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  1. Mine isn't a pair of lips as everyone thinks, but a nice black belt, I don't need to explain why! Also poison, your profile pic really is gorgeous, easy to see why you like it so much.
  2. I certainly had a seminal moment, if I hadn't then I don't think I would have been anywhere near as interested in all of this as I am now.
  3. I first got interested in all this when I was a young teen. I Found a few magazines and stuff specialising in it. Before that I didn't even know people being spanked in that way was even a thing. I also would sometimes hear spanking going on.
  4. Most people in here seem to be pretty open-minded and accepting of the different reasons people are interested in this particular subject
  5. I think they are called the good old days
  6. Yeah I know a couple of people pretty well that I thought were into it. And I ended up being totally right!
  7. I haven't done anything like that at the same time as spanking a girl, butt sometimes after a good belting me and my gf at the time would try some anal sex (among with some other things). It was very intense and I would recommend it with somebody you are already intimate with in that way.
  8. I've never used one, but because I'm Scottish I feel as if I should have I would guess it's similar to any other leather strap.
  9. I'm going to a Christmas party so if I'm very very lucky I might get lucky ;D
  10. I had this problem for ages! I think it's best to try and plan to do it when they are out of the flat. At least that way you have privacy and you won't be disturbed. If you can't do that then just rent a room somewhere. Or do the above answer
  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! And happy new year! Try not to eat too much turkey!
  12. Yeah I'll admit I get very hard even before i start spanking a girl. It's always been a sexy thing in my eyes.
  13. That sounds like me! I was 14 when I found a big pile of spanking magazines, also just girls being spanked, and got interested. I also heard someone being spanked a few times as well.
  14. Welcome and good luck with the search
  15. A friends era jennifer aniston would be very fun to spank! Also id love to try it out with rachel riley and Emma Watson with my belt
  16. My favourite show off the air is probably twin peeks, it was an amazing show. Still on the air... Maybe game of thrones, but I'm a few seasons behind, so i need to catch up. Also loved dexter a lot!
  17. Welcome to the site, hope you have fun!
  18. Welcome to the site, hope you have fun!
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