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  1. Good point you make in your last paragraph. I agree ,thongs don't fit naughty little girl roleplay. On the other hand if the role play is that of a spoiled teenage brat who is finally getting her just desserts, thong underwear or a thong bathing suit would be perfect attire! Or for a scheming, unscrupulous femme fatale whose misbehavior has caught up with her and she is forced to pay the penalty with her bottom unprotected due to her lingerie choice.
  2. She could also say " Oops! I got spanked again! " Perhaps when she sits down and realizes her bottom is sore.
  3. Lady Gaga. With a paddle when she is mooning her audience, as she sometimes does. Just imagine the look on her face when she realizes what has happened, hears a loud smack and feels a horrible, burning pain in her bare bottom. And what fun picturing her reaction afterwards when she attempts to sit down. Maybe realizes she'd prefer to stand, or go looking for a couple of pillows.
  4. Will not say it never occured, but the first time I saw workplace spankings discussed was in the old Letters to Mr. Magazine. And it is well known that those letters were made up by staff. Then again jokes and cartoons about a boss spanking his secretary were around way back, in the old humor magazines, and what came to be called soft porn. No doubt even PlayBoy. I can imagine a boss jokingly threatening an employee with a spanking back then far more easily than believing it happened, on anything like a commonplace basis.
  5. Those movies reflect bygone attitudes and culture, many of which we find distasteful today. One them indeed is that women who fail to conform in certain ways, like being submissive to the males in their lives, are deserving of physical punishment. The premise is that women are childish, therefore they should be disciplined in the traditional way naughty children were. Of course that belief has become one that is no longer accepted. And of course we should never confuse movies and real life. Its one thing to enjoy videos or fiction about spanked wives and girlfriends. But the plain simple
  6. Almost anything, or nothing at all.Love the role play of a woman getting caught skinnydipping or sunbathing nude someplace she is not supposed to be doing it and getting spanked in her birthday suit. And love the scenario of women being spanked in any type of bathing suit or short-shorts. Occurs to me one thing that would be perfect for giving a spanking is one of those body stocking things, where there is an opening in the back presumably to make it possible for the woman to use the bathroom without taking the thing off. Bares her cheeks, making a fine target. Know a lot of p
  7. Being "taken to the woodshed" as a spanking reference or threat is still around, long after there are fewer and fewer woodsheds actually existing. Its another spanking cliche, like "tan your hide" or "yoi'll have to eat off the mantelpiece". I have heard it used in professional wrestling matches on TV back WWE Divas sometimes got spanked. Once it was "She's taking Trish to the woodshed" when another woman giving star Trish Stratus a spanking. And remember the 60s TV show The Beverly Hillbillies? Granny was always threatening Jethro with a trip to the woodshed. I'd rather it had be
  8. Is there any way to edit posts? I just posted something and realized I did it before proofreading carefully, and there are several typos and other mistakes.
  9. There is an interrupted spanking attempt near the beginning of Blue Lagoon when the sailor tries to spank the little boy who gets shipwrecked later. Best of all is the when Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins are teenagers and are tussling with each othet , wearing those revealing costumes. She says ,"You wouldn't dare spank me." A few spankings would have added some soice to that movie. Don't we ever got a good look at Brooke's bottom but Christopher gave us some good views of his "cheekiness." Would have loved to him get the paddle in that costume.
  10. Good for you. I don't do Twitter or Instagram. Have a Facebook account but not been there for weeks. In fact it may be gone because I got rid of the email account I used to sign up with because of a hacking problem.
  11. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I was able to find something.
  12. Could you suggest an email (webmail) provider that would be friendly for sites like this? I have had to delete my. hotmail account I registered here with because of hacking problem, and do not wish to have another hotmail account. My main account is Gmail and do not want another of those. Have noted tbat some mailbox sites do not want to be used for adult sites so am asking this question. Suggestions appreciated.
  13. Hand over blue jeans, not a good idea. Hand gets sore, not the bottom. Jeans, especially tight ones, call for a paddle, not necessarily a heavy thick one, but one that can generate some "heat in the seat." Hand, obviously suited for bare skin, but also thin, flimsy clothing-underwear, swimsuits, thin dresses, slips, etc. And the greatest invention of all time, for those who want to spank bare, but yet retain a modicum of modesty- the thong! Either in panties or bathing suit form. Know some spanking purists hate thongs and g-strings, but thats only one segment of opinion. Have wonder
  14. Baseball. Love to see Twins vs. Dodgers. A rematch of the 1965 series when the Twins(the original Washington team) could not solve Sandy Koufax's pitching in game 7. Of course Yankees and Dodgers, or Yankees and Cardinals would be okay too. Some great WS in past with those match ups.
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