ineedspankedbadly @Bha @sweetpea I'm sure its for the best, but it's been a long drought.

  3. gotcha. well, with it being on your list, I have confidence you will experience this before too many more years pass. good luck!
  4. single tail whips are kind of nasty. the only time I have tried to use one, we didn't have enough space, and (this is a true story) I somehow ended up whipping her breast?! yep. not doing that again any time soon, that's for sure.
  5. A little light bondage will enhance nearly any spanking session, I dig it!
  6. awww that's a nice item to have on your list, but somewhat surprising this hasn't happened already?
  7. fun topic. CoL's list reminds me - Caning someone is on my spanko bucket list. Sad but true confession: I purchased a cane about 10 years ago and have yet to find a willing subject. Also on my bucket list: establishing a long term (measured in years, not months or weeks) spanking relationship with a proverbial "whipping girl" last year I checked off 2 items that had been on my bucket list - spanking someone significantly older than me - check! spanking someone significantly younger than me - check! the search for the whipping girl is really the item at the top of my list though
  8. DFW has one of the most welcoming spanko groups I have encountered. its called Bottom's Up and they have regular munches and parties. look them up and connect with your locals!
  9. Hi Sadie - thanks for taking my comments with grace, I truly was not intending to question your activities, but more to bring awareness to safety protocols. I'm going to assume you are an adult capable of making good decisions, and clearly you survived whatever the encounter was without too much fuss or bother. Gator
  10. That endorphins thing, it's for real man. I think they may be contagious or some such!
  11. I haven't ever heard it described as Top Space but yes I will say there is a certain state of being that happens before, during, and for awhile after a spanking session that could be described as Top Space. For me it's almost a larger than life type feeling, as if I am much BIGGER than I am (kind of like a giant, not like a blimp!), and, truth be told, MORE POWERFUL as well. Interesting question, following!
  12. ^the above is what I would call a RED FLAG. I have no idea how that particular encounter turned out or if you did meet that person and it turned out fine. Even so, that is a MAJOR RED FLAG. EVERY time I have a spanking session my wife knows about it, and who I am with. I also ENCOURAGE all my spanking partners to have their own SAFETY PROTOCOLS in place for our sessions. I don't mean to sidetrack this discussion, just thought I would add my two cents to Sadie's post.
  13. this site is not the site I thought it was. bummer.
  14. this is not the worst idea really, at least it makes it clear who is here for "real" connection and not just "cyber" connection. I'm in no way disparaging "cyber" relationships when I say that, either. I have been fortunate enough to meet a few people on this site, and will provide references privately when asked. in the meantime I will PM those that are still active on the site for permission to share that info. until the PM'd have confirmed I will say this much: I have attended spanking parties held by "The Palms" group in Seattle, and "Bottom's Up" in Dallas, so folks connected to those two groups have met me, but I don't think any of them are active on this site. ---- I have met Mandyz SassyLassy (inactive) (TBA) (TBA)
  15. I'm not a gambler but you've got my curiosity - do tell!
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