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  1. The absolute worst thing I've ever been spanked with was leather horse reins. It is like being whipped by 4 thin belts all at the same time. My vanilla friend who has spanked me on occasion got tired of breaking wooden spoons and hairbrushes on me, and I guess she happened to keep a set of reins in her truck and thought that they would make a good implement. Suffice to say, they've now been reserved for exceptional circumstances.
  2. I'm a bit of an outlier in that I happen to "enjoy" mouth soaping to a degree (and certainly the thought of it happening to me!). I also happen to disagree with most of the folks here with regards to the danger of mouth soaping. Without going into any discussion about whether it is right or wrong, it has been happening in millions of homes across America for decades and still today (just open up Tik Tok), to say nothing of its use in the BDSM and spanking community. There are stories of people who have had allergic reactions, but these are outliers on the far end of the spectrum and the reality is that it is extremely low-risk to sit with a bar of soap in your mouth for a few minutes. In my experience, where you run into trouble is when you move beyond 5-10 minutes. If you swallow a little soapsuds, the worst you'll deal with is an upset stomach and maybe some diarrhea. I've swallowed plenty of soap through my life, and I've never had a problem. Don't drink a bottle of dish-soap, eat an entire bar, or try to gargle Tide (that will burn your mouth) and you should be fine. I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything they are not comfortable doing. We are all consenting adults that can make our own risk decisions. I just hardly think it is as risky as folks are portraying it. For those who are interested, there is an Etsy shop that sells various "flavors" of soap, designed to taste as horrible as possible and tested on the maker by her top. Very interesting idea! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SubScrub.
  3. I love the fantasy - but please don't bring spanking into the workplace. Seriously, it's not real life. What you do at home is your business and no one else's, but sexual harassment policies and laws exist to protect everyone's rights. This is a legal minefield you could be stepping into. It doesn't matter whether you are in Texas, Georgia, Florida, or the moon. Don't do it. And if you are the 'ee thinking of asking your boss to spank you for workplace conduct, just think about what kind of position that could put them in and how uncomfortable that might make them feel given the huge legal jeopardy they are subjecting themselves to. This may be a little harsh - but ever heard the expression "don't shit where you eat"? Because it applies here.
  4. Off completely usually. Obviously depends on the relationship (some people just want them lowered just enough to expose the butt), but in my experience they just end up getting in the way. Off and folded to the side just makes things a little easier on both the top and bottom. Plus it's a little more embarrassing to have them all the way off. Shirts can/should stay on though, unless for some reason they cover the butt!
  5. I do like OTK, but it can get uncomfortable quickly for both the ee and er and a lot of implements don't work well OTK. And while I've never had this problem, one of my spankers complained that she could not spank me as hard over her knee 🙄. So while I like to incorporate it, I prefer most of the spanking to be bent over the bed, laying on the bed, or bent over the arm of a couch.
  6. There are several shops on Etsy who make excellent quality paddles. I have several from LittleRedSpanking that are magnificent. Miss Rose also makes fantastic paddles. As for leather, most of my stuff has come from tack shops, but I've heard great things about London Tanners. For old-fashioned wooden hairbrushes, I've been able to get a few by watching eBay. They pop on quite often!
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