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  1. Are you willing to give a punishment spanking Monday evening in chincoteague?
  2. Looking for someone, gender doesn’t matter, to give me a true punishment grade spanking. I am an angel so it’s not to punish me I suppose. I just want to experience it again. Looking for one with no safe words and no taking it easy on me. I don’t mind markings or being restrained to make me accept it. I’m in Chincoteague Island, VA so you must be on the island or very close as I cannot host (unfortunately).
  3. I’m in chincoteague Virginia if you’re ever nearby. I wish I could host but sadly can’t
  4. I’m staying in Chincoteague Island, VA. Anyone on the island or really close to it that wants to give me a real punishment spanking?
  5. Why is it so hard for me to make friends or even attain a certain type of lifestyle? Every time I try to make friends I screw up in one way or another. This time someone stopped talking to me for no apparent reason. Another person (a Dom) thought I was a door mat and that we was entitled to receive my submission rather than earning it. 


    Things seem to go well for a short period and then get bad again to tear me back down. I'm not getting spankings as often as I want or deserve to get them and I can't get ahead in life. :(


    Maybe I'm just needy. At least I have a couple friends.

    1. Colonel Cokernel

      Colonel Cokernel

      This type of behavior is all too common on the internet.  It sucks.  It's so easy for someone to forget that there's a real human being with thoughts and feelings who they're talking to with the chat.  "I'm sorry I'm no longer interested" would be so much better than sudden radio silence.  Hope you form some long lasting friendships on here. 

    2. collegeboy91


      Yes Sir. You are completely correct. It would be better if people treated everyone online as if they were a real person. It kills me inside when people tend to resort to complete silence instead of sending a reply to my messages or texts. Especially if I know them in person and they decide to be silent. When I worked at a call center we were taught to think of the customers as faceless voices but now that I'm gone I try to remember that my words do have to be chosen carefully. Even I do misbehave sometimes when talking to people but that's for fun...

  6. I so need to look into that lotion. I asked for a spanking the other morning before work and now my bottom is bruised again. I had learned that I don't like the cane very much. Lol. My bottom still hurts but I want another spanking already. If only I could get them everyday. I managed to find a great way to eat Kale. I just boiled it and then added it to chopped up pieces of boneless, skinless chicken.
  7. Hmm...I can try to. I could try cooking them with some meat and putting ketchup on them. I will write this stuff down in my journal. I would love if it actually did hurt enough to make me cry. It would be an awesome emotional release. I need to start putting that stuff on injured areas if it burns that bad. I can only imagine how much it would hurt if I had put it on some sensitive parts of my body. I'm not sure if that would be a good feeling or a bad one. You're giving me horrible ideas. I have cayenne peppers that I had grown and dried out. Bad kellie! I will consider tryi
  8. I'll definitely try Arnica cream. I hate my greens but I suppose I could possibly try to eat more of them.
  9. Oops I meant to say I'd mention it to my Dom. Where on earth would you find Capsaicin cream? I will get some IcyHot soon. I have heard of candling but I had no idea what it was. I'm going to look it up now. Capsaicin cream sounds like some cream I was given once by a doctor for muscle aches. It was horrible. The burning came back instantly if you got it wet the next day. It's true this is more so BDSM but it certainly does overlap quite a bit as people do give and receive spankings in BDSM. What do you mean by dry? Like dry to the touch once rubbed in?
  10. What surprised me was that neither the crop nor the leather had hurt too much. Not to me anyways. The first swat of the paddle knocked the wind out of me at first but there was only maybe 2 or 3 of it before swapping to something different. I'm known to get bruises and not know how I had any until days later with no idea how they were gotten. I graduated in Dec 2015 but I've get to think of a new name for this account. Spankings were probably the main reason I did graduate. I do have a doctor appointment next week so I will be sure to ask about it. What would happen if I mentioned spank
  11. Sure. I can provide more details. I cannot recall how many swats but it may have been 1.5-2 dozen swats. It was bare bottom using a some leather straps, a riding crop, my walnut paddle, and a another smaller and less dense paddle (I think). The individual swats were hard and fast but not one after another. I was slightly aroused but not intoxicated at all. I get bruises at times just from wrestling with the puppy in my display photo. Of course, that's likely because we can get rough. I would like to feel overwhelmed with pain and unable to keep going. I would love
  12. I had a session with my Dom last night and we had found out that I bruise really easy. Is this more common for younger people? Is there anything I can do to prevent bruising so easily? My pain tolerance is relatively high and I'm a bit of a pain junkie at times (well.....all the time) so I wanted more. A lot more. I really want to be spanked until I just can't handle anymore. I've had my collar bone and the bony parts of my shoulder tattooed in addition to the surrounding areas so it takes a lot to get me to the point I want to get to. I don't want any permanent
  13. Can someone please chime in? I had a session with my Dom last night and we had found out that I bruise really easy.

     Is this more common for younger people? Is there anything I can do to prevent bruising so easily?

    My pain tolerance is relatively high and I'm a bit of a pain junkie at times so I wanted more. :(

    1. gingerlee


      If you want to get advice and replies to this, your best bet is supposed to in the general discussion forum. Some people just go directly to the forums that interest them and don't check General activity and may miss this. It's a very good question and I know you're not alone.

    2. collegeboy91


      Thank you for the reply.  I didn't think of posting it in the general discussion forum.  Actually, I completely forgot about the forum in general. 

  14. I really could use a spanking.  I'm so stressed these days.  

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