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  1. I’ve been using the StickK app on my own to set some work goals, and it just occurred to me tonight that it would probably be a very helpful tool for some folks in this setting as well... https://www.stickk.com
  2. For me, my first choice always would be for my significant other to be the spanker. However, once I saw first hand how he couldn’t emotionally ‘buy into’ the spanker role in the way that I needed him to, it becomes very hard to come back from that emotionally as a spankee. The spanking relationship is suddenly no longer an emotionally safe place, and that is such a huge part of the dynamic to begin with. I have struggled with the same issue. I still like to think that Jillian Keenan is wrong, and that I really could make it work with a non-spanko partner — but like you and your wife,
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