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  1. I am about to get hell from 1/2 the community that knows me...but you guys are the only ones I know to ask advice from. Long story short... My husband and I started the open marriage about 5 months ago. About a month into it he called it off. I stopped...for a minute. Then I had a really rough day and called up an old friend. That is when I got that spanking that I posted about previously. The one with the bruises. I told my husband about it and he asked for a divorce. At first I was devistated. Begged him for another chance. Told him I could be better. Now, he is telling me he is willing
  2. Seems like my last post had been removed...but I didn't recieve any notification regarding what i did wrong. Are pictures not allowed?
  3. Oh it wasn't the belt that made me cry....it was just a mixture of all of it.
  4. He used a couple different things...finished with a belt.
  5. Well...I am sorry i offended you. I had assumed this was an acceptable forum to share these kinds of things. I will see if I can edit the header to warn of a picture.
  6. Happy medium, for sure. The first was very light and I would like to continue to incorporate that, but I think as far as punishments go...a happy medium would be sufficient. I like marks, but I like a little more sugar in my cup of tea.
  7. Really? Is it that bad!?! This is a newer play partner...2nd time we have played together. The first wasn't nearly as severe. This definitly wasn't fun...I sobbed. I mean, technically I was being punished...but it lost the fun somewhere during it. We connect really well and Id like to play with him again, but how do I tell him to take it down a level without sounding...weak or needy.
  8. I appreciate the feedback and yes, I have only been a member of the site for a year, but my husband and I have been trying to make this work for 9 years. This isn't something that just happened overnight. There is more than just the spanking...that is just the portion I choose to talk about here. Again, I definitly appreciate the insight. That is why I post.
  9. LOL gator...yea, it's a leap. I tend to jump quickly. My husband was totally onboard with the idea and we have alot of rules regarding it. If it gets messy, we will stop. Knowing our relationship, I think it will work well. I guess we will just have to see how it goes.
  10. Hello Miss Ash, I'm wondering how you would prefer one contact you on here with your inbox being full..?

  11. Hi! It's been a little while since my last post. My husband and I have had a lot of back and forth and he recently decided to try things my way. Needless to say, it didn't work. It actually didn't work for either of us because it just felt like some dynamic was missing with him spanking me. After a lot of talks and realizing that we love and truat each other, we decided to open our marriage a little. We obviously have some rules...the main one being dont ask, dont tell as long as the other is being safe. Another one being no vaginal sex since we don't want any accedental babies. I guess I
  12. I dont think my husband understands the difference between punishment and sexual spanking. You all know this is new water for him....and I get that but, over the weekend I went out to grab some things for dinner. I got side tracked with my sister in law...and we went shopping for about 3 hours. I dont think my husbands ever been more upset with me. He was soo mad when we got home. I got the scolding of a lifetime and was certain I would be payong for it that night...but nothing. I finally asked him about it...i attached his response. Im not really sure how to handle this one...
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